Oh come on, where is your incredibly racist & crazy sense of humor, liberals?!
Yes, yes, the angry white bitters are pretty racist, surprise, and this impotent minority is just going to fume in the ugliest possible way for the next eight/twelve years, and it gets dull being outraged by the same dumb trash, but this cartoon was not scrawled on the back of a Cheetos box and submitted to World Net Daily, by mail — this was in a major metropolitan daily in New York City. Ugh. [Guardian]

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  1. Uh, the Post doesn’t exactly count as a “major metropolitan daily.” There are quite literally hobos walking the streets of Manhattan giving away free copies. I’m honestly not making that up.

  2. Sometimes when I’ve been drinking, and I post a bizarre comment on the Wonkette, I get nervous when I hit submit.

    I imagine thats how this Delorean cartoonist guy felt when he handed this in to his boss, except replace drinking with ‘free basing’.

  3. Ha Ha ha that cartoon is so….racist. Oh goody, another thing for Al Sharpton to get involved in. If people would quit being racist thugs, Al could quietly retire & go away.

    Here’s the World Net’s response:

    “The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.”

    I’m not sure how it ‘mocks WA’s efforts to revive the economy’ but maybe I’m stoopid (or not racist).

  4. The only way they could have made the allusion even less obvious is surround the monkey corpse with watermelon, grape soda and some fried chicken buckets while uttering the words, “Where the white women at?”

  5. The New York Post has issued a statement defending its stimulus/chimp cartoon

    “The cartoon is a clear parody of a current news event, to wit the shooting of a violent chimpanzee in Connecticut. It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy. Again, Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.”

  6. It’s weird watching all the apologists all over the intratubes try and explain this whole unfunny thing away by saying things like “The monkey stands for symbolism! DUH!”

  7. We have to give the right credit, though; no major candidate out and out used the “n” word during the campaign. I didn’t think they could hold it in, but I guess like a fart that shouldn’t have been held in, they’ve now shit their collective pants.

  8. i don’t know what genius thought a joke about being shot or monkeys within a hundred miles of anything having to do with obama’s left pinky, would go over well with the pajama wearing liberal bloggers. while it’s probably the least racist thing rupert’s ever been associated with, it also missed the whole point about cartoons being funny.

  9. Okay, so I have an honest question, not being entirely familiar with the Post or this cartoonist?

    Was he definitely trying for the racist interpretation or was this just a shitty attempt at the monkey/typewriter/Shakespeare thing?

  10. I personally don’t think the intent was to imply that the monkey was Obama, but the cartoon should been a little more explicit in making a distinction.

    What’s the Curmudgeon have to say about this?

  11. [re=246191]tunamelt[/re]: Maybe they were going for satire like when the New Yorker did the cover cartoon last fall (that was actually less offensive than this).

  12. I am awaiting a public statement where the cartoonist
    a. defends his first amendment right to be a racist jerk
    b. expresses his regrets that we were offended by his 19th century racism
    c. states that he doesn’t have a racist bone in his body proven by the fact that he has a black/Hispanic/Asian relative and this cartoon was completely taken out of context and misunderstood.
    d. all of the above.
    e. also

  13. Right wingers are seldom funny (notable exceptions: Jay Leno, Arnold Schwarzenegger)and the further to the right they go, the less funny they get (Dennis Miller), but I’ll give them the benefit of my advice, right here and now: Death threats are not funny.

  14. [re=246168]Mr Blifil[/re]: Hobos giving them away? Then the economy really isn’t that bad! We’ll know times are tough when the hobos stitch copies together to make pants and shirts.

  15. This is just plain disgusting. One should ask “should I do this” before asking “can I do this”. There is no excuse for this. Wouldn’t be surprised if there is a “unexplained” fire in the the Post’s future. Sorry, nothing funny about this post.

  16. [re=246216]gurukalehuru[/re]: You meant to imply that Arnold was funny in some strange abstract usage of the term, yes?

    Same applies for Leno.

    Loud is not funny. Foreign… well, okay, foreign is funny. But not funny haha.

  17. [re=246176]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: “I’m not sure how it ‘mocks WA’s efforts to revive the economy’ but maybe I’m stoopid (or not racist).”

