RESTAURANT WEEK  9:11 am January 26, 2009

Bethesda Restaurant Week, What?!

by Malaka Gharib

Bethesda/Chevy Chase’s restaurant week begins today, HOORAY! Bethesda pretty much sucks, but they are trying.

About 30 restaurants are participating, including Bethesda favorites Persimmon, an “American bistro” and Grapeseed, a wine bar. Lunch goes for about $12-$15 and dinner is set at $30.

Skip Pizza Zero because its usual menu costs WAY less than the restaurant week prices, and just skip McCormick & Schmick’s altogether.

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fivewood0 March 7, 2009 at 12:02 pm

I’m not sure about the other restauarants but my wife and I have always loved Chevy’s. They recently closed the one here locally so we always look for it when we are traveling.

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