'I will make love to you slowly.'Youngsters know Sam Donaldson as one of the geezers on This Week who’s always yelling at George Will. But those of you over the age 15 might also recall that Sam Donaldson has been in the news business for several centuries and is prone to marvelous, sweeping and generally wrong predictions, like how Bill Clinton would leave office in like minus two seconds if the Monica Lewinsky rumors were true. He also enjoyed shouting at Ronald Reagan a lot. Here is a loving tribute from Cokie Roberts: on an overnight flight to France, Sam Donaldson once “had the flight attendants literally on their knees at his seat.” This American Hero will retire next week at the age of 74. [Washington Post]

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  1. [re=244646]bitchincamaro[/re]: I was going to ask if he was going to take his eyebrows with him, because they’re bushy enough to sit at the table by themselves. God only know what’s growing out his ears & nostrils.

  2. Speaking of Cokie, back when I was 15 I thought of her as one of the ultraliberal voices on what was called “Pubic Radio”. Now I discover she’s a right-wing whore who grew up in the deep South served by slave mammies and such.

    Also, having flight attendants, what we used to call stewardasses on their knees on a transatlantic flight is no big achievement. Once on my way to the NOrmandy invasion I had them literally rolling in the aisles. Suck it up Donaldson.

  3. But those of you over the age 15

    The only people over 15 reading Wonkette are old pervs like me trying to date* the ones under 15.

    * fuck

  4. Cokie Roberts story just proves that Donaldson was a liberal. If he had been a Republican, he would have had all the young boys on their knees in front of him.

  5. But who will shout at George Will now? Say what you will about his Vulcanesque features and his goat activities, but I believe our nation can only prosper if someone is screaming at George Will every Sunday. And making completely inappropriate analogies about pissing out of tents. (As he did one Sunday, in reference to, of course, the Clintons. They can’t leave the Clenis’s dirty parts alone, can they?)

  6. [re=244671]honkeyman[/re]: When I first started to listen to NPR back in the 1980’s, I used to think, “She’s pretty smart for a congressman’s daughter.”

    Nowadays I hear her and think, “She’s pretty stupid for an NPR Senior Analyst.”

  7. Aaaack! Cokie Roberts makes me want to clear her throat for her. I HATE her voice–like sandpaper on my front teeth.

    And I’m surprised no one has mentioned yet Sam’s uber-unnatural posture. It’s like he didn’t have any articulating joints. He moved as one fused mass, sort of like his genuinely hair-like toop.

  8. Remember the time Sam was badgering some Senator, Hollings I think it was, about a “buy American” bill, and the Senator asked Sam what country his wig came from. Priceless.
    I don’t belive Sam is only 74. He looked 74 back in 1980 when he was being all cute with Reagan. Maybe he’s 104.

  9. [re=244649]Numbat Dundee[/re]: Does he have more than one penis or something?

    Perhaps. Maybe he is descended from George Washington, who literally had penii growing all over his fucking arms and legs, not to mention 4 where most men have but one.

  10. Will retire? He’s not retired? The only thing I see him do is This Week (which again had various fossils arrayed yesterday…TW needs to take a page from Meet The Press and bring in some new round table folks). But, g’bye Sam. Your day in the sun was ovah when Clinton got elected.

  11. [re=244743]smellyal8r[/re]: Stephenuffagus dyes his hair. So they’re trying to reach that youth demographic… maybe they should take a page from Eric Cantor and book Aerosmith on the show. Certainly, it would be more astute and insightful to hear from Steven Tyler on what stimulates and what doesn’t.

  12. [re=244759]liz[/re]: Jez, Liz, he is soooooo trying to get into your pants.

    I know, because I talk to cute young things exactly the same way.

    With, alas, about as much success.


  13. Sam Donaldson delivered the knockout blow to the Bush Administration when he told Bush during a press conference, “Better to be a has-been than a never-was!”

  14. [re=244649]Numbat Dundee[/re]: Reminds me of the old Fugs song, “Nine Prong Dong”. Even if I could call back the lyrics into my drug damaged frontal cortex, they would be NSFW

  15. Until just now I was convinced that “Cokie Roberts” was that cute little blonde sidekick from Murphy Brown (who it turns out is named Corky Sherwood (and I feel like there should be a “Forrest” on the end of that?)). Imagine my disappointment when I wikied and found the real Cokie (who was named thus by a sibling who couldn’t pronounce one of her many first names. Ugh.)

  16. Sam retire? That would allow Bill Kristol to hire somebody to push Billy’s aluminum walker to the Miami Beach canasta tables rather than screaming headfirst down the stairs of El Flamingo.
    I expect that Sam would refuse … the former rather than the latter.

  17. [re=244814]Aurelio[/re]: Indeed. Called a sobriquet (I had to look THAT up too). So not only do people in her class get cute little names, there is actually a cute little name for such cute little names.

  18. Do Samdonaldsons eyebrows have a life of their own?
    Did he shave them or draw them on, paste them on, is it mascara, they are so odd I cant figure it out.

  19. [re=244814]Aurelio[/re]:
    Robert’s father, Hale Boggs, was from Long Branch, coastal Mississippi, pop. 15000, the “Radish Capital of the World” and not exactly the Athens of the South. She can speak English almost like a white person because she attended Wellesley College

    “Cokie” is a slur on Corinne.

  20. [re=244831]S.Luggo[/re]: Mary Martha Corinne Morrison Claiborne Boggs Roberts. Also.

    Anyone with more than 3 names should, like the CEOs of each Fortune 500 company, be lined up against and a wall & shot at dawn the day after the revolution.

  21. Cokie is a trailblazer. She was the first to do a stand-up piece in front of a green screen wearing a heavy coat with a picture of the Capitol projected behind her. The technique is now used by all other fake journalists everywhere.

  22. [re=244831]S.Luggo[/re]: Let’s not forget that Cokie’s poppa was the House Majority Leader, which does not put him in the ruling class, but which makes him a highly valued lackey of same.

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