These fucking people ...Are you ready for the 2010 midterm election? No? Well too bad, because the campaign began on Nov. 5 of last year, and by the end of this summer you’ll probably hear about nothing else, so let’s start the Wonkette coverage with a nice story about this porn-star/stripper lady in Louisiana, and how she will maybe run against national embarrassment David Vitter, the hooker-lovin’ diaperman of the Senate.

It is kind of amazing that Vitter’s still around, this dumb clod. Not so long ago, the idiot wingnut was found to be using the prostitution services of the since-deceased D.C. Madame. Oh, and their were many detailed reports of his particular Republican fetish: forcing prostitutes back home in Louisiana to dress him in adult diapers, for him to poop in.

While the talented and well-known Democrat governor from New York was forced to resign in shame and suffer the punishment of writing for Slate after his own hooker-using habits went public, Vitter simply refused to leave. He was never prosecuted or even investigated by the Senate. And eventually, people forgot about him — at least outside of Louisiana.

So he’s in the Senate, to this day, trying to “rehabilitate his image” by opposing Hillary as Secretary of State, etc., the usual talk-radio crap.

Vitter must be destroyed.

Might this pig-eyed creep be the one to finally give the Dems a filibuster-proof 60 seats in the Senate? We hope so! But who will run against him? Eh, how about a porn star called Stormy Daniels?

Here’s some puerile ABC “news feature” about this person. Get to know her, etc.!

We can’t figure out if the people behind “Draft Stormy” want her to be a Republican or what. They mention “libertarianism,” so Go Ron Paul. Basically we’ll promote anything to make the Vitter re-election campaign a national joke, so that maybe the idiot people* of Louisiana will elect somebody else to the Senate. Why not a porn star?

* Your editor was born and raised in New Orleans, so those of you in Louisiana with the rare talent of typing can save your butthurt emails for another time.

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  1. Dontcha love Martin Bashir’s disapproving looks as he strolls the aisles of the pr0n convention? How many takes do you suppose were needed to get just the right mix of curiosity and contempt?

  2. The process of digging up dirt on a porn star involves what exactly? Finding out that she hypocritically took some sick days while at the same time demanding to be fucked harder?

  3. Pr0n Guy: “No one wants to watch an entire DVD (or Pr0n)”
    Martin Bashir: “Why not?”

    Sweet Zombie Jeebus, really? Short answer: only so many shots per day.

    Martin should stick to interviewing Michael Jackson (yes, that is the same dude.)

    If Stormy becomes a senator, it would make for more debriefing jokes and puns.

  4. [re=234118]V572625694[/re]: Oh, that was easy — he just copied Ted Koppel’s reaction when watching what they’ve done to Nightline since he left.

  5. [re=234138]Neilist[/re]:
    What are you trying to do? Destroy my interest in lesbian sex? No way. Michelle O and Stormy then we can talk.

  6. [re=234143]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Oh, come on. Ms. V would have that delightful “Well Over The MILF Hill” quality that one usually associates with sex tapes featuring evangelical preachers.

    You know, back in the days before such videos starting involving young boys, rather than fallen women.


    I think I just revealed my age. Perhaps I should go back to reading this great, very insightful book by this David Denby guy . . . .

  7. As if it were necessary to tell anyone here, a Google image search on “Stormy Daniels” is highly rewarding.

    Let’s get this woman in the US Senate stat!

  8. For the neither here nor there record, Diaperman’s older brother was my college math teacher. Twice. Sucked the big one each time and acted downright offended when people would come to him for help after class.

  9. ahh… my debauched state…

    We also once elected the guy behind the “You are my Sunshine” song to Governor. Jimmie Davis. Twice. Unfortunately he didn’t like us coloreds much and even rode a horse up to the State Capitol steps or something to protest desegregation.

  10. As chairman of the Gigolos and Hos Political Action Committee (GHOPAC), I heartily endorse Ms. Stormy and believe she has the right combination of political talents to serve the public in these difficult times. After all, good service is the hallmark of an excellent public servant. She has just what we need to replace the boob in the senate!

  11. I was worried that the lady in the lead photo was the “sexy stripper”. I also initially thought that the “sexy stripper” was the prostitute David Vitter paid for diaper sex, which would have been possibly the best election faceoff in history.

    “Yes it’s true that I was a prostitute who was paid to put men in diapers which they then soiled. But my opponent PAID to be put in diapers, which he then soiled.”

  12. I encourage Stormy Daniels to run so we can have stripper fundraisers. No one likes those damn $10,000.00 per plate dinners. America demands fundraisers with strippers wearing G-strings filled with 100 dollar bills. I recommend Stormy hire Larry Flynt as her campaign manager.

  13. With a name like “Diaperman”, Vitter could easily find a job as one of Spider-man’s innumerable, idiotic enemies once he loses this nomination battle.

    [re=234192]Godot[/re]: Hells yeah. I’d move to Louisiana to watch that. Or maybe not.

  14. [re=234201]Joey Ratz[/re]: Lose his nomination battle? Do you really think Louisiana Republicans would remove the last straight Republican in Congress?

  15. But a stripper is an immoral person who cannot possibly be elected … wait, she’s running against diaper-wearing whoremonger Vitter! Wait again, it’s Louisiana. What’s a Biblethumping Repugnican to do?

  16. [re=234216]Daria[/re]: The Wonkiarch, having just seen his shadow, is only now coming out of hibernation after a couple of months of really slow news cycles.

  17. I find it hilarious that out of all porn stars with viable political careers (read: ALL OF THEM), these people choose one to run in a state which contains New Orleans, and her name is STORMY. As in Hurricane “Fuck Up People’s Lives” Katrina.

  18. When Stormy said, “I’ve gone down on the streets of Mexico…” I had to believe her. That kind of cred is hard to come by (you should pardon the expresh) in today’s politics. But why did ABC send Gov. Jindal to interview her?

  19. Maybe I was distracted by the hottness and the thought of teh secks, but didn’t she seem pretty smart, sensible, down-to-earth, pragmatic and responsible?

    I think I’m starting to understand that Republican starburst thing and why Bill Kristol continues to insist, despite all evidence to the contrary, that Sarah Palin is a smart, resourceful, plucky gal.

    [re=234269]LordPretzel[/re]: Meh. It’s not like her name is Hurricane-y. Or Katrina.

  20. Obama missed a chance to knock off another incumbent Republican Senator by not offering Vitter the ambassadorship to Thailand. Do you think diaper Dave is going to turn down an 8 year sex holiday?

  21. As someone raised in Baton Rouge I am forced, by reality, to agree with the above statements regarding Louisiana. Its a wonder we can put our pants on in the morning, let alone send non-poop-fiend Senators to DC. But really, what is more family-values than having a prostitute change your diaper?

  22. “Your editor was born and raised in New Orleans, so those of you in Louisiana with the rare talent of typing can save your butthurt emails for another time.”

    No problem, hun. The place is a mess, but it’s times like these (and hot pornstars like that one) who keep us from all jumping off of the Huey P in frustration.

    Mardi Gras is coming and it won’t be long, so, really, who gives a fuck?

  23. I’ve got some Stormy Daniels video, and she has a lot of talent. She squeals in a most
    satisfying manner while enjoying sex, and clearly would be less of an embarrasment, and
    much less of a hypocrite than Diaper Dave.

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