The Albany Times Union is pretty sure that Congresswoman Kirsten Gillibrand of New York will get David Paterson’s Senate appointment tomorrow after several painful months of catastrophe, ruin and embarrassment involving most of the Democratic party’s major dynasties. We are looking forward to never posting about this bullshit ever again, thank you. Sooo… Gillibrand, eh? Let’s see what we’ve got in the ol’ Wonkette Archives for “Gillibrand, Kirsten”….

AHA, she’s the one who unseated the drunkest Congressman ever in 2006! And then last year she popped out a lil’ baby!

Oh she seems like a nice lady. Too bad for her that this report will be declared false within hours, when Caroline Kennedy leads a military coup. [Times Union]

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  1. …ummmmm, can someone please tell me why the Dems are taking a page from the (failed)Republican handbook. Particularly the chapter on all women are interchangeable? Geez, it doesn’t necessarily have to be woman guys!

  2. She is button-cute.

    Geez, it doesn’t necessarily have to be woman guys!

    Who’s your candidate? Gillibrand has a reputation for being squeaky-clean (good after the Spitzer shenans) and won in a hitherto solidly Republican district (even though she was running against Representative Drunky McChokesHisWife).

    I don’t think it’s just that she is a female woman type, but that she is one of the few elected pols in New York who is unlikely to be at all scandal-prone.

  3. she is one of the few elected pols in New York who is unlikely to be at all scandal-prone

    Of course, now that I say this, she will probably be discovered doing blow off the ass of a Chippendale in the Dirksen Building, because I suck at the predicitionizing.

  4. Even before Gillibrand is announced she may have a challenger for 2010:

    ALBANY — Representative Carolyn McCarthy of Long Island, a staunch supporter of gun-control laws, said in an interview Thursday that she would challenge a fellow Democrat, Representative Kirsten E. Gillibrand, if Gov. David A. Paterson names Ms. Gillibrand to the Senate.
    “Obviously, I’m very upset,” Ms. McCarthy said. “I came to Congress to reduce gun violence in this country, and Mayor Bloomberg has been working diligently to get mayors across this country to help reduce gun violence.”
    “To have a senator representing the N.R.A. for New York, that would be wrong,” she added. “If it comes down to that, I will primary in 2010.”

    Geez, New Yorkers play rough!

  5. Wait, no scandals and no dynastic name? How the hell is she qualified for the Senate? Does Paterson not realize that the Senate is the designated retirement home for all of our inbred aristocrats with freaky sex fetishes?

  6. [re=226369]Rodney Badger[/re]: You know, in a real Democracy, upstate would get about 1 Senator while New York City would get about 20. Damn the founders and their hatred of big cities.

  7. [re=226359]Lascauxcaveman[/re]:

    She seems to always be wearing the same jewelry in all of her PR pics. She ought to talk to Blago about maximizing her income opportunities.

  8. i live in upstate ny and i think patterson is an idiot for picking a pretty darn conservative congresswoman to fill some sort of “upstate senator” quota. as far as i’m concerned if that’s the kind of representation that upstate is gonna get then, we don’t deserve representation. jeebus why can’t patterson have the kind of balls that blago has? that was a senate appointment with real panache.


    (Yeah, so maybe I’ve seen one too many womynz in bars cradling a bottle of horsepiss light and beltin’ out that song like they were auditioning for America Idol. No, I won’t divulge how many I went home with)

  10. I’ve been looking for pictures that show off her whole body. Kirsten Gillibrand is the CILFiest CILF there is. And that includes Gabrielle Giffords. I have nothing against skinny women, but man, women with an actual figure are loads better.

    If this holds up, she’ll be the hottest senator, edging out… um… Amy Klobuchar, I guess.

    Welcome, SILF Gillibrand!

  11. I look forward to her co-chairing a Senate subcommittee with David Vitter on the issue of the environmental impact of soiled diapers. They’re both steeped in the subject in a very personal way at present.

  12. I sense an upstate-downstate split coming in the NY Dem party. Seriously, this woman is a Blue Dog Democrat with right-wing stances on immigration, gay rights, and gun ownership. This is going to piss off a lot of liberals in NYC and Long Island, not to mention giving Hispanic voters a great reason to vote GOP next time.

    She has absolutely no appeal to NYCers and suburbanites. Our last two Republican mayors have been more liberal than this lady.

    I’m calling for the 5 boroughs, Westchester, Suffolk, and Nassau to secede. Who’s with me?

  13. [re=226427]melvin[/re]: Gabrielle Giffords has a forehead that is freaking the hell out of me, and Debbie Wasserman Schultz has crazy eyes, like my ex girlfriend, which is actually kind of hot.

  14. [re=226441]Rumproast[/re]: Staten Island is already part of upstate, or possibly New Jersey. I think the 5th borough is now Washington DC (see Juli’s post from earlier), which is another city that gets totally disenfranchised and shafted all the time…

  15. [re=226427]melvin[/re]: oh, why stop there? now you gotta do all 535 members of congress. that’s ok, we’ll wait.

    there’s about 90 women total, so i think #80 – #100 should be interesting.

  16. Why is her face so shiny? Doesn’t she spend most of her time with her make-up specialist I mean personal assistant? How can she become a prominent female politician without a personal shopper and hair dresser? Although her hair looks pretty good and her clothes don’t look too bad, but still: What the fuck is her problem?

  17. I was hoping that Kirsten would be taking Hillz seat, pretty much from the get go. I was also hoping for Lisa Madigan getting the shot in Illinois. And also, lastly, I wouldn’t mind being in a threesome.

  18. A lawyer married to a lawyer, appointed to succeed a lawyer married to a lawyer, during the administration of a lawyer married to a lawyer. If there are two or three thousand more of these, people will begin to catch on.

