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Radio Host Forces Michael Steele To Give ‘Slum Love’ To Bobby Jindal

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Poor Michael Steele! The media jackals are now well aware of Steele’s tendency to say hilarious things when prodded, and now they’re just using this POOR MAN who is trying to save the Republican party for our children. Such was the case last night when an ABC radio host made some terrible connection between Bobby Jindal and the film Slumdog Millionaire and asked Steele what he thought about that connection. (YOU KNOW, LIKE INDIA.)

Steele knows he’s being baited (mocked?) at first, and tries to laugh it off like a pro:

SLIWA: Now, using a little bit of that street terminology, are you giving him any Slum love, Michael?

STEELE: (laughter)

But the host wants his QUOTE, damnit!

SLIWA: Because he is — when guys look at him and young women look at him — they say oh, that’s the slumdog millionaire, governor. So, give me some slum love.

Who the fuck says that? Does anyone say that? YOUNG WOMEN? Who the hell is this “SLIWA”?

Well, in any event, SLIWA gets his wacky Michael Steele quote in the end…

STEELE: I love it. (inaudible)…some slum love out to my buddy, gov. Bobby Jindal is doing a friggin’ awesome job in his state. He’s really turned around on some core principles — like hey, government ought not be corrupt. The good stuff…the easy stuff.

… and now it’s on every blog, including your Wonkette, hooray, another day at the office.

Steele offers Jindal ‘slum love’ [Ben Smith]

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  • Serolf Divad

    He’s really turned around on some core principles — like hey, government ought not be corrupt.

    Wait… does this mean that he used to think that government should be corrupt?

  • choinski

    Would that be Curtis Sliwa, of vigilantism and ‘Guardian Angels’ fame?

  • Terry

    “He’s really turned around on some core principles — like hey, government ought not be corrupt. The good stuff…the easy stuff.”

    Michael Steele thinks that reducing corruption in Louisiana is the easy stuff?

  • daisy chain

    [re=253857]Serolf Divad[/re]: No, that means he thought that government shouldn’t be corrupt, then he became gov of Louisiana and realized that corruption is written into our constitution, like boozing and eating bugs.

  • LordPretzel

    God forbid Jindal may need to offer some perspective on the “hard” stuff. But I guess that doesn’t fall under the purview of an NBC page.

  • shellyboo98

    Curtis Sliwa: When you used the hip-hop vernacular, man, Barack Obama has bling bling in this stimulus package, you got people’s attention.
    Michael Steele: Absolutely. There’s a lot of bling bling — the bling bling’s got bling bling in this package. That’s how bad it is.

    WTF! I interviewed this guy 5 years ago and he did NOT talk like this. Michael, take off the face paint and the dumb @ss smile. Even if the conservatives play the banjo, you don’t have to dance.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …potential list of 2012 candidates:

    Sarah Palin
    Bobby Jindal
    Michael Steele

    What a bunch of ass-tards!

  • Judas Peckerwood

    [re=253862]choinski[/re]: Yes, and of self-promoting all-around-douche fame as well.

  • Numbat Dundee

    Slum love is anal intercourse performed in a cardboard box under a bridge. Is nice.

  • Lascauxcaveman

    [re=253862]choinski[/re]: Vigilantism? Nah, just another neighborhood watch program, only with some snappy fascist-looking uniforms.

  • Gorillionaire

    [re=253862]choinski[/re]: Yep. After his little thug group got into trouble around town, he found a career in being a “media personality” and “fund raiser”.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …Bobby Jindal’s response was : “Niggah Pleeeez!”

  • Lascauxcaveman

    [re=253866]daisy chain[/re]: You guys eat bugs?

    Cool! I haven’t done that since I was about seven.

  • Hooray For Anything

    God, remember when Obama won and we all thought comedy was dead and we’d have nothing to snark on? There’s so much Republican craziness going on that I have to hit Wonkette every ten minutes or so just to keep up. Of course, being unemployed also means that I have nothing much better to do than hit Wonkette every ten minutes or so it’s all good.

  • 4tehlulz

    Jesus, even right-wing radio is trolling Michael Steele.

    Mr. Steele, please. Just stop.

  • widestanceromancer

    I had no idea Mr. Whipple was black and still alive and gay.

  • iwillsavethispatient

    So, Gov Bobby Jindal is bloody brilliant at doing the easy stuff. What a compliment!

  • Canmon (the Inadequate)

    [re=253875]Gorillionaire[/re]: He still wears the beret.

  • NoWireHangers

    Fucking hell. Because “they all look the same”, right?

    They say oh, that’s the slumdog millionaire, governor.

    W: The Slack-jawed yokel President
    Romney: The Donny “Magical Underpants” Osmond Governor
    WALNUTS!: The “You kids get off my lawn” Presidential Candidate
    Fred Thompson: The Weekend at Bernie’s Festing Corpse Presidential Candidate

  • NoWireHangers

    Erm, that was “festering”

  • MarieDeGournay

    I just hope when the GOP ship goes down the suction will not take any innocents with it.

