Caroline, NoWhen this BREAKING NEWS broke 40 minutes ago, Caroline Kennedy was dropping out of the whole “You know, I am famous, politically, so anoint me senator” deal for “personal reasons.” Ha, and now it turns out (according to the New York Post, which is apparently correct) the “reason” was she wasn’t the “person” