Dumb old twat.Anybody who saw the Senate Minority Leader lose his seat in 2004 and then magically reappear in 2008 with a pair of snappy red glasses knows that Tom Daschle is a bit of a jackass. But little did we know he was a tax cheat who would blame his current woes on his accountant.

In a letter to his former Senate colleagues apologizing for not paying OH OVER A HUNDRED THOUSAND DOLLARS IN TAXES, Daschle writes:

When my accountant realized I would need to file amended returns, he suggested addressing another matter I had raised with him earlier in the year: whether the use of a car service offered to me by a close friend might be a tax issue. In December, my accountant advised me that it should be reported as imputed income in the amended returns.

So Daschle “raised the issue” earlier in the year and who knows, he might have been happy to pay this rather extravagant sum, but his accountant didn’t get around to “advising” him one way or the other until December. Silly accountant! What’s this person getting paid for?

The larger issue, of course, is this. Many of us, particularly those of us with some freelance income who have to file our own estimated taxes, spend a whole lot of time wondering if we are going to be wildly overpaid or underpaid, tax-wise, at the end of the year, and living in abject fear of audits and fines and the countless ways the IRS can make your life unpleasant if you do not pay your taxes.

And yet for jackasses like Daschle, it does not even occur to them to worry about this stuff. They feebly “raise the matter” with their accountant, and maybe some months later the accountant says, “Yes well perhaps you should pay these taxes if you want to be considered for this fancy government position.” What is so infuriating is not just the idea that people like Tim Geithner and Tom Daschle seem to think they are tax exempt; it’s that they live a life so blissfully free from worry about taxes.

Tom Daschle is not such an extraordinarily talented individual that he is the only human who can save American healthcare as the head of Health and Human Services. Indeed, the Republican vote on SCHIP shows that nobody can save American healthcare, because the votes aren’t there. Universal healthcare will never, ever happen, not even in the middle of our second Great Depression in which the streets will fill with millions of homeless indigents who lost their health care along with their jobs and are now perishing in the streets. So fuck it, Obama should cut Daschle loose and nominate, why not, YOUR MOM. She pays her taxes, right?

Remorse from Daschle over Tax Problems [The Caucus]

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  1. So fuck it, Obama should cut Daschle loose and nominate, why not, YOUR MOM. She pays her taxes, right?

    I look forward to national distribution of chicken soup, citrus fruits, and Emergen-C, followed by edicts from HHS insisting in a nagging tone for all Americans to get 8 hours of sleep, and that power will be cut off in jurisdictions if the lights are still on after midnight…

  2. Actually, my mom messed up her self-employment taxes a few years ago and had to pay penalties. Maybe she IS qualified for a Cabinet position, therefore!

  3. Well, the Repubs are looking forward to the days of Cannibal Anarchy when US America civilization collapses and they can go hunting for obese US Americans who failed to recharge their Rascals before the electricity fails or too slow to flee to places where food and twinkies still exist.

  4. “Make no mistake, tax cheaters cheat us all,
    and the IRS should enforce our laws to the letter. ”

    Sen. Tom Daschle
    Congressional Record
    May 7, 1998
    p. S4507

  5. Obama is a genius. It seems his plan is to appoint tax cheats to his cabinet, thereby forcing them to pay up their delinquent tax bills. Between Geithner and Daschle he has raised $350,000. Now he just has to appoint enough cabinet members to meet the $3 trillion stimulus bill. How much does Marc Rich owe?

  6. Put my mom in charge of health care reform and there will be a lot of unemployed doctors out there. Any medical advancement past the invention of aspirin would be banned. And you’d only be able to take the aspirin occasionally.

    But she’s 79 and healthy like a horse, so maybe she’s onto something.

  7. Remember when the Reuglicans launched a congressional jihad against the Earned Income Tax Credit, whereby all those sneaky minimum-wage-earning 7/11 clerks were avoiding their 6.5% FITW and 1.5% Medicare payroll tax? And they had people testifying behind screens about how the IRS was hounding them?

    Ha ha, Leona’s right. Pony it up for Uncle Sam, all you freelance writers, hairstylists, and real estate agents. Somebody’s gotta pay for Daschle’s limo rides, and it ain’t gonna be him.

