HYPOCRITES.Liberals, don’t you just hate them! The worst kind of liberal is one who earns a big salary. Hypocrites! It is completely impossible to both make a decent living and have Liberal Views about the government’s role in society. Sure, go do cocaine in your limousine, then try saying you support health care for disadvantaged kids. MOONBATS! Anyway, once again The Politico has SEIZED THE MORNING and BUGGERED THE NEWS CYCLE and brutally punished the POWER EQUATION with the shocking revelation that college-professor Barack Obama was supported by other college professors, including some well-known scholars and scientists who, hypocritically, make low-six-figure salaries working for America’s better universities. [Gawker]

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  1. Note to Cons. Being Librul doesn’t equal POOR or GUILTY. I know it’s hard to believe, but if you guys stopped sucking cock and actually THINK then maybe you’d realize that libruls are usually better edumakated, more well read and are usually richer on average than the typical Con (in large part because of said edumakashun.) But then again, I keep forgetting that facts and reality don’t intrude in Con World. Sorry to interrupt. Suck away.

  2. What has America become? Now we’re paying people six figures just for going to college for 8-10 years? What happened to the American dream of working hard and getting an education….oh, right.

  3. Yeah, I gotta say I’m usually eager to jump to the defense of academics when journalists (as they so often do) start using them as punching bags, but if you’re an academic and you’re pulling in $300,000, you’re a) a major star in your field, b) you’re not doing very much at all for the university to justify that money, and c) you’re part of the reason that the vast majority of academics make no more money than a manager at Barnes and Noble.

  4. Where the fuck is the Drudge siren on this shit? You can’t bugger a news cycle without Drudge somehow cumming in his pants and putting a siren up to let us know.

  5. And all these profs had to do was live in poverty most all of their 20s and half of their 30s while they taught, did research and submitted draft after draft of their work to academic journals. What jerks! It turns out that when conservatives squawk about how they *deserve* every penny of the fortunes they’ve amassed because of all of the hard work it took to do it, they meant other people’s hard work, not their own. People who do their own work are dumb. And liberal. Also.

  6. what groundbreaking journalism. i can barely remember what the world was like before we had the intrepid investigative journalists over at politico?

  7. They’re absolutely right. What have these elitist bastards done for society? Drudge probs hasn’t heard of most of these people so really, how important could they possibly be?

  8. And here I was eating mac and cheese and reading a library book in my modest dwelling with the heat turned down to 65 to save a few bucks, when suddenly I was exposed for my wanton lifestyle by Politico! Now I see it was arugula on a golden fork in an overheated ivory tower! Hurray, at least I can now pretend I’m rich and in the hoi poloi with all my fancy junkets oversees dragging college students around who are busy puking up their first legal drinks!

  9. [re=247580]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: From a liberal well-compensated member of the professoriate, answers to your questions:

    1. Not yet
    2. Not yet

    With respect to No. 2, “not yet” is why I still have my job, also. Back in the day, it was a target rich environment. Today, it’s no man’s (or woman’s) land, at least where I work in State U. land.

  10. [re=247590]YesWeKant[/re]: Yeah, but don’t you know that all that hard work that they/we do to get published, tenure, etc. is just so much mental onanism? It’s not a real job, like selling life insurance or IT “solutions” to problems that don’t really exist. Oh, and the poverty was character building, kind of like only getting to go to Aspen instead of Grenoble for vacation, also.

  11. As a said aspiring academic living off of $15,000 a year while I study for exams and scramble to come up with a dissertation all in hope of MAYBE getting a good teaching job starting at MAYBE $30,000 a year, all I have to say to Politico is come over and I’ll give you an interview us liberal elites: with a crowbar and a blowtorch.

  12. Wait a minute, you mean a teacher…and that’s what these “professor” people really are…makes more money than Roger Simon or Jonathan Martin! What news cycle did a professor of chemistry ever win!? When was a professor of Middle English ever on Hardball?! How can they justify paying knowledge, these “universities” and “colleges?” Loserville, that’s what Rick Santelli would call them. Losers! When have they ever sold a shit load of worthless credit default swaps, bankrupted a nation and then took taxpayer money for a bailout?! Hunh! Hunh!

  13. [re=247638]doxastic[/re]: Wow. You must be in Division 6 or something. In my SEC state, the Governor can only dream of making 1/5 of the university’s football coach.

  14. Have you ever noticed how Rachel Maddow never has anyone from the Politico on to discuss things? I see Politico writers on many of the other shows, but never on Rachel’s show. There is, no doubt, something to this.

  15. [re=247610]DangerousLiberal[/re]: As a former purveyor of said “IT solutions” and a current graduate student in political theory, I can attest to the uselessness of everything I’ve ever done. However, IT was more useless but paid better (it paid!). However, I’ll apparently soon be overpaid and employed by the Obama administration. Also.

  16. [re=247612]MarieDeGournay[/re]: Oh you are one of the lucky ones. I’m getting $12600. You can probably afford to eat the organic mac n’ cheese. I just get ramen.

