Why is Dr. Paul beating up this colored fellow?Ho ho ho, street thug Barack Obama is gonna kick whitey’s ass clear back to Texas! Wait, what is this horrible thing? Oh, a fanzine for, uh, Ron Paul, the brief and inexplicable Internet fad of late 2007. (At least LOLcats were kind of funny!) Well listen up socialists, the elderly Texan congressman and very loosely aligned Republican is still alive and still has a few fans. They got together and made this “DIY” magazine. One of them drew this picture. For a donation of $500, you can hang a copy of this very drawing on your dorm wall or whatever. Chicks love this shit! Youth!

And now, the giant terrifying version:
Why is Dr. Paul beating up this colored fellow?
[Young Americans for Liberty]

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  1. I go to school at Baylor in Waco, TX, which is the most upsettingly conservative place I can imagine.

    No one, not even here, fucking likes Ron Paul.

  2. “The Battle for America’s Youth”??

    Everybody knows Barry’s got the youth vote. And the minority vote. And the poor vote. And the middle class vote. And the white vote. And the gay vote. And the atheist vote. And the religious vote. And the Ron Paul has the crazies. What battle? You mean what would happen if healthy, virile Barack Obama rolled up his sleeves and beat the shit out of a crazy old OBGYN from Texas? That would be an act of mercy.

  3. Looks like an incisive magazine that covers many critical issues:

    1. Will the 72 year old, anxious, Ron Paul live until 2012? See the interview on page 10, presumably with an actuary or gerontologist.

    2. George Hawley wonders whether Christians can be anti-war. The answer: “what the fuck kind of question was that? What kind of pseudo-intellectual ass-clown asked that? Oh, me? Um, well, yes.”

    3. Can an elderly, crazed, likely racist southern white doctor who lost massively and embarrassingly to a 500-year old monster appeal to young people more effectively than a president who earned over 60% of their votes just 3 months ago? Daniel McCarthy thinks so!

  4. Boy oh boy. Geez, these Paultards really won’t give it up will they?

    All their economic ideas have gone in the shitter. Their campaign of the deluded was the greatest single hilarious event of the US America preznit campaign and yet they continue like the Deregulated Homemade Fail That Could.

    Makes me want to send them a hog feces spackled Spinach Salad and some peanut butter with extra rat bits for cruch sandwiches.

  5. When I saw “LOLcats” I thought you typed “LOLocrats”, which is a brilliant idea in general and could also serve double-duty to describe Paultards.

  6. The part of that cover I like is “Don’t Blame The Market.” I’ll bet that article is a humdinger, in which the author proves that there wasn’t enough deregulation, and that’s why the economy is going to hell.

  7. Wow, looking at that pic, Ron Paul is going down, man. As the Obama cuss tape says, there are white people and then there are mothafuckas LIKE YOU, Ron Paul.

  8. Ron Paul is 73. In 2012 he will be 77, which, while about 11 times the mental age of Ronald Regan in his last two years of office, is pushing the envelope age-wise for a sitting president. Or perhaps he is a Night-elf or similar Warcraft inspired creature? In any case he will be too wrinkly to lead the free world.

    And what of Dennis Kucinich? Shouldn’t he be in that picture somewhere? He and Dr. Paul had about the same impact on the eventual outcome of the election, only Kucinich supporters spent a lot less and got to look at Elizabeth. Perhaps they could be tossing him back and forth like in a dwarf-tossing contest?

    In conclusion, I’d like to state that I never realized that Ron Paul had such distorted, freakish wrists and hands until I saw that picture. I give it a B+, but only because I like the font in the headline.

  9. [re=240652]Aurelio[/re]: I really wanted to read that article but I went to the site and it’s nowhere to be found. Apparently that article hasn’t been researched or written yet but the implications are clear: in no way has deregulation contributed to failing economies. That and Ron Paul farts gumdrops.

  10. [re=240656]BlueCarp[/re]:
    All the fucking time.

    But it’s usually a slow glide down unlike what we are seeing today. I’m surprised you haven’t shuffled off to the Libertarian Paradise of Somalia. Plenty of guns. No one fucks with you. You keep what you earn. Hell, you can even be a pirate if you want to.