  • Numbat Dundee

    [re=253880]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Comedy isn’t ded, but it can be deadly. Be careful accessing satirical internet sites.

  • Fivetree

    [re=253869]shellyboo98[/re]: “Bling bling in the package”???? That’s called a Prince Albert isn’t it? Does this mean the GOP is endorsing genital piercing? God, when they go hip-hop they don’t stop.

  • shortsshortsshorts

    HARDY HARR HARR. Bobby “the Chi-Walla” will NEVER BE A GOVERNOR. He is merely on the show. We will torture him out of his ambitions, and he will eventually reconnect with his lost love, Ronald Reagan.

    A slum-love story that will surely grip the masses.

  • Jukesgrrl

    In Louisiana does “government ought not be corrupt” mean “now you pay MY friends instead of those other people,” as it does in Illinois?

  • Mad Farmer Manifest

    Is it just me or does Steele look like a white guy wearing blackface makeup? Especially the mustache. Only middle-aged conservative white corporate tools who fancy themselves to be sharp-witted libertarians have those kinds of mustaches. I should know. I just shaved mine off. Now back to reading the Wall Street Journal and nattering on about capital gains taxes.

  • SayItWithWookies

    [re=253869]shellyboo98[/re]: Even Michael Steele’s dumbass has dumbass.

  • elburrito

    Curtis Sliwa! The phony former founder of the phony Guardian Angels organization, who had to admit that the organization was a fraud that did nothing but patrol Restaurant Row.

  • randomsausage

    This is seven shades of awesome. I think the old lady on Airplane talked better “jive” than Steele.

  • One Yield Regular

    Steele is just sticking to his brilliant makeover plan. “Slum love out to my buddy, gov” is typical urban-suburban hip-hop settings lingo.

  • kimBong il

    [re=253895]MarieDeGournay[/re]: What’d ya think is happening now? lots of innocents in W’s swirl right now

  • HopeyDope

    Things like this are why I totally oppose reinstating the Fairness Doctrine. I say let these wheels of asscheese have all the airtime they can stand!

  • FamilyLost

    AngryBlakGuy: WIN!

  • jfruh

    I’m more concerned that Steele thinks it’s OK to say “friggin'” on the radio.

  • Vartan84

    Wow. I try to give people the benefit of the doubt when they say stupid things, and there’s always that nagging feeling “well what would I have said in the spur of the moment if I was asked that?” But this, wow. I know you have to humor the host and all that, but I cannot imagine anyone with any sort of sense answering that question. If Curtis Sliwa offered me “slum love” on the air, there’s no nagging question of what I would have done. I would have picked my jaw up off the floor, back away slowly, then make a break for it and never look back. If this was a test Steele failed with flying colors. Bring back that racist southern guy for head of GOP!

  • Serolf Divad


    If he’d just said “fraken” instead he’d have won the allegiance of Battlestar Galactica fans the nation over (and sunk the Ron Paul juggernaut in the process).

  • TGY

    They’ll make a good comedy team: Steele and Jindal.

  • Canadian Rap Star Flavour Flav

    Michael Steele is the GOP’s own Poochie, a kunf fu hippie from ganster city

  • IceCreamEmpress

    I’m gobsmacked that you young’uns don’t know who Curtis Sliwa is.

    I was snarking him while some of you were still in Pampers.

  • Texan Bulldoggette

    [re=253998]IceCreamEmpress[/re]: Does he still wear the red satin jacket circa 1970 (back when the Bee Gees wore them)?

  • Hooray For Anything

    [re=253895]MarieDeGournay[/re]: You must do me this honor, America. Promise me you’ll survive. That you won’t give up, no matter what happens, no matter how hopeless. Promise me now, America, and never let go of that promise… Never let go.

  • d4g33z

    [re=253862]choinski[/re]: Tonight, it’s raining on the Angels of the city!

  • bfstevie@yahoo.com

    [re=253933]randomsausage[/re]: That old lady was June Cleaver. Also.

  • assistant/atlas

    [re=253998]IceCreamEmpress[/re]: Gobsmacked are you? On behalf of young people, I would just like to say: “Go back to Britain, you hoary lobsterback!”

    But really, it’s not our fault we don’t know. When I was in school a few years ago, our history textbooks were so old they only went up to 1966. Btw, anybody know if we ever got to the Moon?

  • NunnaTheSOBs

    He is so utterly and transparently
    a FRAUD, that he can’t even pull
    off “being black”. So, Steele got
    Russell Simmons to meet with some GOPer.

    A slimy little weasel who made a
    fortune by peddling as “artists”
    ghetto miscreants, struttin’ on a stage,
    with their jeans pulled down past their
    butt cracks, was willing to meet with
    some GOPer at Steele’s urging.

