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Stock Up On Your Urban Gear At Commonwealth’s Big Sale

Pretty fly...for a white guy. If you happen to be in that life stage where the only “cool” clothes you can afford are from the Gap, Forever 21 or H&M, you will be happy to know that Commonwealth is having their annual Winter Blowout sale from Jan. 30-Feb. 8. Buy any two items and get one FREE (and this applies to their fabulous collection of sneakers, too).

Details magazine named Commonwealth one of the best clothing stores in America for its carefully chosen selection of urban, skatepunk and hip hop street wear (wow, and it’s right here in Squaresville!). And you know it’s good cuz Pharell Williams owns part of the company. Be sure to check out the goods from hard-to-find labels like Cheap Monday, Ice Cream and Maharishi, and stock up on old classics from Ray Ban, Vans and Adidas.

Commonwealth, 1781 Florida Ave NW, Washington, DC 20009, (202) 265-1830 [map]

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