The chair of the House Republican Caucus in the world’s stupidest imaginable governing body — the Tennessee state legislature — is this guy named Glen Casada. Even though “Casada” lacks the proper vowel-to-consonant ratio required to be a “Real American,” this guy, along with some other Knox County legislators, will be listed in a new lawsuit challenging Barack Obama’s citizenship in the United States, which he runs. Have we written about this yet? Who knows anymore.

Two Knox County legislators have joined House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada in signing up as supporters of a lawsuit trying to force President Barack Obama to turn over a copy of his birth certificate.


“I want to end the controversy,” [Rep. Stacey] Campfield said. “Obama claims he wants to be a very open person, and this is the perfect way to show that – by turning over the birth certificate to get over all the questions and concerns.”

They better think about the implications that this will have, when it works. Joe Biden will become president — and he’s a Mexican.

Knox legislators join effort that seeks Obama’s birth certificate [Knox News]

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  1. What qualifications does one need to be a member of the Tennessee House Republican Caucus? The ability to fall off a log and then claim it’s the fault of the log because real American logs don’t spin when a fat man stands on them?

  2. I think that the real controversy should be that Two Knox county legislators have joined House Republican Caucus Chairman Glen Casada in SIGNING up as supporters of a lawsuit. Everyone knows that Tennessee republicans cannot read or write, let alone sign something.

  3. They had to do this in order to compete with the other incest-belt states in the “most embarrassing legislature” category of the most backward state award.

  4. Rep. Larry Miller, D-Memphis, asked, “Who is Eric Swafford? Where’s he from?”

    Replied House Democratic Leader Gary Odom of Nashville: “From Mars.”

    I would’ve said Uranus, truth be told.

  5. Can someone puh-leeze make that mass-o-humanity pic into a blingee we can bestow on stories of “real” Amur’cans like these?

    [re=244389]PsycGirl[/re]: If you can squeeze into a suit (WITH sleeves, mind you) and are willing to lose a few cooties in a haircut, you’re in.

  6. Were they feeling all neglected and sad because their buddies in Congress voted against the president and took the attention away from them? Can we look forward to endless comical things like this for the next 4 (8) years? This must be all part of the grand plan to reconnect with the average American kook. I think it is working well so far.

  7. [re=244401]WadISay[/re]: I predict that these guys will step in no fewer than 27 piles of pig shit on their way to the courthouse.

    There. Fixed that for ya.

  8. [re=244388]davesnothere[/re]: No, Rush had his assistants go get his drugs. That way it was easier for him to deny what was going on, until his assistants got tired of being drug intermediaries and spoke up. Which once again shows that many conservatives think of themselves as above the law.

  9. For how long will the GOP be clinging to the Southern strategy? Until Rush Limbaugh dies?

    It’s no longer acceptable to beat up on minorities (see Census 2010), even if you dress it up real nice. Move onto the gays. Americans still hate them.

    I cannot wait for my Tim Tebow to kick some volunteer ass to the tune of “Rocky Top.”

  10. As one might expect, the comments are racist gold.

    “WE are not running for Prsident. THAT’S THE LAW, to SHOW DOCUMENTED proof of a birth certificate. I don’t care if he’s rep or dem, just prove you are LEGAL and then move on. If he’s of muslim descent, then he’s gone. But Hawaii has sealed his birth certificate and it will be tied up for YEARS before it comes out what he is.”


    “There is one group that may know with certainty the facts of O’s birth, and what paper and other evidence is or is not available.

    That’s the Mossad. It’s in their interest to know these kinds of things.

    If they have the ability (real or manufactured) to surreptitiously release convincing info that O is Kenyan-born, then that anchors even more deeply Israel’s profound influence on our government, and on our society.

    There’s a lot of disparagement of Fox News, but a few years ago Fox had an excellent and gutsy 4-part series on the very deep penetration of the Mossad into strategic information and control points of our society:”

  11. [re=244401]WadISay[/re]: I predict that these guys will step on no fewer than 27 rakes on their way to the courthouse.

    WIN. They are all Sideshow Bob in Cape Feare.

  12. And to think Al Gore once represented TN…

    How long after you move away does the tennesseeeee finally wash off ya?

    The fat fuck in the jpg doesn’t even have the edge-u-mick-a-shun to load his belly into the wheelbarrow. Whew…

  13. Yep, I remember the day both me and Jose Mauricio Bidencio came to America. Even then he knew he was destined for greatness.
    As we were riding in the coyote’s truck he looked across the Tejas countryside and with a forlorn look in his eye he said: “I wheel bee Presidente son day”. That day we bought a couple of Hawaiian birth certificates in Austin.
    All he needs now is for the toothless Tennesseasians to prove Barack unfit.

  14. Mister Casada is unsettling certain members (we all know who) of the Illumninati and the New World Order. And his last name, spelled backward, is Adasac! ‘Nuf said.

