Hmm, let’s see how annoying we can make this post…

Here’s a video from the lobby of the Omni Shoreham Hotel, where CPAC is being held, in which celebrated radio wingnut and media bias documentarian John Ziegler — famous for cursing out Nate Silver over a disputed Zogby “push poll” that Ziegler commissioned — is accosted by an irate The Nation and The Daily Beast reporter/writer Max Blumenthal, son of drunk Sidney Blumenthal, over some article or interview that seven or eight people ever cared about; the video was shot by ex-Washington Times wingnut Robert Stacy McCain and uploaded to YouTube by blogger James Joyner and is best viewed without sound.


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  1. Video already been keeled.

    Johnny Z. reminds me of a RWer I knew in school who used to treat women like shit and then when drunk would wonder why no female wanted to date him.

  2. Oh, snap! Did you totally hear when that guy said “sssshshshshbackgroundnoisebackgroundnoiseDOYOUEVENKNOW?shsssshhhshshhissssssssssssssssssshiiiiiissssssssss”

  3. My guess is that Blumenthal wrote a story about Plain that involved something people call a “fact” and Ziegler got pissed because Blumenthal’s useage of a “fact” showed once again that the media was out to get Caribou Barbie. Either that or it was over whether ARod’s home run totals should now carry with it an asterix or not.

  4. [re=255082]The Unfairman[/re]: I don’t think I even got that much out of it. And no-one threw a punch (the headline said Reporter-Pollster Fight), which really disappointed me.

  5. Battle of the Overly Spoiled Douchebag Haircuts or How Come I’m a Grownup But Sound Like a Passionless 12-year old.

    Norman Mailer is spitting on them from his grave, muttering “pussies.”

  6. [re=255098]Rumproast[/re]: i was just about to cut n paste this delightful video which i caught on your site.
    Ziegler is one of those douchebags. He eats and sleeps alone (escorts don’t count).

  7. Terrible i wouldn’t even grade this as a cat fight unless you guys edited it when they started slapping at each other, and trying to pull out each other’s weave.

  8. “I love that you get cold when it’s 71 degrees out. I love that it takes you an hour and a half to order a sandwich.”

    sorry, this is too much fun.

  9. I myself watched without sound, heedful of Wonkette’s warning. I had to snort when that dude wandered in. Dude, if you can handle THAT fight, don’t like…get a kitten or anything. It’ll kick yar ass.

  10. John Ziegler was the subject of a hilarious essay by David Foster Wallace some years back, on the crudity of AM talk radio. This is the same guy, right?

  11. “you had me at push pole”

    “we will always have the Omni Shoreham”

    I though “love means you never have to say your sorry”

    Im sorry

  12. Oh suffer me.

    I stopped drinking for this??

    Although the dark-haired guy saying “Oh yes you did!” brought back those precious memories of “In Living Color” — “Two snaps and a circle!”

  13. The next time Wonkette posts something up with the words “fight” in its description, there better me something approximating a hockey game on the click-thru.

  14. Actually, Ziegler’s Catholic. I know this from having gone to the same school a couple of years behind him. He hosted the sports radio talkshow, which aired immediately after the gay student forum. None of the shows had any listeners.

  15. Eventually Newell will have posted enough shit like this that some crazy person will stalk him in order to enact revenge for all their wasted time. And no, I, er, I mean, the stalker, would never do something violent. I’m thinking the stalker would probably pull a prank.

  16. [re=255298]2druk2phluq[/re]:
    “Eventually Newell will have posted enough shit like this that some crazy person will stalk him in order to enact revenge …”.
    The stalker will steal Newell’a Paul Mitchell® aloe hair rinse and conditioner. And then won’t there be hell to pay.

  17. True story, before Max Blumenthal decided to become a political journalist he tried to get a record deal for an allegedly funny hardcore Jewish rap act.

  18. [re=255092]hobgoblin of little minds[/re]: But he might have broken a nail.

    [re=255145]bitchincamaro[/re]: Because we can.

    [re=255100]nutcracker[/re]: Yet, scarring imprecations were hurled. This exchange shall take generations to heal.

    Kitteh Fight!

  19. What a total inkblot. “Um, it looks… like two guys having a free and frank exchange of views and suddenly they start throwing hands. Um. And they’re punching each other in the nose and shouting and snot and blood are flying everywhere. Um. And the big central blob, he’s a friend of theirs, he’s like trying to break it up. Is that right?”

    “There’s no right or wrong answer, just describe what you see. How about this one?”

    “Um, it looks like an orphanage, and spaceborne maggots are devouring the innocent… the horror, the horror….”

    “Yes? Please, go on.”

  20. title sez “fight” but all i see are a couple of douchenozzles having a hissyfit over something. Where is the blood? The grit and determination? The Truck Nutz?

  21. It seems to me that Ziegler (in true wingnut radio host fashion) is the one doing the accosting. He’s the one with the dark hair and the pointy finger. Also, his sidekick goon doesn’t seem to know how to operate a necktie.

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