Family values voters.Gaah, Mitch McConnell, what a buzzkill! The Senate Minority Leader told members of the Republican National Committee that they’re in danger of becoming “a minority party,” by which he means, “a party with no minorities in it.” It is a well-known fact that the only people who voted for John McCain in the presidential race were Southern whites who wore their best overhauls on election day to vote against a Muslin in the White House (it’s not the Black House, people!). This won’t do for a party of the Future.

“Too often we’ve let others define us,” McConnell said. “And the image they’ve painted isn’t very pretty. Ask most people what Republicans think about immigrants, and they’ll say we fear them. Ask most people what we think about the environment, and they’ll say we don’t care about it. Ask most people what we think about the family, and they’ll tell you we don’t — until about a month before Election Day.”

Mitch McConnell, who is this turncoat? He’s probably already on a Republican hit list for his suspicious case of gayface, but this ought to really put him over the edge.

McConnell warns of grim GOP future [Political Ticker]

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  1. Playing the nativist card, pissing on every environmental initiative that matters, and cease caring about people when they exit the womb lead people to these conclusions? Whocoodanode?

    I’m sure Anchorbaby Malkin and Red State will set Mitch straight soon (i.e., cure him of his addiction to homococks).

  2. Sweet GAAAH…. these fuckers are already energizing the base and acting like Toris. This is horrible. And it will work, because we are dumb. The end.

  3. Unfortunately, they haven’t “got it” yet. They think their problems are that they didn’t BELIEVE in their IDEOLOGICAL approach ENOUGH! They BELIEVE that they CARE for the environment, minorities, foreign brown people, the middle class and the like. Problem is their IDEOLOGY prescribes solutions for those things that are simply bankrupt of any capability to actually do something positive. Their ideology is made up of a bunch of ultra right wing BELIEFS in taxation, market economics, religion, and the like that was patched together in order to create an electorate that would vote their BELIEFS and be capable of winning elections.

    When they finally won and put their rediculous ideologies to the test they ALL FAILED!!!

    So, changing their marketing plan without changing the product will result in more FAILURE. They need to toss the ideologues and wing-nuts (especially the religious ignorati) and think about SOLUTIONS not IDEOLOGICAL ASSUMPTIONS.

  4. [re=232628]magic titty[/re]: Right! Just substitute “most Republicans” wherever he says “most people” and the responses still make sense. “Ask most Republicans what they think about the future and they’ll say ‘fuck it’.” Not very pretty at all.

  5. It never occurred to me that McConnell had Gayface, but you’re totally right, SKS. This poses the question ‘Elaine Chao: Worst or Best Beard Ever?’

  6. It seems as if McConnell is telling his fellow travelers that if they are to become relevent, they must repudiate Mich McConnell and everything he stands for.

  7. You know when you go to work and around 10:30 am you realize you forgot to remove your buttplug from the night before? And you know how that buttplug just sits there annoying your for the rest of the work day until you get home and have a chance to pull it out and put it back in its felt-lined, intricately carved, mohagony case?

    Well that’s what the GOP is in danger of becoming.

  8. Mickey McC is a lame zombie, sputtering his invective and realizing it is, what? 1982? Sorry Mick, Raygunism is gonersville.

    Pleeeeze to continue as the poster boy of the Repubs! Every time I see him I think he’s the perfect emblem of what the Righty-Whitey will be for years to come: prunish, prudish, and grumbling.

  9. Yeah, so Sarah Palin won’t be running for preznit, maybe ever. The stars just aligned and I saw the future (via that photograph). The New Republican SithLord will be a pretend centrist who will fool dummies into thinking he’s a cool, white alternative to BHO (I have white friends who are just waiting to fall for gimmick like this. And I live in New Jersey).

  10. What Mitch means is more stuff like “Barack the Magic Negro.”

    I suggest to the GOP that they start doing Minstrel Shows in Compton/Harlem, Jerry Lewis style Chinese impersonations in Chinatowns, Senor Wences in East LA/South Tejas, Paul Lynde impersonations on Castro, etc.

    It probably might not do them any good, but the resulting beatings will make those folks feel better.

  11. Gayface. Hmmm. I always thought his face looked like it was melting off the bones. In fact I’m pretty sure his face is made of wax and re-touched daily. Somebody hold a torch too close to him and his humanoid endoskeleton will be revealed. Who knew SkyNet would pick the wrong party to support?

  12. …I’m gonna call it now! The Republican party is DEAD!

    Instead of taking the ass-whooping they took in the last 2 elections as a sign to change direction, they instead interpreted as “pull hard right”! People want health care, people want to be able retire, people want bank regulation, people want to be able to afford college, people want clean air/water! These are the thing that the Republicans have failed to realize. Instead their remedy for everything are TAX-CUTS, Religion and De-regulation! Finally the decades of appealing to the absolutely positively lowest denominator has caught up them. People realize that they have been sold a dream and they are pissed! And now they don’t even have the balls to stand up to Rush Limbaugh, the embodiment of all that has rotted their party from within. There is no way this party can survive without jettisoning one of its three main constituents; Fiscals, Fundies or Racist!

  13. “Too often we’ve let others define us, and the image they’ve painted isn’t very pretty.”

