White House press secretary Robert Gibbs has had the tendency, early on, to embarrass himself during press conferences by turning snippy as a defense. But this comment about Kathryn Jean Lopez’s pretend boyfriend and preferred vice presidential candidate, Rick Santelli — a rich ex-financial rich guy who now (rather brilliantly, we admit) manages to win over unemployed, poor white people with rants on the Wall Street tips ‘n’ cheats teevee channel about how he and his money friends who ruined the economy WILL NOT ALLOW $75 billion in government money to go towards resuscitating millions of salvageable mortgages that are currently impossible to price and spreading death everywhere — is somewhat perfect. Wry, mocking, and even somewhat informative! [Huffington Post]

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  1. These type of informed responses cannot stand! I demand soundbites!

    The more ignorant, the better.

    P.S. How the hell am I supposed to be able to afford to purchase my own asbestos lean-to if my neighbors manage to avoid foreclosure? Answer me that Mr. Scientist Number-Talking-Guy!

  2. The sooner we give away all the money in the world, the better.

    I don’t have kids, so I don’t have to worry about all that “Crushing Debt Burden On The Next Generation” boo-hoo stuff.

    But I’m getting older. Unless the economic collapses soon, I won’t live long enough to buy some white trash 14 year old for sex . . . for a couple of cans of creamed corn.


    Oh, to live long enough to see Wall Street turn into the set of “Escape from New York.”

    (“Snake Pliskin? I heard you was DEAD.”)

  3. [re=248618]Neilist[/re]: I don’t have kids either and, come to think of it, it’s actually nice to realize the entire planet can go fuck itself 30 seconds after I kick the bucket. Yeah. I hadn’t thought about that. I feel better now.

  4. “Wry, mocking, and even somewhat informative!”

    Unfortunately, Jim, this could also be a decent tagline for this very “blog”. Now that pandas, gin, and assfucking are out of vogue, at least.

  5. Nah, I like this response better: “Rick Santelli is a clueless pile of shit. We didn’t hear a peep out of him when the banks got billions in loans in December. He’s just a publicity whore who is milking his 15 minutes because someone accidentally put a camera on his ugly face. The sooner he gets fired, loses his house and/or gets butt fucked by a black man named Tiny, the world will be a better place.”


  6. Rick Santelli is rich, so of course he is smart. Goes without saying, right? On the other hand, compared to the fab Timmy G at Treasury he is a fucking genius.

  7. [re=248633]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: …its even worse than that my friend! I just finished watching “Hardball” and heard Rick “I suck gorilla taint” Santelli say he doesn’t want to pass “trillion dollar debts” onto to his fukking retarded-azz kids(sorry Trig). Where the fukk was this derivative trading shyt bag when “W” spent us into the 7th ring of hell in Iraq? Nor did I hear him say one peep when “W” spent enough money to build an Imperial Class Star cruiser(with bucket seats) to bail out the slimy banks! This dirty jizz-rag of a human being should kill himself and do humanity a favor!

  8. Don’t mince words, [re=248642]AngryBlakGuy[/re]. Tell us how you feel.

    [re=248634]Jazzman[/re]: Smart = rich? Well, that’s what Chimpy would like you to believe. Do you believe it?

  9. [re=248634]Jazzman[/re]: …its ironic when the the dirt poor take advice from the filthy rich! Its kinda like those infomercials where some greasy fukker is trying to sell you some secret to get rich. People don’t realize that 90% of wealthy people see making money as a “Zero Sum Game”. They realize that if “everyone” is rich, then everyone is EQUAL! This is the shit they have nightmares about; where they actually, go outside and everyone is driving the exact same Masserati as them and they can no longer turn there nose up at people driving “7” series BMW’s! In real life if a “rich” person tells you how to become wealthy you should the complete fukkin opposite. Instead fukk-ups like Joe “the shit for brains” Plumber thinks that slashing tax cuts for the people who would miss money the least is the best way to grow an economy!

  10. I just do not understand this White House. Responding to a mad rant with cool, clean logic. It is as if they don’t even know how to be Americans.

  11. [re=248642]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: I saw the early version of Hardball, thus my earlier post. And just to be a catty bitch, what is that loser’s problem with dentists? We don’t live in 17th century England for crying out loud.

    And I want to amend my first sentence:

    “Rick Santelli is a cold, sanctimonious, clueless pile of shit.”

  12. [re=248652]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: …kinda makes yearn for the stumbling, bumbling, fumbling days of “W”, doesn’t it?!

    -When Ari Fleischer would lie with the convincingness(is that a word) of a used car salesman!

    -When Scott McClellan would perspire his way through questions

    -When Tony Snow would be an arrogant fukk-wad!

    -When Dana Perino would use her cuteness to get through tough questions.