    THAT is the type of move that’s supposed
    to bring the GOP back to power?

    DMX getting a conjugal visit from
    his “ho” Sarah Palin!! Now THAT is a move.

  • qaf

    [re=253926]elburrito[/re]: Didn’t he fake his own stabbing or something? (If this is the Sliwa we think it is, he has a wife and by now may have reproduced like Michael Savage.)

  • Red Zeppelin

    Now, if he had said “thug love,” I’m sure MC Steele would’ve been down wit dat.

  • Links

    Oh Sliwa, whoever you are, can’t you enjoy Jindal’s infinite mockability without ruining it with racist allusions? I would also like to thank various deities for sending us Steele and making procrastination more fun than ever.

  • IceCreamEmpress

    On Curtis Sliwa:

    A) If Wikipedia picture is to be believed, has not stopped wearing red satin roller-disco jacket and beret. HOLY CRAP!

    B) Once had beautiful ex-model wife, Lisa, but now married to ordinary civilian person and has a son named Chester (which is apparently the “Boy Named Sue” of the new millennium).

    C) Has sister who had a baby at age 80 or something. She is a psychic healer, but apparently was not able to mend own poison womb. IRONY!

  • PAbitter

    [re=253952]One Yield Regular[/re]: Yeah, it’s quite scary to hear a black man talking like a white man talking like his impression of a black man. Very painful.

    Also, Michael Steele still has no legitimate political experience, btw. And it was nice to hear how he didn’t care about the whites-only golf course, because he himself did not play golf.

  • Mista Eko

    Is Slum love anything like Thuggin Love? This is the GOP after all.

    Boondocks, behbeh.

  • Hooray For Anything

    I just saw this quote from Steele in the interview:

    “Curtis Sliwa: When you used the hip-hop vernacular, man, Barack Obama has bling bling in this stimulus package, you got people’s attention.

    Michael Steele: Absolutely. There’s a lot of bling bling — the bling bling’s got bling bling in this package. That’s how bad it is.”

    Michael Steele rules.

  • qaf

    [re=254109]IceCreamEmpress[/re]: Thank you. I’d send over a shot of Bailey’s but I’m not at a bar right now.

  • JSDC007

    Michael Steele: What’s India?

  • President Beeblebrox

    [re=253987]Serolf Divad[/re]: Why not? After all, Sarah Palin was supposed to be the real-life incarnation of Laura Roslin, except that she was lacking essential characteristics Roslin had, like brains, intellect, tact, and loyalty.

    I won’t even get into the Tigh/McCain comparisons.

  • DustBowlBlues

    [re=253862]choinski[/re]: Right. I couldn’t think of the group but couldn’t forget what may be the creepiest name ever. Sliwa? Tell me it doesn’t sound like the scientific name for the giant banana slugs they have in the Oympic Rainforest.

  • iburl

    Louisiana falls to 50th in annual health ranking.

    Friggin’ AWESOME!

  • Trace

    I want a bumper sticker that says “Like hey, government ought not be corrupt.”

    I mean, it’s charming (as all hell) when I use “like” at completely inappropriate times, but I would never expect this from a hip hop politician.

    And it’ll look really need next to my duck sticker, which shows prominently and proudly that I approve of ducks.

  • slinkimalinki

    wasn’t “sliwa” the mouth-tentacle thing in the bar scene in star wars?
    [re=253890]NoWireHangers[/re]: “festing corpse” would be a good name for a death-metal band. “fisting corpse” also.

  • hansdog

    [re=254244]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Curtis Sliwa is Joe-the-Plumber’s grand dad.

  • newsguy2005

    Jindal may be a “slum dog” but Sliwa is a SCUM DOG!

    Find the REAL truth about Degenerate Liar Curd-iss Sleazebag at The RIGHT Perspective!


  • ainm cleite

    [re=254322]newsguy2005[/re]: If there’s any chance I can make you a troll by threatening to feed your grandma broccoli, I’ll be your Huckleberry. If not, I’ll just say using erroneous caps throughout your POST is thoroughly uncharismatic, and your snark is sub-par – Fail.

  • ainm cleite

    [re=254322]newsguy2005[/re]: If there’s any chance I can make you a troll by threatening to feed your grandma broccoli, I’ll be your Huckleberry. If not, I’ll just say using earnest caps throughout your POST is thoroughly uncharismatic, and your snark is sub-par – Fail.

  • ainm cleite

    Bah double post sorryz

  • WideStance

    Using a little bit of that street terminology, how about giving up a little macaca love, Michael?

  • arewethereyet

    michael steele reminds me of steve martin in “The Jerk”. totally out of his element.

  • Mr Blifil

    I used to rub elbows, literally, with the Guardian Angels on the subways in the eighties. They probably would have put Michael Steele into a choke hold and definitely would have applied a steel-toe boot beating to Piyush before grafitti-ing his face with razor blades.