This graphic comes from National Review Online editor Kathryn Jean Lopez, and we think she’s in loooooooooove! “I’m noticing the tone. I’m seeing the enthusiasm. And I’m digging out from the sheer volume of e-mails I’ve been getting today about that CNBC dude. The reaction to Rick Santelli’s Chicago-trading-floor incident this morning echoes the emotional reaction my inbox had to Sarah Palin’s convention speech this summer.” PRRRRR, KITTY. It was definitely when Santelli called poor people “losers” that K-Lo knew she had a new man in her life. Move over, Mitt Romney! [The Corner]

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  1. Does she mean this in terms of “Running for President” or does she mean this in terms of “People We’d Like to Put in Stockades and Throw Vegetables At”?

  2. K-Lo not only has terrible writing and reasoning abilities, her photoshop skillz leave much to be desired. Look how HUGE those heads are! K-Lo sucks.

  3. So this blowhard goes on a rant against “Losers”, (the poorz), made poor by Republicans, and she’s getting a thrill up her leg, WTF is wrong with these people?

  4. why are they both leaning to the left in that photo? ooooohhhh…riiiiight…because by 2012 the ideology of the Right will have finally crumbled in the face of crushing poverty, so Snowbilly and Tricky Ricky will have to profess concern for the poorz

  5. I swear they are children. They can no longer get what they want and the scream, kick, cry and pout. Then they wonder why they have to get their kid’s stomach pumped after they found her half naked covered in barf in the front seat of her BMW. Then when they take it away she cries and tells them, “I hate you!” And, they cannot bear to be without her love and give in.

    Well, guess what Republican socio paths…I don’t want YOUR fucking love and I don’t care how loud you cry.

    Can we PLEASE build colonies on Mars immediately and let these dipshits go already.

    Fuck…I need a drink. This week has been nothing but a bunch of whining bitches.

  6. Because there’s nothing like calling people losers to get them to vote for you – that’s using stragetery right there. Booya! Ballot Box Gold!

  7. As another person with a Hispanic last name, I want to express deep regret and profound cultural shame for Kathryn Jean Lopez. I really hope she’s adopted or married or something. Please, God, please.

  8. “I think people are hungry for someone who is fed up with the way things are and who seem to believe in something enough to know there in an alternative worth fighting for.”

    Grammar/spell check much, Lopez?

  9. [re=248365]Frampton Comes Alive[/re]: Damn. I was just looking up Fred Armisen ’cause I couldn’t remember his name. Yes, they’re the ones who will win on this ticket. Except that TF apparently can’t stand playing that witless moose shooter.

  10. Hey here is a novel idea, how about we stopping letting loud rabble-rousers with simple catchy slogans influence our nation’s fucking economic policy. And…ummm…how can anyone on a trading floor anywhere in America cheer opposition to government bailouts? December was only, what?, two months ago. Hypocritical assholes.

  11. This is great – for years I’ve watched little mob princess Santelli drum up fear on CNBC along with the rest of those goons on the trading floor. When the bank bailout happened, he was all love and kisses, but this….this….restoration of mortgages, fuggetaboutit….and the horse he rode in on….

  12. It’s not polite to comment on appearances, but WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH THAT GUY’S FACE? He looks like about the halfway point between human and animal on one of those kids’ books in the Animorph series. Like a bat — he’s halfway transformed between human and bat. Jaysus!

  13. [re=248397]totoro[/re]:

    2009 the number another depression (get down)
    Sound of the funky recession
    Music hittin’ your heart cause I know you got sold
    (Brokers and bankers hey)
    Listen if you’re foreclosing’ y’all
    Sellin’ while I’m singin’
    Beggin’ whatcha gettin’
    Knowin’ what I know
    While the big banks sweatin’
    And the dow Jones rollin’
    Got to give us what we want
    Gotta give us what we need
    Our freedom for bonuses is freedom or death
    We got to fight the powers that be
    Lemme hear you say
    Fight the power

  14. Does anyone else think he bears a striking resemblance to Gilbert Gottfried? I’m imagining his speeches with the voice from the Aflack commercials.

  15. They’re plastic, they’re evil. They grin a vacuous grin while they dismember you. They are DEMONIC KEN AND BARBIE. (Batteries not included.) DO NOT INSERT BATTERIES!!!

  16. Seeing those moronic traders cheering the unhinged guy yapping about “losers” and other nonsensical arguments – actually made me realize why our economy is so fucked up. I’ve never watched CNBC except those clips that people forward but every time a see a clip it is either a deranged guy or an eye candy – what is up with that.

  17. Santelli – please stay with that choice of tie. Even better, get one of those cartoon character ties, or joke ties, worn by people who are told they have to wear a tie, but want to be rebellous.

    Do not look to the all solid color ties of Barry.

  18. For a man who probably has an Italian heritage, he is absolutely ghostly compared to SnowBilly. All those winter Alaskan hunting trips probably expose her to alot of sun. Also

  19. peeps, there are active trolls with HI-LAR-IOUS funny comments in the earlier Santelli post (from yesterday afternoon ‘Do People Really Watch CNBC All Day’) – please, please, all of you above-average non-mouth breathers, please go f*** with their pea-brains…

  20. [re=248383]Dorje Drolo: Santelli – the new anal lubricant jelly for the discriminating Republican[/re]

    “Hey, look what’s dripping out — your santorum is full of santelli.”

  21. [re=248520]teebob2000[/re]: true enough. it is a philosophic question – are they leaning they way their heart tells them (right) or are they leaning the way they know the camera and, through that lens, the American public wants them to lean (left)?

  22. Just for the record: Subbing for Tweety, Mike Barnicle interviewed Santelli last night and vigorously agreed with everything he said. I would, therefore, nominate Barnicle for the trash heap of uselessness … IF he still had a career, but you can’t call working for Scarborough and Tweety a career.

  23. I just saw this numbnuts on Hardball. I don’t know what he’s spending his non-loser money on, but it ain’t dental work. British hookers that got killed by Jack the Ripper had nicer teeth.

  24. [re=248453]bitchincamaro[/re]: WIN.

    Also, why does anyone listen to fat people? Especially KFC-Lo?

    I’m guessing her cubicle is littered with chicken bones and dirty underwear from all the times she’s accidentally pooped her pants trying to fart.

  25. They look like either they’re the New7 team at 5:30 or they’re going to sell you the vacant house at 8th and Vine that’s got old-world charm.

  26. Kathryn Jean Lopez is NOT fat, just big-boned (and not by me, thank La Virgen de Guadalupe). To keep her girlish LPGA figure, each night she limits herself to an oxhead of bubbly cheese natchos and one liter of Cuervo Oro as she waits for Coulter to reply to her Twitter billet doux.

    Under the journalism’s new measure of permissible jibe, the Denby, I might have overstepped the mark. Sorry.

  27. This was my favorite line in her post (f-ed up grammar aside):
    “I think people are hungry for someone who is fed up with the way things are and who seem to believe in something enough to know there in an alternative worth fighting for.”

    Yes, darlin’, that’s why they elected Barry.

  28. At what point does one cross the line from being conservative to just being a royal fucking cunt? Eh, who am I kidding, they’re the same thing, aren’t they?

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