  13. [re=248658]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: …you are reading my FUKKIN mind!!! I was thinking the exact same god damn thing and I am neither catty nor a bitch! I’m guessing he is on the same dental plan as Golem from lord of the rings.

  14. Did Robert Gibbs suggest that what’s good for derivitives traders isn’t good for the rest of the country? Did he? Why does Gibbs hate America? Why does he hate the really, really smart guys who have so carefully provided the financing for the whole world, so they can get their 6-7 figure bonus (’cause hey, you don’t want that kind of talent working for your competitor!) and built the wonderful world we live in now. I gotta leave now, trudge home and eat whatever is left of a cold can of hobo beans. But a hearty cheer to Rick Santelli and his buddies at CME. ‘Cause they’re the kind of hard-working stiffs who know hard times and the value of a buck and … whatever.

  15. Santelli’s response, (courtesy, alas, of Moronico) lasts all of 28 seconds and mentions no specifics. What a tool. If K-Lo’s dream comes true, Palin and he can market themselves as Dumb and Scummer.

  16. [re=248682]SayItWithWookies[/re]: WHAT is this man’s obsession with tea??? I assume the mention here is a reference to his earlier remarks about a “tea party”, but I still don’t understand what THAT was about! My best guess is, something like a lemonparty, but with greater emphasis on teabagging. Come to think of it, I’m fairly certain that’s correct.

  17. [re=248684]Godot[/re]: He’s grabbed hold of a sliver of conspicuousness in the memeverse and he’s just going to worry the hell out of it like a dog with an old shoe. Fortunately it won’t be long before it’s just a soggy gray mass of canvas. He’s about a nip-slip away from falling back into the obscurity he rightly deserves.

  18. [re=248642]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Congrats. 3 DENBYS. It would have been 4 had you not used punctuation (or would have molded your words to one of the clasics, e.g. Marcus Aurellius’ Naked Lunch.)

  19. Santelli’s a real dirt bag. The traders on the floor couldn’t even hear what he was saying – they’re just jazzed up at the start of the day (fired up). Too bad he’s paisan.

  20. He should have ended with “I think we left a few months ago, the adage that if it’s good for a derivatives trader it was good for Main street” or “Also Rick, the president and I were balls deep in your tranny boyfriend last night. Love the suit.”

  21. Stimulus is where the government gives a smidgen of your tax dollars back to you, making you feel so good about yourself [stimulated] that you want to run out to Wal-Mart and buy a new Chinese-made HDTV and go home and watch Telemundo!

  22. Obama’s Three-Week Recap — yes, sir, we got us a winner!
    Let’s Recap–

    1, The American people elect a black president with a total of 24 days experience as a U S Senator from the most politically corrupt state in America whose governor is ousted from office. The President’s first official act is to close Gitmo and make sure terrorists civil rights are not violated.

    2, The U.S. Congress rushes to confirm a black Attorney General, Eric Holder, whose law firm we later find out represents seventeen Gitmo Terrorists.

    3, The CIA Boss, Leon Penetta with absolutely no experience, has a daughter Linda we find out, that is a true radical anti-American activist who is a supporter of all the Anti-American regimes in the western hemisphere.

    4. We got the most corrupt female in America as Secretary of State — bought and paid for.

    5. We got a Tax Cheat for Treasury Secretary who files his own taxes.

    6. A Commerce Secretary nominee who withdrew due to corruption charges.

    7. A Tax cheat nominee for Chief Performance Officer who withdrew under charges.

    8. A Labor Sec’y nominee who withdrew under charges of unethical conduct.

    9. A Sec’y HHS nominee who withdrew under charges of cheating on his taxes.

    And that’s just the first three weeks. . . but who’s counting.

    America is being run by the modern-day Three Stooges ~ Barrack, Nancy nd Harry ~ and they are still trying to define stimulus.

  23. [re=248732]mongooseman[/re]: tl;dr. Just tell me how the story ends – does the white Republican hero kill ALL the pinko Muslin fags in the end, or does he keep the youngest one as a secret sex slave?

  24. [re=248738]El Pinche[/re]: The quality of trolls has declined significantly since the election. TRUECHRISTIAN (or whatever) was brilliant fucking fun. This one is most certainly a barely literate PUMA surrounded by a pile of cat feces and a half-eaten chocolate cake typing this shit out using a dial up AOL account.

  25. [re=248738]El Pinche[/re]: Also, notice how “a black president with a total of 42 days experience as a U S Senator” in the original text turned into “a black president with a total of 24 days experience as a U S Senator.” I suppose the next board he copypastes this to will have “a black president with a total of 4.2 days experience as a U S Senator.”

  26. wait, the president is BLACK?!?!?!? Holy fucking shit, has the KKK been alerted? What is this country coming to? How did we let this happen?

