Well this is surreal! What a waste of time and taxpayer money this Illinois Senate impeachment trial is, just rehashing comical two-month old quotes from the teevee news. Apparently they played the actual recordings of Blago’s famously profane Senate seat auction, though, and you can listen to them here. He has the voice of an angel. [Chicago Tribune]

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  1. [re=229810]magic titty[/re]: SCOTUS determined that obscenity is something you know when you see it, and when you see it on oak tag, you really fucking know it.

  2. I’ve had wrong number calls that were more criminal than these. This little Serbian twit doesn’t even provide Schadenfreude-laced amusement well.

  3. Today is an important session in Springfield, one of the most corrupt places on earth. The message is a mantra: “The feds are listening; the feds are listening; the feds are listening.” This is as Buddhist as the Illinois Legislature ever gets.

  4. They posted the audio transcripts as a .WAV file? A .WAV FILE?!?

    State government bandwidth is a fucking valuable thing, you just don’t give it away for nothing.

  5. “He has the voice of an angel.”

    The angel of comedy fucking gold!! I love this man. He said everything with a straight face on TV yesterday, including “I have done nothing wrong. I did not commit a crime, etc.” I have no choice but to believe him because I love him so. My love for him has forced me to do a Full OJ. I want him to be acquitted of all charges because the ensuing knickertwists from the crybaby fattypants media will be the most entertaining show in the history of blown prosecutions.

    Did I mention that I love this man? He only wants what’s best for Illinois. Can’t you people see that?

  6. If anyone would just LISTEN to him, alls he was trying to do was get some seniors on the fucking public transport! Doesn’t he deserve some kind of compensation for that already? Don’t you remember when Gary Cooper gave all those old people a free ride on his horse, and then his horse got HANGED by the Illinois legislature?!

  7. Blago was so right in his interviews yesterday, complaining about how his words were taken out of context. These complete tapes so fully exonerate him, as the Watergate Tapes cleared Nixon.

  8. Have these people never heard of PowerPoint for the love of God? No? Hypercard? A fucking slide projector? At least the Springfield Kinko’s isn’t going out of business.

    I want my state tax money back, you bitch.

  9. [re=229930]Mustang[/re]: Don’t bother listening. The recordings at the site are not in the slightest way incriminating, and Blago doesn’t even say “fuck.” What’s worse, Patti isn’t on them. Just Blago and some honcho of his scheduling an appointment with someone.

    Whadda disappointment.

  10. What does that sign say? There’s no such word as F – – – ing. I checked. Funding? Flirting? Foaming? “A fueling valuable thing…” Doesn’t make sense to me. Why is that a crime?

  11. Man, I want that photo for my holiday greeting card in about 11 months.

    It’s Cirque De Blago, coming soon to Branson, Missouri. He’s the Chihuahua that won’t let go of your pants leg no matter how hard you laugh.

    TeddyS, that word-image references a famous tattoo, when erect it actually says, “Firetrucking”

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