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Fat Cat Execs Will Probably Get To Keep Massive Salaries, Bonuses, Five-Diamond Hookers, Etc.

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Oh well.For a few brief minutes it seemed like the executive pay cap proposal and a provision to recoup some of the bailout money spent on bonuses might actually stay in the stimulus bill. But ha, no, of course not. It looks like they will both die on the operating table. Still that was nifty for a little while when people got to fantasize about sticking it to the richies! [Washington Post, TPMDC]

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  • chascates

    Thank God for the tax cuts. I feel more stimulated already.

  • hockeymom

    Also, corporations can continue to hire illegal aliens.
    The more things change….

  • Crankenstank

    Senator Vitter gets to keep his diaper, too. It’s only fair to have an incentive to do god’s work in the US Senate, after all.

  • Vanity Smurf

    Good. It’s much fairer to just place a massive tax increase on all high earners and not just persecute a handful of pirates. Can I get a top marginal rate of about 60%? Pretty please? I will refuse to believe Obama is a socialist unless that happens.

  • actor212

    We’re supposed to be *soaking* the rich, Barack, not oiling them up for more!

  • Come here a minute

    How can CEO’s be incentivized to not fuck up the U.S. economy on a paltry $500,000 salary?

  • shortsshortsshorts

    Round 1 for the Democrats, and they lose. At least we still have a Republican majority in both houses. PHEW I WAS WORRIED.

  • SayItWithWookies

    I’m just glad I’m a vegetarian and can forego watching sausage being made. This is gross enough.

  • Serolf Divad

    Wait, so they’re flying coach clinging to their five diamond whores? Er… OK, I guess I can see where they’re coming from. But still…

  • jagorev

    Well, duh. Did any of you seriously imagine that Barack would do anything to hurt the people who gave his campaign $14 million? He doesn’t exactly want to be a one term President, you know.

  • Mr Blifil

    “It was not part of the original agreement,” said Laura Thatcher, head of the executive compensation practice at Alston & Bird. “If they’re going to retroactively change playing rules, it would seem to me that, in fairness, they would have to give the institutions an opportunity to back out of the deal altogether.”


    Bitch, don’t be frontin’. “In fairness” to your saggy azz, they might not wants to back out of the deal, because backing out of the deal would mean bankruptcy, firesale, or complete insolvency. That’s why they made the damn deal.

    These shitheads still act like the TARP companies were brought on as paid consultants. They are WELFARE CHEATS!!!

  • freedomfrieswidat?

    Greedy people make the best money managers, because they have a certain special passion for money that transcends the utilitarian regard for green the rest of us have. So I say give them the money and back off. It ain’t our business. If we stay out of their way, they’ll take that money and make more money with it, because that’s what they do. They’ll make so much, in fact, that some of it just has to fall down and land on the rest of us. That’s just your basic physics. Hey, no one bitches about great pitchers because they throw well. Criticizing greedy bankers is the same thing except with money, not balls.

    Heh heh. Balls.

  • TGY

    It’s ok, the mob will merely tear them apart in the streets when the revolution comes.

  • rambone

    That is one classy pussy!

  • WhatTheHeck

    The preceding post was about pro life.
    This post is about why we are not rich and the fat cats are.

    I see the thread. The fat cats want to force us to have more babies so they will continue to have more workers struggling to keep them at the top and fat. And even when the fat cats screw up, we will give some more, because we know our station in life.

  • One Yield Regular

    That’s okay. Here in San Francisco we’re planning to build a tumbril and guillotine in Justin Herman Plaza, but we have to grab a latte first.

  • Dean Booth

    We can make up the shortfall by cutting the pay of autoworkers, who don’t work as hard.

  • Numbat Dundee

    You don’t stick it to the riches with legislation passed by the politicians they own. You stick it to the riches with pitchforks and the like. Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative, you hang them from lamposts with the entrails of senators.
    Then you dance around a bonfire with their five diamond hookers.

  • ToeCramps

    It teh fat cats have all the fukn monies – then what da fuk do they need teh jobs for? They need to take their fat asses home, sit on the teh couch, watch the soaps like the rest of the fukn welfare queens! When these assholes leave the workforce, then there will be jobs for the unemployed! There – economy solved! Stimulate on that!

  • JamesMichaelCurley

    If the pay cap and clawbacks go down the tubes, it will because of the insane logic that they will cost the IRS $10.? Billion in revenue over the next ten years, but by allowing these to die, the ‘stimulus bill’ recoups $10.? Billion of ‘costs’ so the bozo republicans say “We cut the horrible and wasteful ‘spending’ by $10.? Billion.” Some of these guys need a mental enema.

  • AngryBlakGuy

    …thank you sir, may I have another!

  • bitchincamaro

    All my fantasies which involve Congress have more to do with buxom porn star candidacies than stickin’ it to the man.

  • Mild Midwesterner

    Frankly, I think Obama’s stimulas package is genius! He gets to pay back all of the fat cats who donated to his campaign at once — and within the first month! The bad economy is the best gift Bush could’ve possibly given Obama.

  • Bucky Katt

    I can haz bonuses?

  • Red Zeppelin

    The rest of us could make do on thousand dollar bonuses and 2 or at most 3 diamond whores.

  • MarieDeGournay

    Well, just so long as they all die horrible and ironic deaths. You hearing me God?

  • BobLoblawLawBlog

    Once again, Congressional tongue-lashings have turned overnight into tongue-baths. *sigh*