    Jesus TittyFucking Christ, people this is a goddamn EMERGENCY!

    Strom Thurmond never woulda stood still for this shit, I’ll tell you that much… He’d have led up the lynchin’ party himself like a true fucking patriot!

  27. OT: “Socks” Clinton died. A cat apparently. Lived in the White House. 18 Long years. Still has Bill’s ejaculate in its fur. We’ll miss you.

  28. Even better was watching Santelli’s on air meltdown when he was given a chance to respond to Gibbs; what a spaz! No wonder Gibbs said “Decaffinated!” Team Obama / Gibbs 2 wins and 0 losses; Team Right Wing Cable TV Ranters 0 wins and 2 losses…

  29. [re=248716]Swampwitch[/re]: Sadly, the budget deal in California included a tax on the overuse of capitalization and exclamation marks. Needless to say, this has strongly effected Shortsshortsshorts posting.

    [re=248732]mongooseman[/re]: Yeah, but they short the chimp, so that gives you something to jerk off to, right?

  30. [re=248743]SayItWithWookies[/re]: It’s all right. A year at Islamic camp and he will be starting his posts with the proper “There is no God but Allah, and Obama is his profit.”

  31. Hey, if you guys are interested in eviscerations, there’s a ton of Freeper sorts (which, weightwise, averages out to about seven) spouting off in the originally “watch CNBC all day” thead. Tally ho!

  32. Anybody who shoves a live mongoose up his ass would have a hard time focusing on reality. In this case however I believe the stupidity probably predates the mongoose. Besides the hot sex for creamed corn I am also looking forward to watching Refucklickans starve to death when their false sense of entitlement comes crashing down.

    I don’t give a rats ass who the GOP mongoloid ass clowns blame for their misery as long as they don’t do it out loud in my presence. In the real world, where the nation is collapsing because of the giant turd from Texas, we’ve had enough of the ignorant wingnut cocksuckers and their incessant whining. Somebody like the mongoose-jizz-guzzler would get his ass whipped so fast I’d have to get in line to get a piece of him.

    That’s not funny, but I would enjoy the hell out of it.

  33. [re=248751]AxmxZ[/re]: [re=248749]hobgoblin of little minds[/re]: yeah, i can even remember when the last time Layne or Newell slammed down their ban hammer on a troll’s skull. This hit n run shit with recycled Hannity diarrhea is lame.

  34. [re=248773]El Pinche[/re]: Part of it might have something to do with the fact that it takes comments 10 minutes to show up here, if they show up at all.

  35. [re=248652]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: IT IS BECUZ THEY ARE MUSLINS!!1!

    Also, I got called a socialist today by a right-winger from my home planet (Kansas). At first I was angry (I’m always angry, tho, so I guess I was angrier) but then I remembered… we won. We put a goddamn black man in the White House. We control Congress, too, and the Republican party is now effectively run by a pill-popping, whore-buying racist fatty and a full retard snowbilly, both of whom scare the crap out of the handful of right-leaners with brains. Whenever I get angry at stupid political shit, I remember this, and the anger subsides (mostly).

  36. Anyone living in one of those crappy McMansions better not see a dime of that money. Those people should automoatically be relocated to a 40 sq foot apartment and have that make due.

    [re=248617]rambone[/re]: This will also allow us to see a depression in house prices allowing us to buy into the housing consipriacy

  37. Hopey is all about the illegal forever courtless imprisonment and torture of brown people, however.

    Hopey is all gone LBJ on the torture. He’s got some massive self-hate on the brown people torture.

    Thinks imprisoning and torturing the brown man makes him look respeckable and uprightuppy.

    He’s messing up in the worst way a man can mess up.

    Human rights.

    You can’t unvote ripping a man’s testicles apart or the mind attached.

  38. [re=248732]mongooseman[/re]: And they would all be nominated for Nobel Prize or Sainthood if lined up with The Dick or W (dickhead). or both. also. For eight years our country was raped and pillaged and your concerned about people who fucked up on their taxes when the previous admin. fucked up the IRS rules so bad even the IRS can’t tell you what is correct?
    eat a bag of dicks AND trucknutz, bitch.

  39. [re=248732]mongooseman[/re]:

    You forgot the most important one.

    10. Barrack Obama denies our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    You’re a lightweight freeper, man. You can’t even do a proper talking point countdown.

    You need to upgrade. Rush Limbaugh direct pipe to the fucking brain. I get both Rush and Malkin at the same time in a live, digital download neural feed. I don’t even need to jerk off anymore. I have Rush’s manly, bedroom voice whispering me sweet-nothings about the demonic librals, and that sex kitten Malkin typing hate into my brain with her lithe, sultry fingers.

