• The Swiss bank UBS has to turn over a bunch of records to the IRS as part of a settlement in which UBS is accused of helping wealthy Americans shelter billions of dollars of taxable money over the past few years. [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama is visiting Canada for six hours today. Will he have enough time to swing by the restaurant that loves him so? [UPI]
  • People invested in the Stanford Group because they thought their money was safe there, and of course it was not, and now they are all poor and that Stanford guy is missing. [Bloomberg]
  • A lot of Facebook users got angry when they read the site’s revised terms of use, which is funny because who the hell reads terms of use agreements? [Washington Post]
  • Seven months after a McCain adviser called us “a nation of whiners,” our new Attorney General calls us “a nation of cowards.” Why are we so abused by our leaders? Because we are a nation of victims. [CNN]
  • Roland Burris is probably still popular enough with the right people that he will not have to resign his Senate seat. [Chicago Sun-Times]
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  1. UPI: “Obama bound for 6-hour visit to Canada”

    Don’t know why they feel they have to tie him up. I thought he was coming willingly.

    Then again, maybe once they told him more about Stephen Harper, he had a change of heart and must now be forced to come to Ottawatown, hogtied and shackled.

    If’n my memory of the Underground Railroad is accurate, YOU bind ’em, WE free ’em. Just another case of history repeating….

  2. I have two comments on the facebook story, based on my tenure as a former content professional:

    1. Yes, that’s what facebook wants, the right to use your content forever.
    2. Face book will never, ever use your content. Your content is worth less, in real terms, than your VHS tape collection. Live with it.

  3. Prime Minister Harper tried to restrict anyone from having their photo taken w/ Barry except for himself. The Queen’s Official Stand-In had to pull rank to get her own photo op. Now the Leader of the Opposition, Michael Ignatieff, will be having a photo-op w/ Hopey in a hanger at the Ottawa Airport.

    Fun Fact: Obama is more popular in Canada than any Canadian politician. We’re therefore considering keeping Barry, and declaring him the Socialist King of Soviet Canuckistan. Socialized medicine and gay weddings for all!

  4. By reading Wonkette you agree to be by its terms of use indefintely, whether browsing the site or engaging in any other activity, on-line or otherwise. You also agree that terms of use may be altered periodically without your consent.

    UPDATE#1: the terms of use have been altered to require your consent for the alteration of terms of use.

    UPDATE#2: As Update#1 did not seek your consent, it was in itself in violation of its own terms of use. Therefore Update#1 is invalid.

    Terms of use: For the purposes of these terms of use, ‘TERMS’ shall mean conditions, requirements, necessities, rules, obligations, laws, deterinations, liens, easements, impositions, deterences, invocations, exvocations, doctrines, and any other meaning as shall be altered under the Terms of Use periodically, with or without your consent, as the case may be.
    ‘OF’ shall refer to that preposition which refers to a point of reckoning, origin or derivation, or as a function word indicating posession, belonging, relation, apposition, particularization, or any other such further function that may be ascribed to it, from time to time, as the case may be, subject to the Terms of Use.
    ‘USE’ shall mean . . . .[Continued p103]

  5. “But to some, turning over any names at all heralds the end of the secret Swiss bank account, whose traditions date to the Middle Ages.”

    The Middle Age tradition of burning people at the stake isn’t too far from becoming a reality. The upper 10% and their pocketed politicians should all be unmercifully tortured, dismembered, then beheaded…starting now.

  6. @Wonkette OverLords Where art thou REPLY buttons?

    Our Dear Leader Fatty McGoo really showed them didn’t he? I wonder how he will deal with a pol that has more charisma than his entire caucus combined? I suspect not well.

  7. @ManchuCandidate – ” Where art thou REPLY buttons?”

    Dick Nenton had ’em repo’ed. Ken Layne didn’t read the fine print in the purchase agreement.

  8. I hope Barry does not stay in Canada long enough to pick up the Canadian speech taint:

    aaaaaannnnddd soooo, I, uhhhh, feel we shoooouuuld change policy in this area. Eh?

  9. Why doesn’t Wonkette have a ‘Terms of Use’?

    ‘Thou shalt refer to TruckNutz or Ass-fucking whenever possible’
    ‘Thou shalt not use reply buttons’
    ‘Any fart jokes posted on threads are the sole property of Wonkette’

  10. I wonder if UBS Bank board member Phil Gramm has any involvement in helping wealthy Americans shelter billions of dollars of taxable money over the past few years. If there is one arrogant putz I would like to see take a fall, it’s him.

  11. I visited Canada for 6 hours once. I bought a typewriter. It would have been a good investment, but the CEO of Underwood changed the terms of service without notifying me and is now a fugitive.

  12. As I turned over this morning, switched on NPR and started peeling off the tightly taped bandage I have to use over my paralyzed eye at night (please, let this go away) I steeled myself for my morning blending of pain–ripped skin blending with the latest economic disasters. So imagine what a happy morning it was when I woke to the news that rich people were being hunted down for using Swiss Bank Accounts for income tax invasion.

    Instead of letting the justice dept handle this one, how about they turn these guys over to mob of hobos carrying torches in one hand and pitch forks in the other? Justice would be swift, once those rat-bastards bent over.

  13. [re=246955]SayItWithWookies[/re]: My little town has a black family. I would try to talk to them about race, but I think something like that happened about 50 years ago and none of them have been willing to talk about race since.

    We do have lots of Native Americans (or Indians, as the local tribe puts it). If there is Native History Month, I’ll try to talk to them, but it’s hard. They seem to be carrying a grudge about that whole genocide thing.

    We have Mexicans, but their restaurant is among those businesses that just folded so they’re moving to another town to work for a relative in their restaurant. (And with them goes the town’s only soccer fans other than me).

    We have no Asians. The End.

  14. I’ll believe the Attorney General when he takes a dimsum breakfast, praising the those of Asian cultural origin during “Asian-Pacific-Anyone from the East-those guys over the other pond” Heritage Month. Which is coming in May. Really, I’m waiting to see who a coward then…

    Racism, is now, an official, fairgame, political tool. Not just a state of mind!

  15. This is why I don’t post pictures of my dick on my Facebook page. I’m sure that once I cancel my account, or die, which is essentially the same thing, they will attempt to make a killing by printing my dick pictures on commemorative plates. I CANNOT ALLOW THAT TO STAND.

  16. [re=246983]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re a little sensitive. Hell, in Williamsburg, Virginia, where there are plenty of black people, the entrance to the city courthouse is dominated by a large black obelisk decorated with crossed Confederate battle flags and an inscription noting that it’s a memorial to the CSA war dead. Put up, I imagine, by the very same folks who routinely tell black people to “just get over” the whole slavery thing.
    I can only imagine being black and walking past that with so much as a parking ticket to contest and wondering what my chances of attaing equal justice under the law might be.

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