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Introducing Wonkabout, the D.C. Guide

The D.C. Guide!Here’s something you don’t see too often, these days, during the Great Big Depression: the launch of a new publication! It’s called Wonkabout, and it’s your guide to all that is fun and interesting and weird and tasty and boozey in Washington D.C., the new capital of the world. Yes We Can!

We’re hardly the first to note that Washington has become pretty damned sexy since Barack Obama and two million friends had a little party down on the National Mall last month. But we’re the first to start a post-inauguration publication specifically about all the fine stuff Washington has to offer, HA!, and we hope you’ll make it your “What the hell should I do tonight?” web stop.

Send us your tips and complaints, and don’t be shy about pimping your gallery openings and farmers markets and happy hours and weeknight four-band no-cover shows. We’ve got a small army of vampires, foodies, drunks, bookish losers and culture vultures on call, and they are looking for fun.

Thanks much to BlogAds and Pressflex for getting this Wonkabout online, and to our interns Malaka Gharib and Juli Weiner and Elizabeth Askew for being all over town all the time, and to John Santos for the fancy new Wonkabout artwork.

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A writer and editor of this website from 2006 to early 2012, Ken Layne is occassionally seen on Twitter and writes small books and is already haunting you from beyond (your) grave.

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  1. american mutt

    I don’t get it. How many things are there to do in DC? That place is a fifth the size of San Antonio TX and there’s nothing to do there.

  2. Lascauxcaveman

    I was just going back through the posts and all a sudden there’s the thing about the Lord of the Rings being the favorite conservative movie about gay elves and now it’s all WTF blue.

  3. Iggy Plop

    so this is what having all those interns is about. slowly colonizing the damn intertubes one tastfully chosen background color at a time.

  4. rockstarjoe

    There is this shady pizza place in the Mayor’s Building that makes the god damn best chicken salad sandwhich in the city. There, I helped.

  5. Kev-O-Tron

    Can we get a list of which seedy, dive bars have glory holes in the bathrooms because that would save me a lot of trouble.

  6. Texan Bulldoggette

    Wait, you guys have jobs & ummm…money for going out & stuff in DC? That’s pretty damn elitist–here in real America we’re stocking up on Ramen noodles & figuring out how long we can go without bathing.

  7. operation limey

    [re=242072]Heywood Floyd[/re]: does the tour guide periodically yell “the bitch set me up”?

  8. jagorev

    Not a bad idea, Ken Layne – this could develop into a LNS for non-douchebags – but you need to Web 2.0 it up a little bit. I would suggest at least a Facebook group, that updates every time Wonkabout gets updates, because the kids these days check their Facebook friend feed way more often than anything else. Also, party pics are a necessity, and will ensure frequent checking of the site. Also, I don’t know, maybe make the interns twitter live from events or some shit like that? Also.

  9. NotNotLickingToads

    [re=242098]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I have a decent job, but am still trying to figure out how long I can go without bathing, so employment and filth are not mutually exclusive.

  10. freakishlystrong

    10 whore diamonds for the first ass fucking entry in the new glamourous Wonkabout, (and I like very much).

  11. dougbob

    what is up with the extra large type? (on the wonkabout frontpage; the articles read normally once you click on the “more” link”. i use google chrome, btw) i hope your audience isn’t so old that they need that kind of help.

  12. Neon Trotsky

    Nightlife? Getting about? So, what, this is like a dating website now?

    S/M/Paultard seeking human female

  13. Naked Bunny with a Whip

    You’re just too cowardly to cover all the sexy excitement of the nightlife in Des Moines.

  14. MisterGotRox

    If I were the kind of human who liked leaving my cave and interacting with the other humans, I would be all over this.

    Instead, meh.

  15. whorediamondsareforever

    hooray, but i’m really creeped out by the bald Wonkette. she looks like one of those scary genius babies that can probably read your mind and shit.

  16. Red Zeppelin

    Third stall from the left, National Gallery men’s room, West Building, 4:00 p.m. Oh, wait a second, maybe that’s not what you meant by cultural activities.

  17. bobbyloo

    The font you use for the body text: it looks gorgeous on a Mac. But it’s next to impossible to read on a PC!

  18. ToeCramps

    Will this Wonkabout have coupons where one can get a 5 diamond hoe for 3 diamonds? Will the edition of the WonkaWonka stimulate my economy by letting me know where I can go to get stimulation? Or is the Wonkabonbon a little sexy pamphlet that uses pornoterrific fonts? Get back to me!

  19. PolicyWhore

    There needs to be a button of the headers of both Wonkette and Wonkabout so that we can easily switch to either’s front page.

  20. Veronica Corningstone

    Your events aren’t all going to be held in yoga parlors and smell like ball sweat, are they?

  21. AlexisHidell

    [re=242108]Mild Midwesterner[/re]: No, a Wonkabout is when you get the shits from eating too many el cheapo Chinese Valentine chocolates or salmonella-tainted peanut butter cups.

  22. ella

    The blue background makes me think of Tiffany and the present from there I’m not getting for Valentine’s Day.

    But more to the point — congratulations on Wonkabout! May your page views grow faster than dandelions in July.

  23. smellyal8r

    [re=243134]AlexisHidell[/re]: That’s “Wonka-butt…”

    Srsly, ya’ll, this is great. I love the Wonkette Moon smiling down on the land. Plus, there’s always some sort of pub crawl up and down P Street in and around the Dupont Circle area.

  24. Captain Swing

    The blue background is certainly cool, but I don’t know how my beautiful Wonkette Girl feels about the Kojak look- I’d tread carefully if I was you Ken, wimmenz get really tetchy about stuff like that…

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