    It’s great. I haven’t been thinking for years, but this cuts out the middle man of the talk radio and blogging venues.

  40. [re=248732]mongooseman[/re]: You forgot to use the word “black” in 7 of your 9 comments? Come on, get it together man, if you’re gonna spew hate, go all the way, you know you want to! Plus, it will get us all off.

  41. [re=248807]Bruno[/re]: Why not? 1. These people still believe that war always yields economic prosperity based on the aftermath of WWII. Of course, unless we demolish most of the world’s industrialized nations and invest unprecedented amounts of money into scientific research, education, communications systems and infrastructure, that’s not really going to replicate.

    2. Those countries are brown.

  42. [re=248811]Internally valid[/re]: word. How many times do we have to compare the space race to renewable energy before they get it?

    [re=248792]Terry[/re]: yea, RG is hawt… with brains are totally hawt. I just want to cuddle….

  43. This guys is a joke….. is this another plan that goes into the crapper … let me see…

    I guess is time to stop paying my mortgage and let the house go into foreclosure….. the number of foreclosures will be so high ….. that by the time I get to talk to a judge to refinanance my house I could stay in my house lets say ….. for another year for free or so …..

    what do you think Gybbs-Dribs ?

  44. V572625694 – It is of course sarcasm. The 4th grade rebuttal of “if you’re so smart, why aren’t you rich?” You must have gone to some Malaysian elementary school or something.

  45. Hooboy, I have been away a looong time. Financial vortex got me.

    Will need a coupla threads to limber up, but I think this Crush the Fourth Estate approach has been tried before, like the other guys from over a month ago.

  46. I got called fkn lil honkey a while back, and thought I heard yr fkn hung like a donkey.

    I coulda hugged the guy. But he was packin. And didn’t seem real, y’know, neighbourly.

    I have tinnitus.

  47. Rick’s critics would be making a better case if they could come up with something more than rank demagoguery as a response to what he’s saying.

    Witness, for instance, the blind hatred directed toward “derivatives traders” with no attention paid to *which* derivatives they’re trading, and whether that actually serves some purpose. Just keep in mind that if we get rid of the traders around the Treasury pits where Santelli stands, it will make it a lot harder for Obama to borrow the money he needs to spend on all those huge government programs that give you guys a special feeling down there.

  48. [re=248767]Lee Atwater[/re]:

    Holy hell, that is one giant clusterfuck of stupidity over on that thread. Tea parties? Jeez, where the fuck did they all come from? Did the Hannity Youth rally end early?

  49. I don’t know about you fuckers, but I am digging all this freeper action.

    Let’s not jump the gun and assume they’re pumas. That would be too good, and it’s way too young in the year to be wishing for an early Christmas. I think they’re your run-of-the-mill, generic freep. You know, the people whose leaders are Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber, and George W., and whose biggest creative visionary is Ted Nugent. The people whose party fucked up so bad they lost three pigfuckin’ southern states: NC, Virginia, and Florida. As a North Carolinian myself surrounded by wingers, sometimes I wonder how the Palin people sleep at night knowing this.

    Let’s hope this mild scout work picks up more steam and becomes a full freep invasion. They bring the stupid; we bring the snark. The results? Comedy gold, and a respectable, warm exchange of ideas from two political and cultural philosophies, one of which is certainly not a dying breed of racist morons. That’s the Internets at work, people. And Jesus Christ’s America, God bless her.

  50. @Graphite

    Yeah, poor Santelli, the only response he gets to his rank demagoguery is rank demagoguery of another stripe. It must be hard for you GOP’ers, what with being on the hypocritical end of a double standard and all.

  51. Graphite, you mind explaining what part of Santelli’s little rant transcended demagoguery? Was it the nonsensical blabbering about Cuba or referring to victims of predatory lending as ‘losers?’

    Now, if you’ll excuse me, the adults are having a conversation in another room.

  52. [re=248836]Graphite[/re]:

    “..all those huge government programs that give you guys a special feeling down there.”

    Government spending programs only do it halfway for me. I need something more. Like maybe the image of welfare mamas collecting their government checks juxtaposed with footage of good white Christians losing their jobs due to affirmative action. Now THAT turns me on. I’d even go so far as to say it gives me a special feeling down there, in the parlance of our freeper times.

  53. [re=248823]NoNewKidontheBlock[/re]: Good Plan, dude. I say gofurit!

    [re=248836]Graphite[/re]: what would get me Really Hot is for the US to regain the leadership we historically had in technology, education, innovation. (funded by tax dollars, ie nasa &c) Bush let the Germans take the technology lead for the last 8 years. Teh Germans! Of all people! India has surpassed us in education giving me a sad. India! teh brown guys!

    It would be hot, hot, hot to be #1 again.
    whoa, just saying that makes me swoon.

