Remember your greatest first president, in style! Play it for your kids, or your parents, and Never Forget the Father of Your Country, as presented by the great Austin-American artist Brad Neely, on a teevee show at some point? Happy Presidents Day. (DO NOT TURN UP THE SPEAKERS AT WORK UNLESS YOU HAVE A SPECIAL KIND OF BOSS.) [YouTube]

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  1. I first saw this on Schoolhouse Rock. They played it right after that song about how a bill becomes a law. I love it when art and education are made one… docere, delectare, movere.

  2. About all these video posts – you do know that most companies filter out youtube and the like over the workplace internets, no? We just get a big blank square there and then none of the comments or nothing makes any sense.
    Oh, nobody has jobs anymore. Nevermind.

  3. If this is the first in some ambitious “all-the-Presidents” series – sort of like Sufjan Stevens’ “all-the-states” album series – please let it go no further than John Adams.

  4. My heroin dealer loved Brad Neely. I had to sit through several videos every time I went to score. I really want to like the guy because he’s obviously a fucked in the head genius but those were bad times, bad times, and this video just brings it all back. I’m afraid Neely is forever tainted for me. I’m gonna go hate myself in the corner now. And take some more suboxone.

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