    It “broadly” mocks the efforts. How can they be more clear? Maybe they could say: “there is a vague reference to the stimulus bill, so it’s not racist to imply that Obama is an angry chimpanzee who should be shot by white NYPD officers.” Would that make you happy?

  18. “Al Sharpton reveals himself as nothing more than a publicity opportunist.” Wow. That’s like, the first fact published in a newspaper in a good long while!

  19. [re=246186]cal[/re]: I thought that was Incurious George with Dubya. Clearly, we need a president who resembles some other animal. I pick giraffe!

  20. I think we should go all Facebook “Terms of Service” on these Post lametards and see what “I sowwys” we get in return… I’ll bring the torches if some of y’all bring the pitchforks! Fun!

  21. major metropolitan daily in New York City

    The POST????

    The Post is to newspapers what American Idol is to the opera! Everybody knows it’s a fucking joke.

  22. Yikes. I can see how this would be interpreted as being racist.

    That said, I actually wonder if what the cartoonist was really going for was the whole “a million monkeys banging around on typewriters for x amount of time would eventually result in…” idea. Perhaps the point is really that the 1000+ page stimulus bill, which is a lot to digest, may as well have been the random musings of key-mashing monkeys.

    I guess I just want to believe that the guy isn’t quite that much of a ridiculous racist. Who could be that stupid? Other than a candidate for RNC chair, that is.

  23. Oh, it’s a Delonas cartoon??? That explains EVERYTHING. Does this mean that we’ll finally be rid of his “gays fuck sheep” and “black people are monkeys” style of cartoon humor?

  24. What an awful cartoon. As our sweet elderly racist neighbor, Mrs. Jefferson Davis, once said at Thanksgiving, when the dog begged at the table:

    “In my family, animals come first, ’cause they can’t talk.
    And darkies come second, ’cause they can’t talk back.”

  25. It broadly mocks Washington’s efforts to revive the economy.

    “Broadly”, in this case, meaning “not in any way, shape, or form that’s decipherable to even the most astute reader.”

    Of course, “astute reader” and “Post” go together like “teeth” and “penis,” but still…

  26. I guess this is supposed to coincide with the story about the chimp that went crazy and tried to eat someone’s face off:
    And the whole article comes into focus when you catch the little bit about her periodically feeding the Chimp Xanax to regulate its behavior. BAD IDEA.

    So not only is Obama supposed to be a chimp in the toon, but a manic depressive chimp that’s randomly mindfucked with brain drugs.

  27. the cartoonist clearly knew what he was doing, despite his inevitable protests of innocence. It’s a double entendre, so he gets to make his racist wink to his mouth-breathing audience, yet also blame his critics for being “too PC” and overly sensitive.

  28. I’ve mentioned this before, but it bears repeating here. I was at a Steve Earle booksigning a few years ago. He told the crowd that the only review of his that he ever saved and framed was a zero star review from the NY Post. He figured that if he was pissing off the Post, he was doing his job.

  29. Actually, I just spent 8 years calling Chimpy “Chimpy”. Put in the connotation that it’s referencing Chimpy W. Bush, it makes perfect sense to me.

  30. [re=246204]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Yeah, this has alot in common with the New Yorker cartoon, except in that the New Yorker cover was pretty damn funny and Satirical-of-How-the-Right-Wing-Nuts-Saw-Obama, and this cartoon is just pit-of-your-stomach sickening. So I guess I agree, this one is more offensive.

  31. I can’t wait for his defense, which is sure to be a variation of this: “I drew this cartoon to suggest that the stimulus bill is so bad that any monkey could have done it. I didn’t even THINK that Obama would be associated with it. That you saw a monkey and thought of Obama means that you are the racist ones.”

    Seriously, this is how wingnuts defend themselves, just wait.

  32. Looks like something Kelly from the Onion would draw except it doesn’t have a tearful Lady Liberty in it and a cartoonist in the corner wisecracking something like “I bet no one gets that I drew a monkey in place of Obama, except the liberals.” Also.

  33. I loved the chimp story! According to the report in the NYT, Travis could dress himself, enjoyed drinking wine from a stem glass and could use a computer. Sounds just like Christopher Hitchens!