  17. [re=247646]Rodney Badger[/re]: Neither does Keith, me thinks. Jeez, two whole hours of cable news that’s relatively free of Politico dickwads and their ilk. The rest of the time on MSNBC: nothing but criminals. Also, they have that “Locked Up” show on late at night.

  18. Stven Chu, a Nobel prize-winning Berkeley physics professor who was director of the Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, earned $412,000 last year (plus another $34,000 this year, after he was tapped to be energy secretary). But he also pulled in nearly $80,000 from board, judging and lecture fees, including a $20,000 speech in Hong Kong in late December.

    WTF!?!?!?! Guy gets $412,00 salary and all he has to do is win a Nobel Prize in physics? This is total bullshit! Fuck, if I’d known you could pull in $414 large for just winning the Nobel prize in physics, I’d have done that long ago… after all, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to win the Noble fucking prize in fucking Physics.

    Fucking liberal retards! What I wouldn’t give to see Ted Nugent kick this guy’s ass… and I don’t mean in a guitar-solo showdown either.

  19. [re=247657]springfield_meltdown[/re]: I feel that. I spent 5 years never going beyond 13,000. Thank god I was in Pittsburgh and Iron City was less than tap water.

  20. If you make a lot of money and are a liberal you are not entitled to a limo, private jet or any of the extravagances that rich republicans are.
    If so, that would by hypocrisy and even bringing it up would be class warfare.

  21. Esteemed Ph.D academics think they deserve one quarter the pay of a typical 30 year old Wall Street lap-dance patron douchebag? The fuckin’ noive of these eggheads!

  22. [re=247587]Iggy Plop[/re]: regarding C: the other part of the reason is the millions of dollars supporting the fucking football program, including the coaches’ obscene salaries. At least at the big state Us. While the teaching staff starves.

    Of course the State U football staff of mostly a bunch of wingnuts, so I guess they get a pass.

    Gods I’m so bitter.

  23. Dear Politico:
    eat shit.

    Yours truly,
    a liberal academic who is currently floundering as an adjunct faculty member and getting paid for shit while watching the interest grow each month on her 40 grand of student loans, with the hope that one day, maybe just maybe, my pay will reflect my education

  24. God, what a fucking pity party you all are having in here! Be honest with yourselves, marginally successful academic-types. Recover your joy and remember why you went into your fields in the first place: it wasn’t for the money. It was to be able to feel intellectually superior to those around you, to look down on those poor ignorant fools with fewer letters after their names. Oh, and for the chance to tell others of your superiority on internet comment boards.

    And Politico can never take that away from you!

  25. So many grad students here. So, how’s your dissertation going? Making progress? Got some really good ideas? Critically surveying the existing literature? Culling dissertation abstracts for unpublished reports? Proposing an ambitious and ground-breaking research project that is simultaneously focused and efficient?

    No, no, didn’t think so. Me either.

  26. Hmmm, go to school, go to college, get a good job, work hard, make good money, and live the “American Dream.” I thought Republicans believed in that shit?

    I love some of the conservatard commenters putting down academia. I guess dropping out of high-school and retiring at Pep Boys makes a man bitter.

  27. Internally valid: Heh. Sure all us grad students on here are avoiding working on our dissertations. Why in god’s name would we want to graduate, only to not get a decent job AND have our student loans come due. It’s way more important that we cruise snarky political blogs and try to one-down each other on yearly income. $11000, BTW. :) And our football coach makes more than all of us here combined. Bastard. Hooray for higher education! At least we have our research to keep us warm.

  28. [re=247779]BleatingSheep[/re]:
    Actually, for me it was engineering school where I graduated, get a job, work my ass off and get paid well for a time till some ignorant non engineer asshole with an MBA outsourced most of my coworkers to Mexico and demotivated me to the point where I spent my time putting comments on an internet while at work.

    If you seriously think that people go to grad school just so they can feel superior then you’ve got some issues.

  29. Geez, if these pointy-headed ivory-tower bow-tie-and-tweed-jacket eggheads had learned how to ruin the economy, destroy our financial system, or fire tens and thousands of honest workers, they’d be making the big bucks.

  30. [re=247665]comradepaulson[/re]: Olbermann does occasionally cite politico, at least he has in the past. He never has their douchebags on his show, though. And MSNBC only has sexy lesbo prison shows on the weekends. During the week they replay Hardball, Keith & Rachel until 4am central time when their news show starts, an hour before that bloviating gas bag & Zbigniew’s daughter come on.

  31. The fact that a few faculty — like, say, Nobel Laureates and the directors of international research institutes — can earn three figure incomes is not news. And it is not scandalous. However, there are many aspects of the management and economics of higher education that deserve more attention from the news media. Here are two:
    – Unmaking the Public University: The Forty-Year Assault on the Middle Class (2008) by Christopher Newfield.
    – How the University Works: Higher Education and the Low-Wage Nation (2008) by Marc Bousquet

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