  54. GOTDAMN …. That’s something that I this Country starves …. Be number one again …

    Where is Mike Phelps….. where is American Idol … where is Alex Rodriguez …

    Where is @-bama, Hil-ry, Pel-osi…. I need and HUG !!

  55. I am consistently disappointed in the poor quality of trolls on this site. Can we have some sort of screening process? Perhaps two Denbys or better to open?

  56. ((((((no_new_kid_on_the_block))))))

    [re=248854]GooseInANoose[/re]: Terroriststan beats us in Health Care,
    so it might be a possibility if I get sick.

  57. ((((((yes ….sati demise…. I’m here ))))))

    (((((((( I’m listening all the barbarities this Group have proposed to bring the economy back on track …)))))

    I certainly don’t care any more ….. people I’m going to collect my unemployment check and get my stamps …. does any one has change for a $20 bucks food stamps ….. I need a six paxk of ButtWiser!!!

  58. [re=248870]No_New_Kid_onthe_Block[/re]:Did not know there were barbers on this group, think I can get a trim?

    you drink that foreign brand ButtWizer?
    Buy Amurican! Like a Real Amurican! what are you, a fasistbelgianislmaoterrerist?

    [re=248864]Terry[/re]: yes, that was my intention.
    Cuddle then corrupt, just whisper sweet stimulus in my ear.

  59. I gotta say it: taking five minutes to give a thorough answer that only has one or two head-butts against the accuser is a refreshing, rather than the usual string of invectives and challenges to patriotism that the last guy’s PR folks used to hand out. Gibbs takes his time, walks through the homeownership plan and challenges Santelli (and others) to actually read the thing before declaring it “a bailout for deadbeats”. I’ve been in several meetings this week where my conservative colleagues have ridiculed the plan saying it “rewards bad behavior” and “will allow people to get themselves into trouble all over again”. That’s the problem with the conservative “movement” these days. All they want to do is use (or not use) government as a “behavior regulator”. Will someone get their home mortgage reworked and then use the home to get a loan to buy a teevee? Probably. But isn’t that the idea?

    All I see from the right (and from Wall Street for that matter) is a paucity of ideas. It’s like they want the economy to continue failing, Obama to fail, you and me to fail and then ride in to save us. Ridiculous. I notice too that Walnuts has done nothing but complain. I think it would have been a LOT worse if that nutcase had taken the prize.

  60. [re=248874]smellyal8r[/re]: good point.
    The ‘behavior regulators’ seem to miss the point that we do not, evah, want the religious fundies-like Palin-to have power. Independents like me will not stand for it. no way, no how, never.

    With a couple of economists now coming out to say this global financial crisis is WORSE that the Great Depression, only great ideas are going to gather support.
    Look at the numbers, conservatives. The cold, hard facts of the math here concerning unemployment, financial losses, crumbling infrastructure-and the real need to change our energy grid and our transportation grid for the 21st Century.

    Independents are reality based.
    If they keep on like this, the conservatives will lose ALL of the Independent swing voters in every state.

  61. [re=248651]WhatTheHeck[/re]: As the great philosopher Bruce Springsteen said, poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king, and a king ain’t satisfied till he rules everything.

  62. [re=248874]smellyal8r[/re]: Just one quibble: I don’t think they want systemic failure (that is to say, the part of the system not vital to their well-being) so they can “ride in to save us”…I think they want to so they can ride in and pick our bones clean for a profit.

  63. [re=248738]El Pinche[/re]: Not entirely a copypasta, because he left out the best, most amusingly punctuated part:

    “And that folk’s [sic] …”

    Bdee, bdee, bdee, bdee, that’s all, folk’s!

  64. [re=248878]user-of-owls[/re]: Indeed — it’s just as much a fallacy to say the free-marketers want the country to fail as it is for Rush and his ilk to say that liberals want America to fail in whatever endeavor.

    We do know how to prevent collapses like the past two years from happening though — and that’s to restore regulation and enforcement. What Santelli and those who agree with him miss is that mortgage brokers were basically allowed to lie to consumers about the kinds of deals they were getting into.

    Not that this completely absolves homeowners from making crappy decisions, but lots of people facing foreclosure now were told that they had two to three years before they needed to refinance, and then their interest rates shot up after three months. Or their note was sold out from under them and the buying bank changed the terms without notice. Or some other bit of complete assholery that never would’ve happened if government had been on the side of the consumer instead of on the side of bankers.

    Huge parts of the finance industry are pissed because they know the days of making huge commissions by screwing over rubes are over. And they’re screaming and having tea parties over it rather than, say, feeling lucky they’re not in jail right now.

  65. [re=248883]SayItWithWookies[/re]: They should be feeling lucky they’re not up against a wall at this point. And I say “at this point” with some degree of probably misguided optimism that the situation could change.