  34. I think Murdoch and News Corporation just like to pick fights. This is all posturing in the name of preserving White Culture (TM). I think they’re trying to establish some sort of boundaries to see how much evil crap they can get away with. Right now they lie somewhere between tasteless/shameless and satanic/psychotic.

  35. [re=246195]The Gordo[/re]:

    Whether his intention was racist or not, he knew that showing a chimp connected to political satire when the new president is a black man would be seen as such by some people, and if not then he fucking should have.

    So either he’s a racist, a publicity by controversy opportunist, or a fucking moron.

  36. I believe Chuck D said it best:

    Here’s a letter to the new york post
    The worst piece of paper on the east coast
    Matter of fact the whole states forty cents
    In new york city fifty cents elsewhere
    It makes no goddamn sense at all
    Americas oldest continuously published daily piece of bullshit

  37. I was disgusted by the gunning down of the chimp…didn’t think about racism until mentioned. Took for granted they meant the stimulus package was so ridiculous a monkey must have done it. Oh no! My people may trade me at the next Race Draft for not being down with the cause!

    Damn Al Sharpton. Also.

  38. [re=246216]gurukalehuru[/re]: I don’t think Leno is a right-winger, at least not since he appeared in public to support gay marriage and oppose Prop 8.

    As far as these douchebags at the NY Post, well, whaddya expect – it’s like being surprised that stupid vile evil Mann Coulter said something stupid vile and evil; that said, I’m looking forward to the rhetorical twisting-in-the wind that will follow this (unfortunately, quite predictable) incident.

  39. [re=246327]FamilyLost[/re]: The point is that President Obama is the public face of the stimulus package, as any editorial cartoonist (or literate, non-disingenuous Wonkette reader) well knows.

    And, once again, if people wouldn’t give Rev. Sharpton grist for his mill, his mill would soon go out of business.

  40. [re=246321]Violenza[/re]: I look forward to the day when something “racist” happens and Al Sharpton responds with, “Whatever, I got shit to do.”

    Better days to come.

  41. [re=246209]Lazy Media[/re]: Elitist, you never seen the 10 Lb-ers of generic Cheese-os at Sam’s Club. Until you eaten one of those, by yourself, you are not a Palin real American.

  42. Everybody automatically jumps to the conclusion that the writer of the stimulus bill = Obama = rampaging monkey and then they call the cartoonist a racist. Is this a great country or what?

  43. [re=246219]sanantonerose[/re]: No, we’ll know we’re in trouble when bankers and lawyers start giving the Post away on street corners.

    Ohhh …. never mind.

  44. Please. Let us stop demanding that cartoonists understand the use of simple visual symbols in a small box to illustrate political allegories.

    Aren’t we getting a bit picky?

  45. [re=246239]mistabrad[/re]: I kind of think so too… I mean, it’s just too DUMB to do something like this intentionally. It really sounds like he meant to say the bill was dumb. Because Obama didn’t write the bloody thing after all – the House and Senate wrote it.

  46. Bearbloke: Unwad your panties…not all black people looked at this and immediately jumped to “a dead monkey! they’re putting down my people!”…trust me, I live with a housefull and we’re all literate! I see the bill/law as a Dem package, not Obama’s package (which I would be very willing to take a look at). I wait for Al to tell me when I should be outraged…

  47. [re=246239]mistabrad[/re]: Yeah, I didn’t think of the president when I saw this. Stupid cartoon, but honestly, I think it was more of the chimp-and-a-typewriter joke thingie. It’s not funny, but truly, I don’t think that it was intended to call the president a monkey, even indirectly.

  48. The whole “You saw racism in this cartoon, well, who’s the REAL racist?” crap that’s being bandied about on these here tubes is just annoying. The wing nuts seem to think they’re talking in some sort of secret code we’ll never understand. No, we internetty types know a meme when we see one, even if it’s a shitty, racist wingnut one.

  49. AnnieGetYourFun: Ah, Yeh, you’re right, it would be dumb for the cartoonist to do that, but judging by this guy’s past work, I smelled a crappy meme in action.

  50. Putting aside for the moment the question of whom the chimp might represent, how does it ever occur to anyone that a dead, bleeding animal with two bullet holes in its chest is a great jumping-off point for comedy? I’m hardly a PETA-tard, but c’mon… ever heard of the concept of “good taste”?

