Hire Me Obi-Wan Obama, You Are My Only Hope


JESUS CHRIST GET IN THE CAR IT'S A LANGE.It was only a matter of time before liberal blog The Daily Kos switched from documenting Obama’s campaign and election to begging him for jobs. Kos blogger “mjgl” (“liberal” in Klingon) wants the new President to know that “mjgl” has always loved those picture books about the Great Depression, so maybe, uhm, a little sumthin’ sumthin’ for “mjgl” would be good, from Obama, so that “mjgl” could also take pictures of the Great Depression we’re having right now!

I want to be hired by our Government to photograph and document what is happening to overlooked and disenfranchised individuals along with the emerging seeds of change I am expecting in our culture. I want an opportunity to tell Americans stories as I hear them, unhampered by commercial goals.

Ho ho, “unhampered by commercial goals,” of course. Well, you know, “mjgl,” the only “seeds” of change you’re going to find are at the bottom of your marijuana baggie. Go plant them, now, because Commercial Goals are sort of integral to this whole Fixing the Economy deal.

Also, it’s not like you need to buy film or whatever. Take your Best Buy digital camera down the street and shoot some pictures of your neighbors clearing out of their foreclosed house, at 2 a.m., and then you can post them on Flickr, the end.

Dream Job.. please Pres. Obama! [Daily Kos]

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