Here’s a clip from the popular Hardball “Sideshow” segment — the part that covers the exact same stuff as the rest of the show but is tagged, arbitrarily, as being super wacky! — in which Lindsey Graham gets really gay about The Stimulus Package, because it doesn’t give Mother any funds with which to buy him a pony. Barbara Boxer shouts “GEORGE BUSH” just to shut him up, and Graham laments that no one ever buys him nice things. [YouTube]

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  1. I just want to comment that Barbara Boxer is the best ever. I love watching her talk shit to Republicans like that. She’s one of the only Democrats who will actually call them out on their idiocy to their face!!

  2. The half dozen or so Democrats in Oklahoma love Barbara Boxer. After the Dems took over congress, she got in a smackdown with Jim Inhofe, one of the idiot child senators from our backward state. She put dumbo in his place and grateful Oklahomans sent her so many floral arrangements, her office staff started taking them to vets in Walter Reed because they ran out of room in her senate office.

    Oh, pleeze, let her take on spooky Dr. Tom Coburn and swing that fat bill and hit in the nose with it. Okie Dems and DC florists would be giddy with delight.

  3. [re=238129]hobospacejungle[/re]: I just wish he’d come out already, talk about “theatrical”..Jeebus, he’d postively swoon and get the vayyporhas…

  4. oh man, i guess larry craig’s beard has a got a tight leash on his manhole these days. craig can’t come out to play anymore and lindsey haz a sad.

  5. Too bad McCain and the
    Moose Murdering Milf
    didn’t get elected.

    Then, when Sarah (Smile)
    was “running the Senate”,
    you know, as it says right
    there in the Constitution,
    when “the fur flew” you’d
    at least hope to get a
    good upskirt now and then.

    I really regret the Sarah (Smile)
    isn’t there — every day
    the session could open to
    the tune of that old Hall and
    Oates fave.

  6. Barbara Boxer calls Lindsay Graham gay, which is great. And then Chris Matthews calls Andy Card gay and an asshole! Usually when Chris Matthews talks, he ends up saying something homoerotic and asinine, so I was surprised. Pleasantly so.

  7. [re=238141]DustBowlBlues[/re]: I heard “Dr” Coburn say, on Meet the Fucking Press, that docs who do abortions should get the death penalty. He so cray-zee!

    Fred Harris was a good guy. What happened to Oklahoma?

  8. I was a bit disappointed. Was anyone else hoping for a *literal* slapfight between Graham and Boxer? My money would be on Boxer. In addition to her last name, she’s probably more flexible and fit than Graham. Yoga vs. Fried Chicken…think about it.

  9. Obama basically needs to call a joint session of Congress and then walk down there and describe to the House and the Senate exactly why their combined popularity rating is somewhere in Detroit Lions territory. Get personal. Get specific. And most of all, emphasize that it’s really rich of them to even open their fucking mouths when he’s been on the job all of two weeks, while they’re sitting around with their free health care for life and created this fucking mess in the first place. Then tell them to shut up and vote, or he’ll call in the Guard to kick them out and have the rotunda reassigned as emergency housing for the poor and elderly.

  10. [re=238229]dirtyboypdx[/re]: Barbara has trained better for the fight. I think the keys for her include working the body early, as Graham will try to protect his hair in the early rounds. As his Brylcreem gets into his eyes and he begins to whisper, “Bitch!” she can think about going upstairs and taking him out. She doesn’t want to work in too close, for fear of head butting; Graham seems to be one of the biggest buttheads in the Senate. I’d say Boxer is a 4-1 favorite.

  11. Do you think someone should tell Lindsey Graham how gay he is? He is from the South…maybe he just thinks that’s being genteel.

    Also, whoopee for one Californian politician who doesn’t totally suck. Team Boxer.

  12. “…my ability to express my opinions to members of my own party…”
    That’s just the point, Senator Graham. You’re not just talking to members of your own idiot party any more.

  13. [re=238174]V572625694[/re]: “What happened to Oklahoma?”

    The worst and most conservative newspaper in America, under-funding of public education and, of course. Jesus. Typical southern strategy shit combined with high illiteracy rates. Hate radio. But, mostly, Jesus–in a form his father would never recognize.

    True story: When Spooky Dr. Tom was campaigning in se OK, he was taped telling that old story about lesbianism being so rampant in a school down there that girls were only allowed to go to the bathroom one at a time. A Democratic bulletin board announced it with this headline: 18 ft. Lesbian Invades Little Dixie.

    Sad but true, the home of the Joad family is made up of people who are dumb as fucking stumps.

    BTW–I’ve been watching the debate, sort of, and I have a question for anyone from Kentucky or North Dakota:

    WTF–No offense, but is Bunning senile or retarded? He has to be one or the other.

    How far up his ass is Thune’s head? Anyone ever notice Thune kind of resembles Rick hot-man-on-dog-action Santorum?

  14. Gay or not, Lindsey Graham wrote some great songs for Fleetwood Mac:

    “Blow Your Own Way” (dedicated to Larry Craig)
    “(I Am A) Gypsy”
    “Big Love” (which went on to become a hit show about Mitt Romney on HBO)
    “Don’t Stop (Think’ About My Penis)”
    “Rhiannon” (the name of Sarah Palin’s next baby, perhaps?)

  15. [re=238240]lawrenceofthedesert[/re]: As his Brylcreem gets into his eyes and he begins to whimper, “Bitch!”

    There, fixed it for ya.

  16. Didn’t Tom Delay, when he was majority whip allow a whole 20 minutes to deliberate on a bill when it finally arrived from the lobbyists?

    Also, I would point out that Bernie Madoff is always impeccably dressed, and he has good manners, too!

  17. [re=238404]Deepthroat[/re]: No, but one of my sixth graders did ask me if Ozzy Osbourne got rabies from biting the head off a bat. I said “yes.”

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