  51. I thought it was W who was supposed to be a chimp. At least Ariana and Wonkette said so daily. So how could this chimp be Obama? How could be have two presidents in a row be chimps? If W was a chimp, maybe Obama could be whatever the opposite of chimp is.

  52. [re=246296]The Unfairman[/re]: I’ll was going to go with fucking moron until I saw examples of his other “cartoons”. The guy is an asshole.

  53. If the intent was not racist, that would only further prove that the cartoonist and the editors of the New York Post are BRAINDEAD! If the intent was indeed racist, that means Rupert Murdoch’s sinewy old carcass belongs on the barby, right now mates.

  54. Is in moment like this that I see people playing double STANDARDS….
    I’m sure you have seen at least ONE movie or TV show where two African-American (I hope that term doesn’t offend any one) use the “N” irrationally after every action-verb….

    Personally I’m against RACISM …. I find repulsing when people makes fun of some one. However let’s remember that “we” have made fun of previous Presidents ….. I never heard/saw White people making big deal of it when it came from someone of different “color”

    Grow up America…. be KOOL AND PLAY ALONG ….. sometimes a joke is just a JOKE !!!

  55. [re=246473]FamilyLost[/re]: Since when did I limit to Black people alone the perception of the inferred racial slur? What I said was that the stimulus bill is being sold as Obama’s baby and is closely identified with him through heavy daily media attention, just as the Patriot Act was with G-Dumya. So, associating any simian to something that’s tightly conjoined with President Obama in our mass media is just a step short of the deeply-ingrained dehumanizing bigotry that produced those watermelon-valued Obamabux last summer.

    If you remember the disingenuous denials of racist intent from the Bitter-blighted creator of the Obamabux (“Gosh…I didn’t know I was trading in widely-condemned, long-standing racist and inflammatory iconography! I’m (attempting to appear) as innocent as I am apparently stupid, and I just thought it was all funny pictures randomly juxtaposed together in a universe free of context or cultural history, just like that random combination of these nooses, 6-ft tall oily-rag-wrapped wooden crosses, and full body white-sheet dunce-caps with eye-holes that my husband just happens to keep in the back of our garage – except when his buddies come over for a ‘boys-only poker night’.”), we all thought that the bigotry, denied with such cowardice and feigned distress, was a high-profile, yet typical, example of the ignorant, hateful and widespread anti-Black bigotry that *we* (yes, you and I) face daily in our lifetime.

    A good part of the negative reaction to the editorial cartoon in question is that those of us foolish romantics who still hold some regard for the role of newspapers, editors & editorial cartoons are dismayed at the seeming 4th estate FAIL on display here. MegsOfMegs & Scandalabra hit the nail on the head when pointing out the nature of this FAIL, if not the cause. In any case, even if one is not personally offended (and I’m not since I don’t expect any better from ReThugs, especially since Katrina & ‘Gambling Bill’ Bennett musing on the social value of “aborting every black baby”), I still think one should always call these asshats out and make them defend their racist bullshit.

  56. First of all chimpanzees are not monkeys. While both are of the order primates, chimpanzees are apes and monkeys are monkeys. A lot of ignorance out there and here in the comments.

    Second, seems like there was no reference to the President and it was just a stupid tasteless cartoon. And as nonsensical as the ones in the New Yorker (think Seinfeld episode)

  57. [re=246434]liquiddaddy[/re]: Even that awful movie “Death of a President” didn’t show so much violence against the person whose murder was the main topic of the film…

  58. This cartoon is a test, right?
    Cos I’m pretty sure only racists think this if funny…so this is just part of some lame-assed club code, like wearing a black bandanna in your back pocket.

  59. [re=246182]MegsOfMegs[/re]: As the Comics Curmudgeon has consistently proven time and time again, if the monkey was meant to be symbolic in this political cartoon, it would have the words “SYMBOLISM” emblazoned on its chest for some stupid reason.

  60. Huh?
    Let’s consider, for the sake of argument, the sense of humor that would enjoy an execrably loathsome racist joke – which way do you have to turn the picture to find the funny part?
    So Cranky Old Batt must be right, it isn’t supposed to be funny – just a trial balloon to test whether the current climate is complacent enough for public acceptance of really overt racism. Blecch.

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