  66. Santelli,

    Please join Gov. Bible Spice and Joe the CumDumpster in a rickety prop-driven wolf-killin’ flight. You could make history.*

    *In the sense that Inuit children will dig your teeth out of the permafrost decades after the fatal crash and take them to their elders, who will examine them and then mutter “oh, THAT asshole.”

  67. [re=248883]SayItWithWookies[/re]: AND, it is just like these old school bankers to go around wasting tea with their Boston tea parties and the like. New bonus-busted bankers preserve their teabags for multiple uses.

  68. [re=248883]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Here’s a funny story. Two years ago, I was going to buy a 2BR townhouse here in Houston for oh, say $212k. The mortgage lender, after reviewing my application, called and said “you actually qualify for a home loan closer to $300k”. My review of the math told me that such a mortgage payment (plus taxes) would really stretch my abilities. I backed out of the deal all together and still rent (thank God). If I wouldn’t have done the math, I would probably be in a real fix now (I think the place I was looking at is probably now on the market for about $170k). I actually think most homeowners got in over their heads (and yes, should have known what they were signing). But, a Realtor or a mortgage lender are not in business to help homeowners read/understand legalese.

    Note that a lot of these problems came after the bankers association got the bankruptcy rules rewritten so no one can default and leave the whole mess behind, meaning they knew whatever terms were agreed to would have to be honored. The bankers are raising holy hell right now that the bankruptcy laws may be changed again to allow judges to reset mortgages. Everyone may be at fault, but in an unregulated marketplace, the banks need to assume much more of the risk and face going out of business.

  69. [re=248876]sati demise[/re]: Right on. You independents need to hold everyone’s feet to the fire. GOP House members are sending home news releases this weekend touting how much their districts will be getting from what they used to describe as the “porkulous” package. We need a lot of infrastructure (in fact, I’m mad at my Democrats for not putting more toward that and dealing with the AMT and all that crap in March). Bring on the roads, power grid upgrades, natural gas pipelines, parks (and park restrooms…gah). That’s what government does well and it needs to do that again.

  70. [re=248810]ManchuCandidate[/re]: …like the radioactive isotope ejection machines that only serves the sole purpose of instinct-ing the whole fukkin planet!

  71. [re=248871]No_New_Kid_onthe_Block[/re]: Is this TrueChristian again, in different disguise? Your inability to produce a coherent (or English, for that matter) thought seems too good to be true for a troll. Plus, too few CAPS. So tell us – brilliant satire, or true blue conservitard?

  72. [re=248771]On the Border[/re]: [url=]Urban Dictionary: Santelli[/url] [i] Santelli, n.
    A dribble of santorum, the frothy mix of lubricant and feces sometimes resultant from anal intercourse. Named in honor of Rick Santelli from CNBC, who called you a loser.
    I thought I had contained all of the santorum, but alas, a santelli still went down my leg as I walked to the bathroom.
    keywords: piece of shit, santorum, republican, shit-stain, mud-butt [/i]

  73. Pwned!

    Santelli, bless his pointy little head, promptly responded with glee that he’d be glad to get some more MSM face-time by meeting with Gibbs – bringing a butter-knife to an intellectual gunfight – unaware of what a total goober he already looks like to most of America … & ready, willing & able to convince the rest that he’s almost every bit as brilliant as Sarah Palin on crack.

    Make it so.

  74. Ok, I saw Matthews less than informational glamor spot for douche bag of the year Santelli and I wanted to scream.

    The only thing he could do was to rant and rave… could anyone be so stupid as to buy a home without reading the fine print with a lawyer at their side.

    Ok, this dick whistle says he speaks for America. Ummmm how many people keep a lawyer in hand when purchasing a home?????

    The worst part is he succeeded in cornering Matthews with the lawyer question. “Haven’t you called upon a lawyer to help with the fine print?” Matthews response is that he occasionally didn’t read fine print….stuttering…he finally delivers the biggest load of horse shit…..yeah I have on occasion consulted a lawyer.

    I was aghast. Yeah, the rest of America has a lawyer on call to give them advice when the housing market is booming like gang busters and you as a first time home buyer are afraid you’ll miss the freight train to home ownership. Let alone the fact that banks were handing out loans like a freakin PEZ dispenser. It wasn’t a matter of how to get a loan it was where and to whom do I grace my dollars with to get on board.

    Santelli is a miserable creep. He comes from a culture that will never admit, or acknowledge any defects within our financial system. His rule of law is win or fail. He doesn’t give a damn what happens to families or neighborhoods. His defense is you should have known better and screw you for ruining our economy.