  11. Fanzines were mostly used for the promulgation of lurid fantasies involving same-sex fictional characters. But I seriously doubt there’s any entertaining buttsecks in that publication, because
    (a) Ron Paul and buttsecks, ewwwwww, and
    (b) do you really need a (b)?

  12. I want to collapse in a sobbing ball when I think about the fact that Ron Paul made his living examining pussies.

    And if the perpetrators of this fanzine are so flippin’ young, what’s with the epic fail MS paint portrait?

  13. Barry’s “mad face” doesn’t look very good because they had to do it from imagination. While he does look very earthy, did Ron Paul get that outfit from JC Penney in 1978?

  14. Why can’t anyone, anywhere, ever draw black people?

    [re=240629]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Oh man. I’ve been to Waco. Basically, Waco = Civilization FAIL.

  15. What the cover implies is the coming race-war between black people and a race of hook-armed white nymphs called ‘The Atlasians’ (or some other D&D bullshit libertarians like).

    Either that or the worst buddy cop movie idea ever.

  16. [re=240702]assistant/atlas[/re]: It’s easy to draw black, just color ’em dark and give ’em huge lips! Just remember that whitey has no lips, whereas black people just blew a box of bees.

  17. [re=240664]Mustang[/re]: Jesus Jumped Up Christ! It IS a foot…complete with skinny ankles and a fat calf. Oh my fucking word…he has my ex-wife’s leg for a prosthesis!

  18. [re=240718]Dashboard_Buddha[/re]: thanks for making me loudly snerk my tea at work… like I don’t have enough trouble being around these losers.

  19. This is just like that Spiderman comicbook featuring Hopey, but COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. Maybe Ron Paul is starring as the next iteration of The Hobgoblin.

  20. Wasn’t Sarah Palin in Texas when her waters broke with Trig (SUPPOSEDLY…)? Maybe Ron Paul examined her, and was left with a hideously acid burnt deformed stump of a hand for his trouble.

  21. I think Paul pulled in fans because they were more enthralled with his gimmicky r”EVOL”ution schtick than from his actual policies. Can’t believe they’re still all about him.

    Which begs the question–why do Paultards sell themselves on “LOVE” if Libertarians love nobody but themselves?

  22. Then again, when I started post-secondary education, Ronnie Raygun still had most of his memories intact as he sat in the WH for his first term, and I have things I am trying to forget.

    That makes you more or less the same age as the Sonic Youth folks. (And me!) So it’s not that you’re old, it’s just that you’re not cool.

  23. I was almost ran over by a car with a Ron Paul bumper sticker on it today. It was the first Ron Paul sticker I had seen in quite a while and made me wonder what the Paultards were up to. I am happy to know they are keeping busy, but I really wish they would stay in their mother’s basements. Death by Paultard piloted vehicle is not how I would like to go.

  24. [re=240750]OffTheRecord[/re]: There’s a dood and his wife that live down the street from my house. Both of their cars are LADLED in Paultard stickers. I picked up the news and it turns out that some guy in town started shooting a bunch of hoodlums in a car because he had warned them not once, but TWICE, that they need to get off his damn lawn. It was called assault with a deadly weapon, and yes, it was that guy. In Marin County, of all fucking places.

  25. I didn’t know that Ron Paul is into Coke, Pot and Rock and Roll. I wonder if he has any pamphlets that explain his positions in more detail.

    [re=240649]Serolf Divad[/re]: Actually, in Texas they know the answers: Christians are always in favor of war, since it returns many souls to Heaven. And, yes, Jesus is a bit of a pussy.

  26. Just checkin in to see if anyone on here has read or believes in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I see some of the wrongs that Obama has righted since taking office such as an order to close Gitmo, talking about withdrawing from Iraq and putting into play a restoration of Habeas Corpus. Is he honoring his sworn oath to OBEY and DEFEND our Constituion on other matters?

    Also. You are a troll. Also.

  28. [re=240762]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: He is high on freedom! Open the floodgates of Democracy! Spread the seeds of equality! (except on the basis of race, creed, national origin, sexual preference, gender, economic well being and disability.) That’s how they do it in Galveston, by golly.

