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Obama’s Limos Fill Up At Unromantic Local Gas Station

My baby drove up in a brand new Cadillac! Yes she did!
Wonkette operative “Josh” snapped this picture of your president’s luxury car brigade outside his building last night: “Obama’s limos just filled up at the shitty BP by my apartment,” he writes. “At 13th & N NW. Usually the redoubt of hookers and bums. They filled up premium and boy does that beast rumble!”

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  1. BillyClubb

    …and boy does that beast rumble.

    Oh brother, here we go with the “Obama is the Antichrist” stuff again.

  2. ranson

    I’ve lived right next door to this gas station in the Iowa condo tower for over a year, and I pass it while running to and from the gym every night after 9pm. I haven’t once seen a hooker, but will attest to the bums hanging out here (just like everywhere else in DC). Honestly there just aren’t that many gas stations in DC; off-hand I can think of maybe 2 others in NW DC that are within a mile of the WH (18+S, 15+U).

  3. Edywin

    Nothing like a taking a big dump, buying a slurpee and having a cig on the front curb before getting back into your sleek ride and heading down the highway. Thats the kind of focking president I want. No shit man.

  4. Bruno

    Or they fell for the ruse that BP stands for Beyond Petrolium and they are buying green, hope filled fuel

  5. Tommy Says Soooo

    A pack of Newports, some orange pop, and a Notorious BIG air freshener….I better see that line-itemed on

  6. WadISay

    That’s John McCain crouching behind a parked car, saying over and over, “Those should have been mine.”

  7. DCTexan

    I loved down the street from this gas station for nearly 5 years. The secret service has always filled up here.

  8. Tommy Says Soooo

    [re=252147]totoro[/re]: When you order the filet-o-fish you get the orange soda. McDonald’s is punks for not offering grape.

  9. Guppy06

    “Unromantic?” Why, the tipster even pointed out that romance was for sale at this gas station!

    I think this Executive Fuel Station needs to be blingee’d.

  10. ToeCramps

    [re=252164]DCTexan[/re]: You “loved” down the street? Is this a diamond whore reference? I would say you are the expert of fill ups – you gettin your fill ups down the street while the Preznit gets his! You should be in the cabinet! Awesome!

  11. frumious_bandersnatch

    It seems overly simplistic to point out that hookers and bums need hope too. Also beef jerky.

  12. The Cold Sea

    Josh lives in those fancy Eye-talian condos accross the street from the BP. No hobo beans for “Josh.”

  13. sarahconnor

    I would have loved to see Mr. President roll down his window and shout, “and get me my mother fuckin’ KOOLS!”

  14. Jukesgrrl

    You mean our Energy CEO President Bush didn’t put his own private pump with free gas at the White House? FAIL.

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