Here’s magnificent clown Michael Steele on the Fox News, straight up talkin’ to that Neil Cavuto about the money, baby, the GOP purse. Cavuto asks him if he will withhold giving primary campaign funds to the three Republican Senators who voted for the stimulus, and Steele replies, “Perhaps.” Just kidding, Michael Steele would never give an un-jazzed response like that. He says, “Oh, yes, I’m always open to everything, baby, absolutely.” They call it a Big Tent, motherfucker. [Greg Sargent]

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  1. I love how the video description doesn’t say “Moderate Senators”, it says “traitors.”

    Looking forward to Steele’s next Fox appearance in which, given the current trend, he will be wearing platform shoes, sporting an afro, and say “Yo Hannity, ya ready ta get FUNKY?”

  2. If this is Steele’s idea of winning over the youth vote, then I’d like to see the non-cut-nutters out there who were actually moved enough by his “baby” speech to switch teams.

    Seriously, I want to know… so that maybe *just maybe* I’m not the only one. Steele is just sooo cool, you guys. So. Cool.

  3. So have I got the score right?

    Fuck a Louisiana whore: no punishment
    Try to suck a stranger’s dick in a public restroom: no punishment.
    Vote to avert a Great Depression: no campaign funds for you.

  4. no campaign funds for three Republicans, for one vote? AHAHAHAHA….

    I think I peed myself a little. To think that Steele will actually cut the schwing off any of his pitiful leftovers is a gross misjudgment. They have to cling desperately to every seat they have!

    I can hear it now… “Arlen, Arlen… I’m gonna give you this money just because I like you. But if you ever fuck up again…”

  5. So he’s going to withhold money for moderates, hope they get taken down in primaries by more ideologically pure Republicans, and ensure those seats get picked up by Democrats. Wouldn’t it just be easier to back Democrats? Hell, if they announce support for Democrats that just might be the kiss of death to turn people off of socialism and finally get some southern Republican idiots into some seats.

  6. …I actually thought they were kidding when they said they weren’t conservative enough! Its kinda like a drug addict thinking his problem is not having enough crack and not the fact he is using crack. Well hopefully before the next election we’ll find the republican party in some alley dead on a dirty mattress in a puddle of of their own urine/vomit/blood from an apparent overdose.

  7. [re=250267]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: We haven’t had a major party die in this country since A Lincoln took down the Whigs in, what, 1860? But these guys are on a path to oblivion for sure. What will the replacement organization be called — the Hedge Fund Traders and Trust Fund Babies Party? Hedge/Trust in 2012!

  8. Did Neil Cavuto mishear Steele (he responded as though Steele had said “I’m open to that baby” and not “I’m open to that, baby”) or was he trying to spare Steele embarassment by covering up his HUGE GAFFE?!?!?

  9. Susan Collins: 12 years in the Senate
    Arlen Specter: 22 years in the Senate
    Olympia Snowe: 6 years in the House, 14 in the Senate
    Micheal Steele: RNC Chairman 25 days

    Enough said.

  10. The Rappers are falling in line to support da Steele Man. Foolishness abounds. The talking points come straight from Rush Limbaugh these days. Pathetic.

  11. Who’s the black right-wing dick
    That’s a Tom to all the hicks?
    You damn right!

    Who is the man that would risk his neck
    For some rich white man
    Can you dig it?

    Who’s the cat who’ll be a clown
    When there’s media around?
    Right On!

    They say he’s a bad mother
    I’m just talkin’ ’bout Steele.

    He’s a complicated man
    And no one understands him but Rush Limbaugh

  12. God Bless Michael Steele!!!!
    When the Republicans eliminate their few remaining moderates and the Democrats pick up a dozen house seats and 3 Seante seats in 2010, guess who will replace him?????
    Alan Keyes.

  13. Does McSteele go down low?? George Bush did and lots of folk say he is the best ever. Is McSteele interested in a Mike Meyers film?? I’m sure there’s a character in the wait for him. Will he team up with McVick and open a football pro shop and dogstyle salon?? George Bush is looking for a job, he could be the greeter for the Down Low Dogstyle Pro Shop. Hey baby, that sounds groovy.

  14. Yes! Punish them, make them suffer & cry. I’ll bet Barry would be glad to provide $$$ if they come over to the other side. But, please we don’t want no Vitters or Saxby’s

  15. well since you mention it, Mr. Steele is a dead ringer for HUMPTY
    from Digital Underground’s 90’s hip hop hit, “THE HUMPTY DANCE”…
    go check it out on youtube….

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