My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac! Yes she did!
Wonkette operative “Josh” snapped this picture of your president’s luxury car brigade outside his building last night: “Obama’s limos just filled up at the shitty BP by my apartment,” he writes. “At 13th & N NW. Usually the redoubt of hookers and bums. They filled up premium and boy does that beast rumble!”

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  1. I’ve lived right next door to this gas station in the Iowa condo tower for over a year, and I pass it while running to and from the gym every night after 9pm. I haven’t once seen a hooker, but will attest to the bums hanging out here (just like everywhere else in DC). Honestly there just aren’t that many gas stations in DC; off-hand I can think of maybe 2 others in NW DC that are within a mile of the WH (18+S, 15+U).

  2. Nothing like a taking a big dump, buying a slurpee and having a cig on the front curb before getting back into your sleek ride and heading down the highway. Thats the kind of focking president I want. No shit man.

  3. “Unromantic?” Why, the tipster even pointed out that romance was for sale at this gas station!

    I think this Executive Fuel Station needs to be blingee’d.

  4. [re=252164]DCTexan[/re]: You “loved” down the street? Is this a diamond whore reference? I would say you are the expert of fill ups – you gettin your fill ups down the street while the Preznit gets his! You should be in the cabinet! Awesome!

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