    I have, on occasion, appreciated Chris Matthews interviews. But this was utterly horrible. I dare him to invite Santelli to another one in order to give him the reality grilling that he deserves.

    Not everyone that owns a house has one above their means. At the time banks made them more than available to be within their means. So a housing bailout is a bad thing??????

    Me thinks Santelli protest to much.

  75. [re=248948]SPlaTz[/re]: “Santelli is a miserable creep. He comes from a culture that will never admit, or acknowledge any defects within our financial system. His rule of law is win or fail.”

    Actually, his rule is “win/fail big, or go fuck yourself”. Because if you fail big then you’re a playah, and therefore a winner, even when you fuck up. It’s just that if you aren’t a playah, then you can go fuck yourself for all he cares. Also.

  76. Oh shit, Wonktards, you’ve convinced that I need to be taxed to pay off the mortgages held by people who couldn’t pay them. I thought it might be a defense that I saved money from my inadequate job, and paid off my own mortgage, while paying taxes too. And now I’m bitching about paying for the third time! What is wrong with me?

  77. [re=248965]villageatrois[/re]: Other than an inability to pay attention, argue with facts, or be evenly mildly entertaining, nothing at all my good fellow, nothing at all!

  78. [re=248968]foog[/re]: OK, here’s some foogly facts:

    1) I worked for more than 30 years in a middle class job, earning $50K only in the last two years.

    2) I paid off my mortgage in full. That took 19 years.

    3) I never cheated on tax payments, and paid a large % of income.

    So, I paid for me, I paid for some others, and you are offended that I don’t want to pay some more.

    Would you be mildly entertained if I invited you to foog yourself?

    I would be greatly entertained if you could tell me what I have done wrong in all these years of responsible behavior, and what the penalties should be for that.

  79. [re=248969]villageatrois[/re]: What have you done wrong? Why, you slaved away at a shitty job for over 30 years, never had the wherewithal to cheat on your taxes, and resent the whole fucking thing to bits. Also, you write boring numerical lists. Also.

  80. [re=248971]foog[/re]: Foog, when you grow up, you will hate yourself for bitching at the people who have paid your way, because there will not be many of us left. {Oooof! Foog clops itself in the general forehead area, where it should have been ENTITLED to a frontal lobe.}

  81. [re=248974]villageatrois[/re]: I don’t happen to think you’ve done anything wrong. You played by the rules, the rules written at the time; they’ve since changed (tail end of the Clinton reign) and Santelli’s “losers” played by the new ones. In fact, if you spent like most consumers did in the last decade say, you played by the new rules, too. If you extend Santelli’s argument, if all the “losers” brought lawyers to the mortgage table, bad deals would have been avoided, and we would not be in this mess. Saved by the lawyers! This is absurd on the face of it. Your and Santelli’s “I got mine, go suck wind if you didn’t hire a lawyer” attitude is at the heart of the sinkhole we are currently in.

  82. [re=248965]villageatrois[/re]: A portion of everybody’s tax money goes for shit they don’t approve of or wouldn’t pay for themselves. Hell, my tax money has paid to get American soldiers’ legs blown off in Iraq so Halliburton could have no-bid contracts to send pancakes by armored C-130 to Baghdad, which I’ve also paid for. I’ve paid to stop gay people who love each other and are in long-term relationships from getting married. I’ve paid to enforce an embargo against Cuba long after the cold war ended. I’ve paid for the Pakistani intelligence service to give money to the Taleban who gave it to the people who perpetrated 9/11. Then I paid to give money to Pakistan again so they could buy weapons that they pointed at India, who I also paid to arm. I paid to teach abstinence to — and withhold information about abortions from — children in Africa, many of whom will die of AIDS because they never heard of proper birth control. I paid for George H. W. Bush to send troops to Somalia, then I paid Bill Clinton to pull them out, then I paid the salaries of the grandstanding assholes who laid the blame for al-Qaida on this and other actions. I paid Ken fucking Starr’s salary for the years he investigated and impeached Bill Clinton. I’m paying for miners to dig in our national parks, for cows I will never eat to be packed into filthy feedlots you can smell a mile away, and for rich bastards to run people off their land so they can build stadiums there instead.

    Paying to give a second chance to some poor shits who bought into the American dream and were conned into biting off more than they could chew? Sign me the fuck up.

  83. This whole lawyer thing depends on what state you’re in. For example: you need a lawyer to buy a house in NY. In CA, you are “over-armed” if you have a lawyer.

    (BTW, I have always wondered, who are these people that have lawyers on retainer? As in “see your lawyer…” WTF?)

  84. [re=248984]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Best words ever written. Take that, KJV Bible!

    When it comes to derivatives-trader Santelli, the French invented the guillotine for clueless fucknozzles like him. He and his peers designed these financials WMD, and then have the nerve to blame gullible Americaners for getting destroyed by the fallout. Fuck him to deth, to deth he shall be fucked. Bastard also.

