Orange Florida Governor Charlie Crist is still so mad at John McCain & The Republicans for making him get engaged, to a woman, and then denying him the vice presidential nomination, that he will host a town hall with Barack Obama tomorrow in Fort Myers, Florida, to discuss the stimulus package. It is the cattiest step Crist has taken to hurt his party since before the election, when he extended early voting hours so that the blacks could all finish ACORNing their savior to the presidency, and before that, when he stopped Big Money Business from completely demolishing the Everglades.

From a very gloating Obama press release:


The White House announced today that Florida Governor Charlie Crist will introduce President Barack Obama at a town hall meeting in Fort Myers to discuss the urgent need for a plan to help American families cope with the severe economic downturn and lay the foundation for our long term recovery. Statements from the President and Gov. Crist about tomorrow’s event are included below.

Granted, Crist says in the statement, “Any attempts at federal stimulus must prioritize job creation and targeted tax relief for small business owners,” so he is probably trying to make the stimulus bill even more terrible. Anything to get out of the house though, right?


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  1. IMHO, Obama made a big mistake foreswearing pork and earmarks on the stimulus. I would:

    1. earmark about $5B to each blue state, and to every state with a Democratic Senator;
    2. announce that the first 2-3 Repubs to support the package get $6-7B walking around money;
    3. everybody else (like Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming) gets butkis.

    Vwah-lah, filibuster-proof stimulus package. How hard was that?

  2. I really resent the claim that Charlie Christ’s marriage to Caroline Rome was a marriage of convenience just because he’s gay. Have you guys ever considered the possibility that she might be a transsexual?

  3. If Charlie’s the one in the middle (in the pic), his looks have improved with age, because in that pic he kind of looks like a b-level porn actor.

  4. [re=239322]Madeline[/re]: He could be distinguished looking if not for all that Neutrogena fake-bake crap he’s put on himself. That orange shade does not originate from nature.

  5. [re=239227]MarSF[/re]: “He is gay for Barry” is a phrase we save for otherwise heterosexual males. And as everyone knows a female fiance does not make a man straight.

  6. [re=239259]WadISay[/re]: “1. earmark about $5B to each blue state, and to every state with a Democratic Senator;”

    Like the Bush admin did Katrina aid?

  7. [re=239259]WadISay[/re]: “everybody else (like Oklahoma, Utah and Wyoming) gets butkis.”

    Ooh, ooh, ooh, I hadn’t read this far when I made my first post. I want to say spare OK, but I know we have it coming. Or, my neighbors have it coming.

    But shit, all my adult kids are going to move back home, I just know it. Fuck you George Bush and any of the de-regulators of the past 16 years.

  8. [re=239378]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: I was lost and confused when I typed that “h”. All the recent news of Madonna dating Jesus has thrown me off balance.

  9. Fort Myers has been in the news a lot lately – first that elitist New Yorker article about how hoboes are rummaging through abandoned Fort Myers homes looking for beans, copper, and meth, then the snobbish New Yorker video blog about said hoboes, and then today depressing, wrist-slashing article in today’s NYT about how hoboes are just taking over the entire fucking State of Florida and we might as well get used to seeing meth-addled hoboes at Disneyworld.

    if Florida is the new Detroit, then what is Detroit now?

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