Hey c'mon where's your tie, asshole?We just received a lovely e-mail from a poor soul who had to participate in a conference call with Rep. John Shimkus, famous for, what… ah right, trying to sweep Mark Foley’s gay child sex under the gay child sex rug. Let’s let our operative tell the rest: “I sat in on a teleconference with Congressman John Shimkus, who has no speaking skills whatsoever. At any rate, he begins the teleconference with this gem, which I have attatched. Barack Obama is exactly like George Bush because of three things…”

1. He wants to decrease the national defecit

2. He wants to keep radical Muslims out of Afghanistan and…

3. “I can’t remember what the third one was”

Shimkus isn’t exactly a player on Capital Hill (he appears in your archives 3 times) but he says some incredibly dumb things like this…all the time.

In the same teleconference when asked if it was hypocritical to put in five earmarks in the Omnibus Bill and then vote against it because its too spendy he says “Isn’t it a great country?!”

Anyone else thinking…Santelli/Shimkus 2012?

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