Michelle makes America ashamed of its flabby-ass upper arms, again.The latest proof that George W. Bush is gone and Barack Obama is president and we didn’t all just imagine this, on drugs, is this new official White House portrait of first lady Michelle Obama. And CNN, our nation’s teevee news channel, has stories like this one: “How to get Michelle Obama’s toned arms.” Please gaze upon this official portrait respectfully, hands up where we can see them, as she is the first lady. [White House]

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  1. She looks beautiful. Ugh, I’ve got SUCH A CRUSH on the whole family. And not in a SICK way you pervs. Well, maybe about Barry. Well, yes about Barry. Maybe about Michelle. Really, I think I just want to be adopted by them. I’m a Portuguese water dog you see.

  2. Don’t get her angry, you wouldn’t like her when she’s angry. Last Thursday she tore out the Taft bathtub with her bare hands and threatened to kill Joe Lieberman with it. She had to be subdued by a joint OP between the Secret Service and the National Park Service.

  3. Beautiful, genuine, blessed by God… all ways to describe Michelle. I was going to compare her to the previous “lady” who lived in that house, but I felt doing so would be an affront to the wholesome woman who lives there right now. Michelle should never have to share a paragraph with Lizaura Bushenstein.

    The White House presence of Lizara, sometimes known as She Lizard, other times known as the Jokeress (because of her hideous death grin), had to be exorcised from the residence. It wasn’t so mucha physical residue she left behind as a spiritual grunge akin to the howling of damned spirits. Nobody knows what Lizara did in a past life that caused her to be permanently attached to the world’s most notorious chimpanzee. It had to be bad though, because living with Bush must be horrific.

    Michelle, unlike the gruesome thing that just vacated, causes bright colored little birds to gather and sing when she speaks. Flowers bloom as she walks by. Puffy little clouds in the sky seek to cast a light shade down upon her, lest the bright sun somehow discomfort her. Ms. Obama has arrived.

  4. “How to get Michelle Obama’s toned arms.” I’d like that AND the rest of her…

    Do you think she minds that she’s a FLILF (First Lady I’d Like to F**k)?

  5. [re=254985]BillyClubb[/re]: No. For example I have had the ILF feeling about several ladies before I even knew there was Michelle Obama.

  6. [re=254962]Dave J.[/re]: YOu, sir, are not Amurrican, because Amurricans know that there is always a pill, drink, or machine that accomplishes these things for us because they say so in the ads on TEEVEE. Simple “work” and “eating right” are Communist propaganda.

  7. PumaBoomer55: “Look at her arms and how toned they are. It’s disgusting. It must be nice to have time to eat right and exercise and care about yourself all the time. Pampers has trained well. That misogynist pig makes me sick. I’m hungry. You gals wanna go to Golden Corral again!”

  8. [re=255007]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Oh COME ON. That is how she is built- she has an ASS. She would have to starve herself to get rid of her butt. She is totally hot. That is all.

  9. Jefferson in the background looking on is provocative, but also how about the lilium candidum next to her, Madonna/Mary/Miriam lilies?

    It’s an extraordinary shot of an extraordinary subject. Suck it Sarkozy.

  10. [re=255043]pondscum[/re]: I agree but Michelle looks great so I’ll let it go. However, I still have issues with the “official” portrait of Barry because I have seen so many better shots of him.

  11. [re=255107]MarSF[/re]: I think you & TX Bulldoggette are talking past each other. You are both expressing the same thing: admiration of the First Lady’s hot hot booty. Play nice, y’all.

  12. During that Stevie Wonder/Gershwin Award thaing the other night you could see what appeared to be a giant portrait of Dolly Madison in the background behind Michelle Obama’s lovely face. And I’m thinkin’ to myself, sweet Cheezus, for the first time in my adult life I’m really proud of my country.

    Then I remembered that Dick Cheney was just VP for 8 years and the moment passed.

  13. [re=255229]Jukesgrrl[/re]: Shuster’s wrong, it’s Jefferson. I believe Mrs. Obama is making a funny by standing in front of his picture. Nice one, Michelle. Ironies abound when you’re a black woman living in the White House. Like just being a black woman living in the White House. Can’t WAIT to read her autobiography in ten years.

  14. [re=255443]thwanger[/re]: You weren’t transfixed with Betty when her Gerry was in office.

    Admiration for Betty Ford came after her husband left office and after her subsequent admission of her struggles with alcoholism and prescription drug abuse.

    No knock against her, but for her being a generation behind Betty, the same admission might have expected of poor Pat Nixon, ever waxed-face in every photo during her husband‘s era of presidential ambitions.

    And let’s no forget …, well, never mind. Tough being a First Lady.

    I’ve always admired J. Carter. No Misericordia ever, just dedication.

  15. [re=255459]El Pinche[/re]: The only way which I could have posted that without a feeling of hypocrisy is because Andrea Dworkin and Betty Friedan are with the angels.

  16. Oh sweet Goat with a Thousand Young, this “First Lady = teh hawt” shit is NEVER going to stop. She’s conventionally attractive, okay? Really. Beauty is on the inside. That school girl who wrote a letter to Obama damn near died of fright when he started telling her story during his speech, and Michelle leaned over and gave her a big hug, like OMFG actual BODY CONTACT in the First Family, and actually got a little smile out of her as several thousand people were staring at her. Okay, that’s ten zillion Lifetime Partner Sweetie Diamonds right there, for real.

    BUT. If there’s going to be a popsicle-slurping, white-silk-blouse no-bra nipple-tweaking contest in the White House, we’re talking about Liz Kucinich and Dana Perino, period. Do you understand the difference between “hawt” and “fucking A, this woman highlights every single shortcoming Laura Bush ever displayed, and she makes it look effortless, what a lucky guy Barry is”? Yes? Well ACT LIKE IT please.

  17. Michelle has awakened me to benefits of sleeveless clothing. It doesn’t work so well to men though. America must get better advice on hair removal products. What does Michelle use?

  18. The Caliph Barack Hussein Obama is going to issue a fatwah on all of you for lusting after his wife. I predict much smighting at Wonkette. There will be wailing, nashing of teeth and much woe!

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