  8. This tax issue is a classic dodge orchestrated to divert our attention from the more serious issues of malfeasance, corruption, graft, double-dipping, back-scratching, and whoring hypocricy of retards like Daschle and company.

    Congress needs to open up the real can of worms, but won’t.

  9. Meh.

    He has people. I don’t have a problem with that. The IRS allows you to take all the time in the world, because they know two things:

    1) Like traffic court, you are guilty until you prove your innocence and

    2) The meter is running, which just means more money in their pocket.

  10. This is what comes from having the Mexican gardener you are boffing fill out your tax returns. I accept his apologies on behalf of all Mexican boffers.

  11. Everyone remember The Modern Lovers?

    Well some people try to pick up second wives
    And get called assholes
    This always happened to Tom Daschle
    He could walk down K Street
    And lobbyists could not resist his stare and
    So Tom Daschle was always called an asshole

  12. I had some sympathy for Geithner (the company he worked for hadn’t paid certain taxes because it wasn’t based in the US). This guy, on the other hand… I’ll give him a pass based on the Repub hatred of him back in the 1990s. If Newt Gingrich dislikes you that much, you can’t be all bad.

  13. I’m just glad the BUS is back. It was there, ready to roll, when so many people last year needed to toss an unwitting ally, friend or family member. Now, if Dumbass Daschle could just toss himself under the bus, I would call this a good Monday.

  14. Not justifying what he does, but how many people here gather a pile of papers at the end of the year and hand them to your accountant and then sign what he sends you? I overcontributed to my IRA last year and neither I nor my accountant noticed until a year later, so we’ve now dealt with it. I am not a rich person, but you don’t have to be for this stuff to happen. I felt like a moron, and yes, now I will be more careful about reading what he prepares for me.

    The car thing, though, is just stupid. The first thing he thought of should have been, hey, I am getting a pretty big gift here….

  15. [re=234004]Doglessliberal[/re]: The car thing, though, is just stupid.
    No, I disagree. Look, a friend gave me a ride to the Metro station the other day. Do I have to report that to the IRS? Of course not! Well, Daschle just got the same sort of thing, times 10,000. But 10,000 x 0 is still 0.

  16. I could swear that Carl Martin, the legendary blues singer of Martin, Bogan and the Armstrongs, sang on their notorious recording of “Ice Cream Freezer,” “Some people crave vanilla or strawberry, but black walnut is all I love,/ When I put Tom Daschle in her freezer, he fits just like a rubber glove.” Of course, the vinyl is a bit worn…

  17. You know what really pisses me off is that in a nation of 3.5 million people, we keep calling on the same corrupt people for positions of leadership. I’m a Democrat and an Obama supporter, I was voting for change.

    3.5 million people, yet this is the best we can do?

    I’m looking at both of you, Republicans and Democrats.

    And I don’t want to hear about all of their experience, cause my experience is that these were the guys that drove our nation into a ditch in the first place. Just because the Dems weren’t driving for the last 8 years doesn’t excuse them. If anything they should have been the worlds most annoying backseat drivers.

    The problem is that their is a “gentlemans agreement” among our officials that ensures that when a new party takes over, they won’t be overly harsh on the one that is surrendering power.

  18. [re=234004]Doglessliberal[/re]: (Raises hand) Which is why I was so psyched to learn, courtesy of Tim Geithner, that they can’t tag me for more than 3 years at a time in case said accountant gets overly creative.

  19. Is it taboo to ask him about his glasses? It is the one thing I want to know about, yet nobody in a position to do so will ask. Did he get them for free? Did he swipe them from Sally Jessie Rafael?

  20. My mom not only pays her taxes, but probably could handle the healthcare issue. Then again, she’s a nurse who has worked in both the US and Canada, so she might have a better grasp on the issues surrounding care and cost-cutting than, say, Daschle.

  21. Hell! My mom worked her whole life investigating for the FDA and always paid her taxes. She would totes kick ass. All this mom-love going on, but no mention of PUMAs? Why would Wonkette want to keep hard working Americans from a PUMA quip?

  22. If my mum were in charge of healthcare we’d all be self-medicating with booze and expired prescriptions like she does. So not much of a change for most of us, really.

  23. Damnation. I spent all those years working at the kitchen table as a freelancer, worrying about being audited. AND I never thought of being powerful and rich as a way around it! Or hey, maybe just being a politician would have done the trick!

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