  29. [re=240765]Constitution Believer[/re]: Why do Paultards always choose the most literal names for themselves when they come here. Hey “Constitution Believer”, I got a new one for you–“batshit crazy asshat”. That is much closer to the truth. Also.

  30. Operation Limey, Have you read and do you believe in the Constitution and the Bill of Rights? Do you think Obama was right in talking about withdrawing from Iraq, closing Gitmo and restoring Habeas Corpus or is him doing those things “bat**** crazy” ?

  31. [re=240777]Constitution Believer[/re]: You are allowed to type out batshit on this website. And, I was responding mainly to the second part of your comment, specifically the whole “OBEY and DEFEND our Constitution on other matters”.

    Have you read and do you believe in the Truck Nutz? Also.

  32. [re=240777]Constitution Believer[/re]: HAHAHAHA you are an awesome troll. But I have to kill you.
    You are not a Paultard. That’s for sure. A Paultard would talk about the benefits of tax cuts, blah blah blah you know the drill, but the reason you must die (on this-here website) is in the substance of your very character (username at least). It is that you are not funny, you don’t try to be funny, like at all, and probably suck the teet of or something. I liked their free buttons and all that during the election, but now you people must go away. I am officially declaring war on you. If you would like to play, please let me know. Unfortunately this is the second war a pair of shorts has been forced to raise against a fellow Liberal, but it’s on. It. Is. On.

    You believe that the Constitution is defined by a single person, a President. Well guess what, Bubba, it ain’t. The Consitution was written in a bathhouse somewhere in D.C. when it was still a swamp-filled shithole, by many people. The Prezdint does not decide what the hell will happen to the Constitution, and never did. It is actually decided by a small group of rodents currently living underneath a golf course in Flagstaff, AZ.

    You believe that we should even question the Prezdint on anything. YOU DON’T EVER QUESTION THE PREZDINT. I think you should be sent to Gitmo and be taken for “a swim.” As you obviously don’t regard the Commander and Chief of the local denny’s to be your leader even, probably, and also, you should be waterboarded until your eyes fall out of your ass.

    Finally, what the fuck is wrong with you? You say “Barry shut down Gitmo” and “Barry save Habeas Corpus” and your profound argument is “IS HE DOING OTHER THINGS?” Well fuck you. For somebody to basically represent that his/her Prezdint is doing a fine job, you sure make a damn shitty point to the contrary if that was what you were “attempting” to do. If you want to promote a political discussion about things that suck and were never funny in the first place, I recommend offshore prisons for this one.

  33. [re=240691]wheelie[/re]: At first glance it looks like Obama has an exposed brain–which might be cool if we could actually see all the thoughts running around there.

  34. shortsshortsshorts, I am funnier than a bunch of midgets at a track meet. Sorry these past few months have had me thinking…. you know the ECONOMY which makes me a kill joy. As for if you you want to go to war with me….. I fight like a twelve year old left handed girl scout and would drop my guns quicker than someone in the French Militia. So before the war begins let me declare you the WINNER!!!!!

  35. “Pretty Pretty Paultard”

    This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco,
    This ain’t no fooling around.
    No time for dancing, or lovey dovey,
    I ain’t got time for that now.

    This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco,
    This ain’t no fooling around.
    This ain’t no mudd club, or c. b. g. b.,
    I ain’t got time for that now.

    This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco,
    This ain’t no fooling around.
    I’d like to kiss you, I’d love to hold you,
    I ain’t got time for that now…

  36. [re=240765]Constitution Believer[/re]: I love it when drop-ins give pop quizzes. Do I come to the playground where you hang out and ask about your restraining orders? Alright then.

  37. Sayitwithwookies, So what do you agree with that Obama has done so far and don’t say everything ’cause that’s too easy. What do you believe in besides ” THE FORCE ” judging by your screen name. Try not to respond to quickly I am busy reading my restraining orders as you pointed out….. Man there’s a lot of legalese in these things why can’t the make them simpler so a moron like me can understand it?!!!!!

  38. [re=240797]Constitution Believer[/re]: You confirmed it. You are an awesome troll. But you can’t just do it that way. It was too obvious. But it was awesome while it lasted. You wanna cyber and stuff?

