Look away she is controlling you with her MIND RAYSOhhhh the nerve. The new First Lady, having spent two years giving lengthy policy speeches on the campaign trail in support of her husband, is apparently now giving lengthy policy speeches again. This is highly inappropriate behavior for a lawyer and former executive who now finds herself jobless due to her husband running America.

You will recall that Laura Bush never gave a political speech except to unveil a new educational funding package for Afghanistan and to promote anti-malaria and anti-AIDS drugs in Africa, repeatedly. Why can’t Michelle Obama be more like Laura Bush, and do perform her husband-boosting efforts overseas? It is distinctly unladylike and unbecoming of the “Mom in Chief” to be visiting actual government agencies in Washington. You know who got all interested in domestic policy once? Hillary Clinton, that’s who! And now she is Secretary of State, as punishment.

‘Mom in Chief’ Touches on Policy; Tongues Wag [New York Times]

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  1. Michelle ought to go back to baking chocolate chip cookies and servicing her husband’s intimate needs and not in any way shape or form hold or share her opinion, like any other good American wife!

    In fact, as a Negress and a woman, we should take away her vote on two counts!

  2. Our Lady of the White House, Michelle, has far, FAR better stems than Hillary, the unfortunate possessor of severe piano legs. Ergo, Mme. Obama can wear dresses and skirts with style.

  3. The NYT is also offended that she’s not hopped up on Goofballs and doesn’t dance like an out of control robot. At this point, M.O. is probably the most effective (assuming her taxes are correctly paid) member of Barry’s administration.

  4. Oh noes! The (real) American public clearly gave a mandate to male presidents which means the women-folk don’t get to have opinions and what-not. How can Obama abandon his sexist/muslin supporters and let his wife talk in public like this?!

  5. Laura Bush also isn’t human. Like, at all. I’d call her a Cylon, but (1) you would know that I’m a total dork and (2) Cylons know how to mimic human facial expressions. Laura just has that one maniacal smile plastered on her mug for all eternity. If she never gave a policy speech, it was because no one knew how to program her to do so.

  6. I think the NYT is mostly shocked by the fact that there is a black woman addressing a group of non-blacks without using a “sassy black lady” voice.

  7. “She went to some lengths to say she was going to be first mom in chief. I don’t think we ever really imagined her edging toward public policy like this.”

    Oh, heavens! We never imagined! Womenfolk… using their brains to speak words out of their mouths? Someone… fetch… my smelling salts….


  9. apparently michelle’s biggest faux pas so far has been referring to herself and her husband as a “we.” shock horror! how dare she?!? there she goes again being such an uppity negro.

  10. Wait, our first lady isn’t supposed to be an issue-free vapid figurehead for four years? Geeze, next these people’ll be saying the president shouldn’t be one, either.

  11. [re=238896]Bronkers[/re]: Plus, Michelle has a phat boo-tay, something which Hillary could never claim title to. Oh yeah, and no one ever claimed Hillary was pregnant.

  12. Last week, she took her staff to lunch at Five Guys Burgers and Fries, where she had a cheeseburger, French fries and a Coke.

    OMG that’s totally my second favorite burger place (after Shake Shack)! All is forgiven.

  13. [re=238916]Colander[/re]: I actually went through the comments on the NYT piece hoping to find this sort of thing, because I’m cool. Really tame, unfortunately. The worst they got was people saying that she wasn’t elected, which is nonsensical but unfunny. Meh.

  14. [re=238901]magic titty[/re]: why ’24? Does this presume that BHO follows in FDR’s footsteps and gets elected 3.5 times and then dies due to polio/wheelchair/cigar filterism?

  15. And when a little girl at the charter school visited by the Obamas announced that she dreamed of becoming first lady, Mrs. Obama flashed her self-deprecating wit. “It doesn’t pay much,” she advised

    This is the true concern. Obama is replacing well-paid administration positions with unpaid spouse labor. Soon the federal government size will be nearly doubled – although on the plus sides the salary expenses will not increase.

  16. [re=238943]Internally valid[/re]: The New York Times moderates every single comment, which is why you don’t see the real crazy stuff on there. This should be a rule for the entire internet, also.

  17. Oh my. The NYT comments are just gushing with hearts. I almost barfed from reading the comments.

    But what I learned today:

    1. Goto Harvard–everyone will love you and you are ‘qualified’ for anything.
    Case in point, all those Wall-Street economy whiz kids… (To bad
    Einstein or even hillary didn’t know that).
    2. It’s not a pants-suit. Just a suit. (Now confused on a dress suit?)
    3. I sure miss that French place (where five guys is NOW).
    4. Sell, Sell, Sell.

    Anyhoo, M.O. was the brainchild of Barry’s campaign message. She’s going to love the marketing of his agenda.

  18. Who the hell dressed her for this event? She looks like she borrowed one of The Man’s blazers. And, bless her heart, she looks so tired.

    Man, who the hell would want this job?

  19. Who allowed the Nubian Queen out of the room where the Caliph keeps his harem? She is providing a terrible example for all of Barry’s other wives and concubines. BTW, they have yet to respond to my application to join Lord Barry’s harem.

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