  85. [re=248969]villageatrois[/re]: Oh I can’t help myself.

    If you made 19 years ago is different from a mortgage taken out in the last 10 years or so. Have you heard about those things? I’ll bet your loan was difficult to get, or at least required proof of income. These loans, not so much. Why? Because your mortgage wasn’t leveraged 200:1 and traded in an unfathomably large imaginary circular money cluster-fuck.

    So, yeah, you’ll get a tax cut and we’ll add to our debt, but maybe, just maybe, our economy won’t continue to hurtle down the shitter. Quit yer bitchin’

  86. [re=248974]villageatrois[/re]: Have you even read the terms under which homeowners will receive assistance? Tell Santelli to take a break from fucking you in the ass (I know, I know, he does it so good you never want it to end, but still…) so you can acquaint yourself with the nature of the problem. In this way you might come off as slightly less of a douche nozzle. In the meantime, I hope it’s your immediate neighborhood that is consigned to blight and destitution, because the thought of you fighting over cans of tuna with semi-automatic weapons makes me smile.

  87. [re=248984]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Sign me the fuck up for that, also. And I might point out that right-wingers who bitch about federal spending are the biggest hypocrites in the world because the blue states subsidize the red ones….like, by a lot.

    States that get the most federal cash while paying the least (per capita):
    Mississippi, New Mexico, Louisiana, Alaska, West Virginia, North Dakota, Alabama, Virginia, Kentucky, South Dakota

    Of these, only Virginia and New Mexico could even be considered blue, although they’re both really much more purple than anything.

    States that pay the most and get the least:
    New Jersey, Nevada, Connecticut, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Ilinois, Delaware, California, New York, Colorado, Massachusetts

    Again, all solid blues (aka-socialists!), with the possible exceptions of purple New Hampshire and newly-blue Colorado.

    Man I wish we’d let the South secede when we had the chance.

  88. [re=249026]assistant/atlas[/re]: Don’t forget, those a-hole Red State Congressmen are home this weekend touting how much money their district will be getting from the stimulus bill. “Mah friends, I am happy to report that (fill in failed name state here) will be getting a new highway from Crapville to Turdland…” And, these southern GOP Governors turning down unemployment assistance: that’s a risky gambit. Even in the south, the unemployed get to vote. I never though Ah-nold would be the pragmatic voice of reason in the Republican Governors Association.

  89. [re=248984]SayItWithWookies[/re]: Outstanding! Could you please publish that far and wide so that all the assholes who are complaining about having to pony up to help some of these people out of the hole will stop whining?

  90. Gibbs, asking Santelli to read is like asking a dog to speak latin.

    BTW: As a trader on Chicago Mercantile Exchange Santelli made his money in Whore Diamond futures.

  91. [re=248974]villageatrois[/re]: You actually think we collect enough money in taxes to pay for this? Time for someone to Google up a better class of Zionist banking conspiracy literature.

  92. [re=248969]villageatrois[/re]:

    4) i consistently troll and reveal the details of my miserable life as if people actually give a shit.

    mr. blowhard , you fail at life.

  93. Wow, thanks everyone — here’s a little something I adapted from that — complete with crappy Photoshop.

    I resolved to blog more this year (not that I was breaking any kinda records last year) so maybe this’ll get the ball rolling.

  94. You folks are confirming the stereotype of the out of touch liberal, completely oblivious to the real feelings of the working class you purport to lead.

    Obama (for whom I voted and to whom I gave money, btw) needs to fix this, or he’s going to be a one-term president.

  95. Sayitwithwookies, great rant. But by signing up to bail out some poor shits who bought into the American dream, you are really just bailing out a lot of people with multiple properties and, most of all, bailing out corrupt banks that need to prop up there mortgage-backed securities. And lets not forget about how you are signing up to screw anyone who would have a chance to buy a house if only house prices were allowed to fall to reasonable levels.

  96. [re=249088]kujo76[/re]: First of all, the banks are already being bailed out separately. This won’t help them directly, and might actually take away assets from their inventories. It may help them become more solvent by removing bad mortgages from their books and relieving them of the burden of going through foreclosure (which most banks don’t like doing because they typically get low returns on their original investment).
    I don’t know whether the program will go to second houses beyond residences; however, Gibbs did say that it wouldn’t help people who intended to flip a house or were speculating. Also, housing prices are going to fall anyway. The administration has been talking about letting judges renegotiate the terms of a mortgage for a bankruptcy filer, and this would include lowering the value of the mortgage itself.
    I’m not saying the plan is perfect. However, I like it better than I do the $700 billion bank bailout. You might be able to find out more about your concerns here.

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