    “Curse those people for making us look bad with their ‘facts’ and ‘logic’! We must lie harder!”

  14. Haha how far down the bench will they have to go to find a non-white? Piyush “Call me Bobby or a Republican will shoot me” Jindal? And come on, no way will an Indian attract Latino or Black voters.

  15. [re=232665]Cape Clod[/re]: But if they don’t wear their hoods to the ol’ cross burnings, then they can’t claim that every single attendee is actually Robert Byrd and thus racism is purely a Democratic Party problem…

  16. McConnell totes has gayface, I have been saying this for years! His entire head/face reminds me of a bonnet less quaker matron. He also has a glass jaw/no chin in dire need of punching.

  17. [re=232690]magic titty[/re]: Yeah, pretty much everything on Google News has already been reported here today. Jessica Simpson is fat now. So ALMOST everything.

  18. Mitch McConnell knows he’s from Kentucky right? His electorate is under-educated, bigoted white people. If the GOP “expands the base” no one will vote for Mitch.

  19. The solution is to make Michael Steele their full-time mascot. And his understudy from Ohio with the matching handkerchief who can resist being gay through force of will. Also important to continue to demand tax cuts for corporations below their %11 effective rate. Oh, and the humiliation of gay people, because that protects families. Let me go put together a slide-deck to help them out.

  20. If McConnell wants to remain a millionaire, he must tell us what the Republican Party stands for. He used his first lifeline to call Rush. Here, he uses his second lifeline to look at the polls. If he uses his third lifeline, the responses “competent” and “relevant” will be eliminated as possible answers.

  21. I don’t want to harsh a nice high, but does everyone remember when the Democrat party was declared terminal just a few short years ago? Don’t be too quick to gloat. We must stay ever vigilant in keeping it real.

  22. McC’s prolly gonna be on Rush Limbo’s show tomorrow apologizing for his out of the line treacherous remarks.

    Then he and Gingrey are gonna start an underground club where all they do is cry over what could have been.

  23. But that IS the republican party. And that’s who they want to be….I get emails from my repub friends all the time, warning about the foriegns, the gays, the aborted, the dark-skinned, etc, etc. They don’t WANT to be anything else.
    So maybe Mitch should join some other party, because the repubs are happy being the party of fear, ignorance and hate.

  24. The Republican Party. A Play in Five Acts

    Act I. The party loses another election.

    Act II. A closed-door meeting afterwards. White men gather and bemoan. Finally, someone pulls is face out of his hands, wipes away the tears and exclaims that–he’s got it!–the party needs to be even crazier; exclude more people, start more wars, become more Christ-centered, cut taxes and reduce oversight. Chorus chants, we agree!

    Act III. The three remaining moderates are expelled.

    Act IV. A telegenic idiot appears to lead the ticket.

    Act V. (Repeat Act I.)

  25. “…Southern whites who wore their best overhauls on election day…”

    What the fuck are “overhauls”? it’s OVERALLS you bong-stunned libtard dumb-asses…

  26. “McConnell Warns GOP They Will Soon Be All-White Party Of Losers”

    As opposed to the all-white party of winners that they were before?…Naw, I like them this way. Time to kick that “culture war” and Rush Limbagh crap into full gear!

  27. [re=232673]OReillysVibrator[/re]: You mean all brown people aren’t the same race and culture, like all Black people and all white people are? And Hispanics won’t automatically vote for Jindal because he’s got roughly the same amount of melanin in his skin. Come on!

    An Italian friend who’s lived here many years said during the primaries, “Latinos will never vote for Obama. They don’t like Blacks!” The outcome was somewhat different.

  28. [re=232774]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: If I wasn’t feeling lazy your “hate” replacement would make an awesome insert into Boehner’s words about the stimulus.

  29. [re=232730]hockeymom[/re]: Oh dear, has my sister been e-mailing you? I made her stop e-mailing me ages ago, ’cause I didn’t want to ruin our relationship by explaining to her that she suffers from dumbassness.

  30. News Flash for Mitch McConnell: You are correct, but the Repubicans have already reached that point. It is exactly where they want to be, what they worked hard to obtain and they don’t care to change, thank you very much, you RINO unAmerican babykilling Obama-loving Rush-hating whoreson traitor. God will rip out your blasphemous tongue and tie it around your droopy chin. Caribou Barbie and Joe the Plumber will lead the real Americans in 2012!

  31. [re=232673]OReillysVibrator[/re]: Christ, tell me about it. As an Indian guy, the black and latina women were always the toughest nuts to crack. (Er, maybe not the best choice of expression, but whatever.)

  32. Ask most people what Republicans think about immigrants, and they’ll say we fear them. Ask most people what we think about the environment, and they’ll say we don’t care about it. Ask most people what we think about the family, and they’ll tell you we don’t — until about a month before Election Day.”

    “Why, it’s almost as though we’ve run around for the past eight years exhibiting these behaviors at every turn! That would have been really stupid! Hey, who the hell’s been in charge around here for the past couple of years anyway!?”

  33. I’m surprised they noticed that: a) the Republican party has little to offer minorities and 2) the members of the GOP will continue to die before new members will replace them. Not looking good for 2012.

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