The last time we noticed CNN’s daytime-teevee anchor lady, Kyra Phillips, she was just cold puttin’ down her sister-in-law or something, on an open mic, and on a toilet. Good times! Now she is telling us about the important sex festival happening tomorrow, “Sword Swallowing Day.” [YouTube/CNN]

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  1. [re=254776]V572625694[/re]: If you explain to her that many of the worlds finest structures are phallic, the problem should resolve itself.

    Also, if the anal thing comes up, remind her that diversity is important to any portfolio.

  2. No news here. Ms. Kyra likes to think she’s a bad girl. Suspect those that flaunt it and promote it ain’t it.

    … And I guess, according to the crawl, Ed McMahon is hospitalized on account of his swallowing?

  3. How quaint; someone out there is actually taping, encoding, and then putting CNN videos on Youtube. It’s like seeing somebody sell double-cassette boom boxes at the flea market.

  4. Hey Kyra, I’ve got a sword you can swallow… snicker, snicker… not really, on my wall… I bought it in Toledo Spain when I went there on vacation… it’s a reproduction of the Excalibur sword from that King Arthur movie a while back. Am I a nerd or what?

  5. Why do I get the sense that her “swallowing disorder” consists of an incontrollable urge to spit the contents of her mouth into the nearest sink?

  6. [re=254776]V572625694[/re]: My girlfriend remains unconvinced as to the artistic merits of swallowing long objects.

    I’m going to be charitable toward my fellow Wonketteer & assume you have an enormous cock, yes?

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