All this talk about the economy! Eh, Who cares, it’s finished, so how’s Hillary Clinton’s Dipolomatic Corps doing? She’s in Asia, you know! And oh, what a swell time she’s having, drinking tea with the Japanese royals, taking in Eastern culture, and most importantly, getting the hell out of Washington D.C. Best job in the world, and all she has to do is tell North Korea not to nuke anybody every few days. Here’s a clip from the Indonesian show Dahsyat, which is Indonesia’s version of TRL. Pick a random part of the video and watch for 30 seconds. The “Fun Part” comes at 4:30. [Daily Intel]

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  1. Classical music? I can dig it. I do paperwork to Bach Unaccompanied cello suites, but played on the doublebass by Edgar Meyer. BECAUSE I AM RADICAL THAT WAY.

  2. [re=247459]sanantonerose[/re]: Why not? They were originally written for a six-string instrument, not the four-string instrument currently in vogue. Plus Yo-Yo Ma mad a famous recording only to be told by Appalachian music “experts” UR DOIN IT RONG, so ha-ha he had to go back to the studio 20 years later and try to fix it. What a fucking jerk.

    So why not listen to them played on the doublebass? Or the kazoo or didgeridoo? What does it fucking matter what any of us does? Death is not so far away for most of us.

  3. I can’t read the subtitles. How do you expect me to make lame jokes if I don’t understand what’s going on? Oh, I guess I can make lame jokes, anyway.

  4. Anyone who usually sees my comments, should know I hate the Hillz. But she’s very charming and fits right in with a bunch of millionaire English-speaking Indonesian Housewive-elites.

  5. [re=247475]Bruno[/re]:

    The interviewer says: Ha ha. Here is gift for you, O great white woman.
    Hillary: Ha ha. What is it?
    Interviewer: Ha ha. Original birth cert from Jakarta of your boss.
    Hillary: Ha ha. Oh shit.

  6. [re=247470]Mr Blifil[/re]: Sheesh, man. I was being facetious and now you’ve gotten me all philosophic. Hell, now I want to hear them on the banjo.

    And on the side, I will share that I am a fully paper trained player of the Devil’s instrument and am aware of these things. Oh yes, I am indeed.

  7. I thought only people running for president had to put up with this bullshit. I thought cabinet heads, once they got done having their financial forms fished out of the trash by a Senate committee, could be serious, grey eminences doing their important government business.

    Instead of just humilating herself at Iowa state fairs, Hillary now has to do it all over the world.

  8. They like her, they really like her. That’s obvious, and a huge advance over Condi’s reception in foreign parts.

    It amazes me that even female (possibly Muslim) airheads in the Third World speak English so well.

    This is their SECOND LANGUAGE, people.

    Can we haz skoolz like they got?

    If so, when?

  9. People bitter and resentful about Clinton are brainwashed. She won the election but she lost it. People openly call her a witch and other horrible names in front of cameras. Who fed them that line? The media. Well America, you ruined your election, enjoy four years of Trump, if we survive it. I VOTED FOR CLINTON.

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