Hey c'mon where's your tie, asshole?We just received a lovely e-mail from a poor soul who had to participate in a conference call with Rep. John Shimkus, famous for, what… ah right, trying to sweep Mark Foley’s gay child sex under the gay child sex rug. Let’s let our operative tell the rest: “I sat in on a teleconference with Congressman John Shimkus, who has no speaking skills whatsoever. At any rate, he begins the teleconference with this gem, which I have attatched. Barack Obama is exactly like George Bush because of three things…”

1. He wants to decrease the national defecit

2. He wants to keep radical Muslims out of Afghanistan and…

3. “I can’t remember what the third one was”

Shimkus isn’t exactly a player on Capital Hill (he appears in your archives 3 times) but he says some incredibly dumb things like this…all the time.

In the same teleconference when asked if it was hypocritical to put in five earmarks in the Omnibus Bill and then vote against it because its too spendy he says “Isn’t it a great country?!”

Anyone else thinking…Santelli/Shimkus 2012?

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  1. I was willing to write off this guy as a delightfully ineffective buffoon, until the “isn’t it a great country” part. Fuck this guy in the ass, in hell, in a pool of boiling urine, forever, by Mark Foley.

  2. Shimkus, the GOP’s answer to Yakov Smirnoff!

    In Democrat Party, youth touches you.
    In GOP, you touch youth! And go to jail. What a country!

  3. They both speak English, although only one of them does it well.
    They both are at least half white.
    Barry has written two books. George Bush has probably read at least that many. Not necessarily long ones.

  4. They are both carbon based life forms.
    They are both located on the Orion arm of the Milky Way Galaxy.
    They are both 75% water.

    Whew! Never thought I’d think of three.

  5. According to the Wikipedia, Shimkus is the idiot who, during a speech on the floor of the House, compared “the war in Iraq to a baseball game between ‘my beloved St. Louis Cardinals’ and ‘the much-despised Chicago Cubs.'” So maybe the part he couldn’t remember was something lame about baseball.

  6. I’ve heard of Shimkus for three reasons:
    1. Something about Mark Foley
    2. My asshole ex-roommate used to work for him.
    3. I don’t remember the other one.

  7. I moved from the IL-19 (John Shimkus) to the IN-4 (Steve Buyer). I went from one next-to-invisible, do-nothing, white Republican male to another…

  8. they are the same, just don’t expect a dumb shit like Shimkus to explain it.

    1) Both walk around mouthing platitudes they know will make their faithful nod their heads, even tho theither of them really has a clue. In fact, both are mostly blank canvases. Democrats see what they want to in Obama the same way Republicans saw what they wanted to in Bush.
    2) Neither ever actually accomplished anything before becoming president
    3) Both largely got voted for because their supporters knew the other side would hate it

    He is, by all accounts, the Democrats George Bush

  9. His famous letter quote is “We agree to disagree”. The man is not smart and is tolerated by the Democrats in this state because he is ” a nice guy”. He is no nice guy. How nice can you be when you don’t even march with your constitutents to help get the local steel milss back to work and deprive children of health care? The kids just need to accept their personal responsibility. We need a candidate to run against him who will get the actual live (not moribund lipservice) support of the Illinois Democratic Party. The IL Democrats tolerate him and we suffer! Everybody should call Michael Madigan and Dick Durbin to tell them that we in Congreessional 19 are mad as hell and can’t stomach Mr.Dimkus anymore. He was a rubber stamper for Bush. Now he is a roadblock. We need a cerebral,committed representative.

  10. [re=254401]cleo[/re]: About the “not smart” part:

    John Shimkus (R- Doh!, Illinois) voted against the Stimulus Bill, but then, in explaining his “no” vote, explained to the local press that he vote against the Stimulus Bill because the bill did not have enuf money for Illinois roads and bridges:

    “Q[Reporter]: I know you voted against the stimulus package. Why did you vote against that measure?

    A [Shimkus]: …. I looked at this bill, the bill that passed the House was $30 billion for roads and bridges and that got cut down to just over $27 billion for roads and bridges and our Illinois capital bill is $42 billion, so this national bill is $12 billion less than what our needs are here in Illinois. That bill calls for us to spend $800 billion dollars, why not do a hundred billion for infrastructure and really take care of long-term needs. There will be a lot of communities that are going to be asking for help and assistance and they will not have a prayer for getting any of this money.” – Feb. 19, 2009

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