Slow train coming.Hooray for progress! The Senate Judiciary Committee just approved Eric Holder for the Attorney General spot, by 17-2, which means the full Senate will now happily okay his nomination and America will have its first-ever African-American head of the Justice Department. There is a certain justice to this development, MMMHMMM? Anyway let’s hope Holder is a little bit better than the first Mexican attorney general, jesus fucking christ. [Reuters]

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  1. Anyway let’s hope Holder is a little bit better than the first Mexican attorney general

    My dog would be a substantially better AG than Alberto.

  2. AG Holder: “So let’s see, about the ratio of incarcerated people of color… Hmmmm. Oh how can we achieve ‘equality’…. Dubya? Hummm?!”

  3. I guess we find out if the culture of Washinton has really changed now? If even one of the Bush crooks is prosecuted it would be a change from the old “let’s move on” excuses democrats have always used in the past…but I’ve got my money on the wimp factor winning out here.

  4. @magic titty: coburn and john “i’m voting against everyone” cornyn.
    normally i hate the pornstache, but he’s working it so i vote to let him keep it; plus his stache twin axelrod might get a little worried if all the facial hair keeps getting scrubbed out of obama world.

  5. [re=230638]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]:

    what My dog left in the backyard this morning would be a substantially better AG than Alberto.


  6. [re=230663]TGY[/re]: Years and years of tired old generational stories emanate from the millions who filed through Ellis Island, in their hopes and dreams of becoming ‘Muricans… unless you’re a nanny?

  7. [re=230686]Advocatus_Diaboli[/re]: right, because I think a dog would have better legal ethics than Alberto. Dog poop, not so much, but it is a close call.

  8. It’s good to finally have a real lawyer in this position. A mouthpiece like Gonzales doesn’t even belong on a tuba. He might work on Sylvester Stallone as a mouthpiece for filming Rocky XXXV – the one where Rocky gets beaten to a pulp by Joan Rivers.

  9. [re=230645]magic titty[/re]: Why do you assume that the two Senators who voted against had to be white? I mean, racist much? Given how diverse the U.S. population is, members of the Senate could be from any ethnic or racial … oh, wait.

    Never mind.

  10. Man, speaking of ol’ Gonzo, you guys totally missed the sexxy kiss he shared with Bush:

    GONZALES: The last thing he said as he was getting off the plane — he kissed me on the forehead — and he said, “Just stay strong.” […]

    HERMAN: Any tears shed on the plane by anybody?

    GONZALES: By me, yeah. There were a few.

    HERMAN: Why?

    GONZALES: Just pride. Just love and appreciation for the man and what he did, Ken.

  11. I kind of like this Flavor-of-the-Month AG theory – Chinese next!….this time around we can work on changing the black/white prison ratio, and then, NEXT TIME we can bring back water torture…

  12. I may be hallucinating, but he looks a little bit like Rowan Atkinson to me.

    Anyway, someone should get him a present of a book of techniques to improve the memory – so he never finds himself saying “I don’t recall”.

  13. Who’s the black private dick That’s a sex machine to all the chicks?
    (Holder!) You’re damn right

    Who is the man That would risk his neck for his brother man?
    (Holder!)Can ya dig it?

    Who’s the cat that won’t cop out When there’s danger all about
    (Holder!) Right on

    You see this cat Shaft is a bad mother– (Shut your mouth)
    But I’m talkin’ about Holder (Then we can dig it)

    He’s a complicated man But no one understands him but his woman
    (Eric Holder)

  14. Please, let’s use the Peggy-Noonan approved ethnic euphemisms in such posts: “Africkan” for Mr. Holder, and “Quetzlcoatlan-meso-american” for Gonzo.

  15. Thus making it official: my alma mater now holds more power in America than ever before!


    Prepare for Tim Robbins’ movies on HBO, 24/7!


  16. The real problem with Gonzalez was he was the first Tex-Mex atty general. I’m sure the first Mexican-American from anywhere else will do much better.

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