  39. shortsshortsshorts, I am not techno savvy. So please help me out with the online definition of “troll” I know the standard def: a monster that hangs out underneath bridges and I will confirm or deny. As for cybering and stuff… I think you’re a guy and so am I not knocking your lifestyle choices and such, but sorry I like women. :( I do have some gay friends that I could pass your info on to if you’d like and they will get in “TOUCH”.

  40. [re=240797]Constitution Believer[/re]: First of all, I don’t believe in the Constitution — though I do believe in the ideas espoused therein. Things that have an actual physical existence aren’t affected by whether people believe in them.
    Secondly, I’ll fully approve of a president when he/she legalizes marijuana, cocaine, opium, acid and gay marriage (up to and including interracial lesbian threesomes) and scrubs “In God We Trust” off of every piece of US currency; prosecutes everybody who misled us into Iraq illegally and authorized torture; fully funds Head Start, USDA food inspectors and our UN committments; normalizes relations with Cuba and isolates South Carolina until they bend to our wishes; taxes churches and shuts down the Office of Faith-Based Bullshit; brings peace to the Middle East by implementing my plan of assigning random names and religions to everyone there; and sets aside a half-hour every day where everyone in the country stops what they’re doing and watches Jeopardy.
    I’m sure I missed a few points in there, but they can all be inferred from what I put down.

  41. Constitution Believer is just an ORB, and nothing else. Under this DICTATOR everything on Wonkette would be different. Difference is an intolerance that nobody should stand for. EVERELUTION!1!!!

    [re=240801]Constitution Believer[/re]: You are officially my best friend ever, and ever. You are also, and also, the funniest “person” to come to this site for a long time. Also.

  42. [re=240801]Constitution Believer[/re]: Why the sad face after gay, Constitutionbeliever? What are you trying to imply?

    Have a King James Bible and a Colt .45. It’ll make you feel better.

  43. While Constitution Believer gathers more monkey dung to fling, these two little-viewed videos on a now ancient theme are mildly amusing:

    Suggest we all take their advice — to 2012 and leave Ron Paul alone. Ignore him and his trolls.

    More I looked at that cover and its bullet issues more it seems these folks or people could benefit from a sit-down consultancy on image and messaging with the LaRouche crowd, they share some issues in every sense of the term, or maybe the Jehovahs Witnesses who put together Watchtower; that illustration on the cover could definitely benefit from some lambs and lions, rays of sunshine and happy pointing family.

  44. [re=240774]operation limey[/re]: “batshit crazy asshat” was available? I’d have chosen that if I’d known. But I guess if I were following the Paultard screen name formula, I’d have to go with “woman with boring job” or maybe “procrastinating grad student.” Or “easily distracted friendless nerd.”

  45. [re=240803]SayItWithWookies[/re]: If by some chance…and I pray to whatever deity that will listen that this never happens… Prez of Hopeyness cannot run in 2012… I promise you have my write-in vote. Also. And shorts(3) can be Sec. of Trucknutz or something. but only if you bring back public hangings and/or stonings and this C.Believer is first.

  46. Sayitwithwookies, Thank you for your open and candid response. We agree on several things. You believe in the ideas in the Constitution, so do I. Where we differ on this is they are laws, not ideas to limit the power and scope of government. They are no different than the law of Grand Theft Auto (steal a car, break the law go to jail) meant to be followed and obeyed. They are there to protect all of our human rights and keep the federal government (Prez, Congress and Supreme Court) out of our wallets, bedroom, church if you so choose and allow the parents and teachers decide how to educate children etc…. If we disagree with any part of it the Constitution should be amended. (See Blacks and Women’s right to vote, Prohibition etc) I agree with you on legalizing all drugs because the government can’t and should not try to save you from yourself or institute morality. The only people who benefit from drugs being outlawed are prisons and organized crime. If you don’t believe that check out how Prohibition turned out. Murder and crime rate skyrocketed. I’ll go one further than removing “In God We Trust” from our currency…. I say we scrap the entirely unconstitutional privately owned Federal Reserve that steals our money and debases the value of our dollar and institute a new constitutionally approved currency. I think we should be out of the U.N. and regain our sovereignty so we can get out of the middle east and talk to whomever we wish including Cuba and Iran. Get out of Iraq, Afghanistan, South Korea, Germany Etc… I’m probably wrong on this, but didn’t Obama win South Carolina? (don’t remember the exact vote tally) I say less taxes on everyone so that you and I have more money so we don’t have to put in so many hors working and have time to watch Jeopardy. If it’s O.K. with you I’m not quite smart enough for that show so may I reserve my time for Wheel of Fortune instead?

  47. [re=240814]Constitution Believer[/re]: Sayitwithwookies, Thank you for your open and candid response. I’ll go one further than removing “In God We Trust” from our currency. I’m probably wrong on this. Murder and crime rate skyrocketed. I have more money so we don’t have to put in so many hors working and have time to watch Jeopardy. Cuba and Iran. Get out of Iraq.

  48. The :( after Gay was a typo it was supposed to go after sorry I like women. And PAbitter don’t you know that I don’t have a Colt 45. I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon… oh it was a gun that you were talking about… 45 that’s so 1970’s…. I have a Tech 9 get with the program this is 1987 already BOI !!!!

  49. shortsshortsshorts, Thanks for making me a BFF and for complementing me on my humor…. As my dear old Mom always used to tell me…. Son just remember…. If you can’t be funny, at least your funny lookin’ :)

  50. [re=240810]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: [re=240813]mylesfromnowhere[/re]: Thanks — it may be far from reality, but dammnit — they laughed at Joan of Arc too, but she went ahead and built it anyway.*

    [re=240814]Constitution Believer[/re]: Yes yes yes, I know all the Ron Paul stuff — abolish the Fed, the Dept. of Education, the IRS, quit the UN and let child-molesting priests teach our kids that the sun revolves around the earth. Have you been to Somalia, Iraq, Afghanistan or Pakistan lately? They are veritable hotbeds of Libertarianism. Help yourself to whichever of those you want — I’ll stick to making the US an atheist, socialist, free-love, thoroughly regulated secular humanist heaven.
    Oh, and South Carolina went for McWhatsisname. Not faulting you for not knowing that, as your candidate was way out of the picture by then.

    *Gracie Allen, I think.

  51. [re=240629]InsidiousTuna[/re]: Not to try to one up you or anything but I am unfortunate enough live in Oklahoma. Officially THE most conservative state in the country. We are represented by such outstanding politicians as Senator Jim “climate change is a hoax” Inhofe, and Rep. Sally “gay people are worse than terrorists even though I have a gay son” Kern. Every last one of our 77 counties went for McCain by 60% or more. There were Ron Paul signs a plenty around here.

  52. Sayitwithwookies, Give it to me straight….. are you trying to tell me I can’t watch Wheel of Fortune? I am after all a product of Federally mandated public schools and henceforth not that bright (the whole dumbing down the masses thing). *frowns and kicks ground* and I thought we agreed on more than we disagreed on and could be friends. Oh yea!!! and free-love never give it away… charge for that stuff. Wait that would be capitalism and would go against your socialist beliefs. If we become a socialist country does that mean that strip clubs would be free? If so, I am so there count me in!!!!

  53. mylesfromnowhere, I would much prefer the stoning over the public hanging…. more crowd interaction and fun for the whole family… give little Susie and Johnny a rock… make sure it’s round and light, because if not it will be over to quickly. Would you do me the honor of throwing the first stone. Wind it up like A-Rod trying to throw someone out.

  54. [re=240825]Constitution Believer[/re]: Wheel of Fortune? Really? I’m not saying you can’t watch it — I wouldn’t stop an adult from reading Harlequin romances or Michael Crichton novels — I’d just take that into account when they said something that was news to me.
    Also love is free and strippers cost money — but that’s more a definitional thing rather than a societal thing. Kinda like the difference between grandparents and babysitters.

  55. SayItWithWookies, So strippers it is…. let my grandparents babysit for me…. Although I’m not sure they’d approve. So what news do you have from all the Harlequin romance novels you’ve read?

  56. But why does Dr Paul want to keep black people off my TV?
    And why doesn’t he share his copy of the Black Agenda with the world?
    It must be an important document for him to believe in it so much. He should share.

  57. Well, I’m sure that a constitutional scholar that was the president of Harvard law school is glad to have finally admitted that he never read the constitution.

  58. I just love this cover, especially the tiger stripes on the Dr. Paul action figure… it so reminds me of the soft, crayola drawings on the little magazines of the Seventh Day Adventists and Jehovah’s Witnesses who come to my door to find me naked, offering them a Cuba Libre…refreshing!…

  59. [re=240803]SayItWithWookies[/re]: “I’m sure I missed a few points in there”. Jeeze , Wookies, you hit the whole Ron Paul program. And you particularly emphasized the areas where Obama is wimping out, like continuing criminalization of (your drug here), expansion of immoral wars, and non-support of user-defined marriage. Are you feeling OK? Or are you re-examining things?

  60. [re=240765]Constitution Believer[/re]: President Obama specialized in…I’ll type in slowly for you, C O N S T I T U T I O N A L L A W. He went to that anti-freedom, marxist institution known as college and studied it. Ron Paul also went to college but he decided to study the inner workings of vaginas and uteri, not that it’s any less important.

  61. I can’t believe what I am hearing! My fellow left wings! Aren’t we supposed to be better than this? Supposed to be open minded and accepting? Supposed to take the higher ground? I don’t understand my own party anymore… You make the Paul movement Stronger by attempting to childishly discredit them!

  62. You guys are seriously filled with too much anger and rage. Calm down.

    It seems to me that Ron Paul’s vision of a weaker federal government would be better for everyone. It’s terrifying that Bush can push his insane moral agenda (and pragmatically useless education reform) on the entire country because 49% of voters, with a particular distribution in southern regions of the US, voted for him. I’m sure to those southerners it’s equally terrifying that Obama might push HIS (somewhat more palatable to me) moral agenda on the entire country because 51% of voters, with a particular distribution AWAY from the southern regions of the US, voting for him.

    He’s not advocating 100% libertarianism, just at the federal level. He’s saying that the FEDERAL government shouldn’t be trying to force itself into issues the states can handle, that economically the federal government shouldn’t be spending more than it takes in, that the federal government that isn’t trying to force itself into issues the states can handle shouldn’t need massive taxation and debt to function, and that the dollars shouldn’t be printed indiscriminately.

    In some cases this’ll mean lower standards, but remember that California, not the Federal Government, has the tightest emissions standards, and the federal government under Bush made their attempts to further tighten their environmental regulations illegal.

  63. Jay, you’re wasting your time trying to communicate with the majority of the people on this board.

    Your typical person here couldn’t name a single bill that Obama voted on while he was in the Senate. I can name a few – the Patriot Act, the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act, and several bills for funding the Iraq War. He voted the same way McCain did. This is the savior, the liberal icon of the Democratic party, “the voice of change”. He’s Bush III with a lot more melanin in his skin, that’s it.

    It’s classic form over substance. These people here wouldn’t know the difference between a policy and a pubic hair. They don’t care about record, they don’t know anything about economics. They never read the Carter Doctrine, or the Reagan Corollary, and as a result they don’t understand the significance of the Iranian oil bourse, or the Islamic gold Dinar – even assuming they know what those are. They don’t know what Operation Ajax was or what our ACTUAL middle eastern foreign policy is and has always been, and they don’t even know we’re following it now, and will continue to follow it under our “new” president. They don’t care what Obama does really, they just care he’s a Democrat.

    This is a site for people to play games of Democrats versus Republicans, and has the same depth of discourse as CBS, FOX, ABC, CBS, NBC, or CNN. No issues get discussed, and it’s impossible to even attempt to educate these people, because they are absolutely certain that as long as X gets elected, things will be better. It’s classic group think – reinforcement from like minded individuals. No serious discussion ever really comes up here.

    If this was a serious site, you’d be seeing people wondering why the Democrats didn’t end the Iraq war after the 2006 election which they promised to do. In another year, if this was a serious site, they would be questioning why we’re still in Iraq in 2009 when Obama promised to end it this year. You won’t hear about either of those actual issues here. We might hear some crap about Republicans and how they are blocking gay marriage or some other trifle that really doesn’t matter.

    People here just don’t really care because they don’t yet understand we’re undergoing a major worldwide economic shift that is going to drastically change the country regardless of what politician is in power. They think that our current state of being an economic “powerhouse” is normal, and that it’s the rule instead of what it really is, the exception. We’ve enjoyed the last 30 years of prosperity because of the petrodollar and the threat of the USSR and that foreigners perceived the strength of the dollar as permanent or at least the best thing to own in a sea of other currencies. The attempt to make out the Muslims as a group of people that want to take over the world is just an attempt to make a new “threat” that only the US can stand up to. When that didn’t pan out, the US started aggravating Russia with anti-ballistic missles in Poland and trying to frame the Ossetia conflict as a cage of RUSSIAN aggression, instead of what it really was, Georgian aggression. If only there can be some credible threat that only the US can stand up to, the rest of the world will have to keep the US economy going because no US economy, no US military. That’s all it is. This is the course we’ve been following since the mid 1970s.

    BUT after our US banking system ripped off a bunch of foreign investors who single handedly keep the value of the dollar up, that ended. With the CDOs and SIVs, the rest of the 1st world started to rethink their investments into a crumbling economy that produces nothing other than war and debt.

    And take this article for example. It’s a question of the “battle for America’s youth” – i.e. cult of personality. What this author didn’t bring up is that Obama is all talk about change, and he never is very specific about what sort of change is needed. Who Paul is, is not important. He’s giving an explanation to anybody that will listen as to how we’ve gotten here, and what the consequences are going to be. He’s not trying to “win over youth.” Paul is simply trying to educate people, not try to win them over. Obama was only interested in getting elected – he just wanted to be the first black president of the United States. No battle is taking place, and there never was one.

    In any case, we are going to have less Federal government one way or another. Either the Federal government bankrupts the nation and the state governments pick up what slack they can, then local governments more slack – or the Federal government could give up power and make the transition easier. Since nobody listened to Paul, except a small minority, it’s going to be the difficult transition. Certainly nobody here listened. They don’t even understand the framework of what is going on, even to this day they don’t. It is going to take an economic meltdown, a REAL one, before they start to even think about it.

    This site, it’s just a waste of electrons and your time. You’re not going to be able to convince people here that less Federal government is good. It’s a game between most Americans to try to force values on people. Your typical Californian is tickled pink to ram down some sex education initiative down some Oklahoman’s throat, and that same Oklahoman is happy to ram through some Federal law to prevent California from implementing stricter pollution controls on cars.

    Neither one cares about long term sustainability. That’s your typical American voter today. It’s either an idiot that hates Democrats or an idiot that hates Republicans and they side with one of the major parties because their parents happened to be a Republican or Democrat. They like to bitch and moan too. This site is PURELY about bitching, but about a single party, never about policy. People will be more concerned about policy when it becomes clear that policy has made their lives significantly more difficult and the real trick of all this is, is that the policy that is going to screw up most American lives has been followed by both the “mainstream” and “serious” Republicans and Democrats for the last 30 years and the icing on this cake is, that these people here don’t even know what that policy is. They don’t realize there is no significant difference in who you elect at the Federal level. Here we have Obama giving out billions for TARP, continuing the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and even talking about expanding them, and they don’t even now realize that there hasn’t been any change at all.

    I’m sure they’ll think gay marriage or something equally unimportant will be “change”. Like, that’s going to really change everybody’s lives – but national bankruptcy, that won’t!

  64. pneuguin,

    I couldn’t agree more…. 17,000 additional troops in Afghanistan and not leaving Iraq…. Change you can believe in. :) Bush 3.0

  65. All I can say for certain is that people are stupid, and sites like this make certain they stay that way. Whenever we have the opportunity to elect somebody that will actually bring about change that nearly everybody wants, this sort of “media” either ignores them or trashes them. Mike Gravel must be sitting around thinking “fuck these idiots”, Ron Paul – I really have no idea what keeps him going. If I were him, I’d be fed and and to hell with the assholes of this country – let them rot in the graves they’ve dug for themselves.

    Do not blame politicians, blame voters. They’re stupid, they’re shallow, and they *still vote*. It’s all about the “victory” of my man versus your man, nothing to do with policy at all. We as a nation are going to be fucked because of this simplistic childish attitude. Obama is way over his head, he doesn’t have the first clue what is going on yet. He’s as clueless as GW Bush was and he’ll be as manipulated as well. It’s not hard to predict.

    I’m adult living in a nation of children. People just don’t grow up anymore.

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