  15. [re=244400]gjdodger[/re]: Rep. Susan Lynn either is a victim of bad Photoshop in her website picture or she is also from Mars, Uranus or some other country like Africa.

  16. More from the comments:

    “If these brain dead clowns were not actually Tennessee legislators I would expect them to be from Alabama or Mississippi.”

    Is he saying that its better or worse to be from Tennessee? Not that anyone could possible care.

  17. If they have the ability (real or manufactured)

    I’m trying to figure out what this means. How is ability manufactured and if so, how is it then unreal?

  18. People who do not know the law/Constitution should not be allowed to write the laws. DUH! If one of Obama’s parents (i.e., his mother) was an American citizen, it doesn’t matter where on the F***ing planet he was born — he’s a citizen.

    The inbreeding in TN has clearly gotten out of hand. I propose forced sterilization for all TN legislators.

  19. Well, as someone who is stuck here in Tennessee, I’ve concluded that the state has become the new Mississippi. I emailed the FOUR Tennessee Stooges and asked them to PROVE they are U.S. citizens by posting their own birth certificates online immediately!

    Please join me:

  20. [re=244555]Crazybroad[/re]: Actually the Constitution says: No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President;

    So you either have to have been born in the USA (unlike, for example, John McCain) or be a naturalized citizen born before 1783 or so.

    We could have skipped the whole damned election since Obama was born in Hawaii and McCain was born in a tin horn dictator-ruled banana republic.

  21. [re=244531]bignutz2[/re]: Apparently, the Speaker of the TN House offered her a week’s pay in a parking garage to see her nekkid. Allegedly. Then, when word got out and he denied getting caught and reprimanded for sexual harassment, somebody did something that caused her to have to go to the hospital from the stress of it all. I simply couldn’t follow that part. Can you really die of shame? From being hit on?

  22. [re=244572]Advn2rgirl[/re]: If you are a fragile Southern Magnolia…..who also can die of shame by not wearing a hat or gloves in public, or to wear white shoes before labor day.

  23. [re=244584]sati demise[/re]: Hey, it’s before MEMORIAL DAY. Labor Day is when you have to stop. In the Deep South it’s Easter, but we pretend we don’t see it, like what they do at Mardis Gras.
    who will joke about a heart attack but not about The Rules of The Little Old Southern Ladies.
    ‘Cause they’ll cut you.

  24. [re=244531]bignutz2[/re]: “Please don’t publish this. Take care.” HA HA HA HA HA what a stupid asshole. Thank you for bringing this to our attention, bignutz2.

    [re=244543]J05H[/re]: FANTASTIC FAT BLINGEE DOOD. Now you are the master.

  25. [re=244601]gjdodger[/re]: We sensible Tenneesseans (all 10 of us) are still of the opinion that folks living east of Nashville are proof positive that Oak Ridge has indeed been producing mutants.

  26. [re=244390]CrunchyKnee[/re]: I’m figuring they just made their mark.

    [re=244439]President Beeblebrox[/re]: “the very deep penetration of the Mossad?” I mean, I know most Republicans are sexually repressed, but really?

  27. [re=244634]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: Not that west of Nashville really has much going for it, either. Quite frankly, nothing outside Davidson County is worth a damn in this state, as far as I am concerned.

  28. I’ve had the misfortune of living in this state for most of my pathetic life. So, having grown up in Memphis, lived for a time in middle TN, and now living in Knoxville, I can attest that Tennessee secretes stupid at both ends. In west TN our elected officials danced while ‘shakin them haters off’, in middle TN my friends mother had the pool cleaned after some nigras swam in it, and in Knoxville the Tinfoil Hat Brigade is preparing to be raptured from the corner tent revival at any minute because that damn muslin’s in power. You have to be careful while out in public, because if you accidentally brush up against a TN resident, the stupid secretions could get all over you, and then you’re up shit creek. TVA must be regularly dumping big bags of stupid in our water supply. Only thing I can figure.

  29. it certainly would spice up this post if we let the fat-gutted illiterates at some pointless redneck website know we were talking about them, thusly…

  30. OK, Glen, assuming you can read and write, here it is: http:\\

    Now STFU.

  31. Tennessee, where men are men and some of the women are too…and all the cows and sheep are real nervous after dark. but in their defense, this isn’t about TN, because these dicks are just typical Republicans anywhere. and they can eat a bag of dicks, also.

  32. What’s a damn Mexican doin’ in the Tennessee legislature? He’s supposed to be mowin’ our lawns and fuckin’ our wives. That’s what we pay Mexicans to do in Tennessee. God knows we can’t be expected to mow our own lawns, and have you seen our wives?

  33. [re=244415]Mr Blifil[/re]: By “putting the controversy to bed,” do these noble Republicans mean they want to fuck it? Because that would explain the whole birth certificate controversy. Since banging dudes in airport bathrooms is no longer “beyond the pale” as it were, Republicans everywhere are looking toward the next big fetish: group sex with concepts and events, like fake controversies.

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