  19. My college town picked up Albany TV stations and I remember the Gillibrand/Sweeney House race in ’06 almost entirely consisting of attack ads. It was quite amazing, in fact, IIRC, the AARP refused to endorse either candidate for that reason.

  20. I suspect it went down something like this:
    Paterson: How about Caroline Kennedy?
    Smithersish aide: Too many people hate her, sir.
    Paterson: How about that Cuomo fella?
    Smithersish aide: Too many people hate him, sir.
    Paterson: All right, find me somebody nobody knows. It’ll take the bloggers a week, at least, to work up a hate, and the general public will accept pretty much anybody who’s not actually in jail.
    Smithersish aide: Yes, Sir!
    Paterson: Oh, yeah, and it wouldn’t hurt if she has big tits.

  21. Why so snarky, folks?
    This woman is squeaky clean, and has a very good reputation in my neck of the woods, aka Siberia.
    Best of all, she can’t see Russia from Upstate. Good pick, I say. Kennedy didn’t come off very well, and worse, she gives the impression she didn’t actually want the job, you know? With all the douchebags we’ve seen getting nominated for high offices these days, it’s good to see a hard working politician get nominiated on her own merit. Paterson did good.

  22. I hope Albany media does an interview with Mcslappy. I imagine him these days a lot like Mulder in the new x-files movie. Living the pseudo unibomber life bearded, conspiratorial, and most imporantly mad at The Man.

  23. This is great news for upstate. Let’s get shitty at the Boulevard Bowl in Schenectady while we toast the questionable validity of our political signifigance. Then it’s hotdogs at Mike’s, a dance at Nite Moves, and four days of shotgun snowmobiling and crack smoking in Amsterdam. That’s how we upstate dems do.

    On the front page of this morning’s online edition of the NY Times, there’s a photo of Rep Gillibrand, standing next to Sen Clinton. Taken in 2006. Once you see the photo, you’ll know everything there is to know about Gov Patterson’s pick of Rep Gillibrand above all other NY State contenders.

  25. [re=226554]Diahni[/re]: Who am I to judge a conservative New York Democrat? If she were In OK with her politics, she’d be a marxist feminazi secret muslim. Unless you believe the world is 10,000 years old, Jesus carried a sidearm, life begins at the moment the potential parent gets turned on, and global warming means the End Times, Baby! you cannot be a R. down here.

    So I’m all for the squeaky clean lady, even if she hasn’t provided medical records showing she’s had at least one abortion.

  26. [re=226562]kenskids[/re]: I repudiate your criticism of Rep Gillibrand, I think she’s one hell of a good looking women. And she doesn’t need a one hundred thousand dollar wardrobe to prove it either!
    Plus she’s a mommy.

  27. Downstate ain’t too thrilled about her (and that matters — 18 million of NY’s 19.4 million people live in New York City, so this shit about upstate having its very own U.S. Senator is absurd to begin with). Her immigration and gay rights stances alone would have ensured that she’d never have won the Senate seat in an honest race against a more progressive Democrat, so she’ll just get challenged and knocked out in 2010. Not a super-savvy choice by Paterson.

  28. [re=226698]Condiments-Only Diet[/re]: yeah, but she also <3s serious background-check legislation, so she <3s responsible gun ownership. And, while she has a 100% from the NRA, she also has a 100% score from the ACLU.

    [re=227608]Hagar77[/re]: I thought she supported same-sex marriage?

  29. [re=226347]tallulah[/re]: Christ, the first comment. I thought I’d have to go at least a page. You can take Sarah Palin out of Wonkette, but you can’t take….aw, to hell with it. She is cute.

  30. “…she seems like a nice lady” Isn’t that EXACTLY what you guys said about a certain chillbilly governor back in 2007? …actually, my bad. I just looked through the wonkette archives, and although every editor at wonkette professed a boy and/or girl crush on her, no one actually said Sarah seemed like a nice lady.

    Now just wait until Kirsten shoots someone in the face on an NRA sponsored quail hunt.

  31. Seems the NY gov’s open marriage has served both him and the new senator well. You know they’re screwing. And by that, I mean each other…

  32. Pro guns, pro gay marriage, pro choice and a blue dog dem to boot. I heard she put Prez O-man on hold while she finished her acceptance speech. Betting window opens on steel cage match between Kirsten and Sarah in 5…4…3…2…

  33. [re=227608]Hagar77[/re]: Wait, where did you get your numbers from, Wikipedia? This week’s 30 Rock showed that Wikipedia conclusively proved that Janis Joplin speed-walked everywhere and ate cats as a snack, just like ALF.

    Seriously, NYC’s planning department has the city population at around 8.3 million. You can up that to around 12 million people for the five boroughs plus Nassau, Suffolk, Westchester and Rockland counties. That’s out of a statewide population of about 19 million. The 7 million people (give or take) remaining in upstate would put it between Virginia and Washington in population rank.

  34. And she can see Canada from her kitchen window.

    Seriously, she deserves whatever good things we can give her after unseating the one of worst thugs ever to serve in Congress. Sweeney was recruited by the Bush campaign team to be among those shipped to Florida in 2000 to terrify ballot counters by pounding on the glass doors and making personal threats until democracy threw up its hands and gave up on the recount, to give the presidency to W. Sweeney’s later highly-publicized drunkenness and wife beating was just character consistency.

    upstate and main: Thanks for correcting Hagar77’s misinformation. I think it’s a little dangerous to lump the NYC suburbs with the city politically, and Hagar77’s certainly doing some tiny-thinking if he thinks upstate is monolithically conservative – the upstate urban areas contain a lot of those 7-million-plus upstate voters, and they’re clearly more left-leaning than their more rural and suburban fellow apple-knockers.

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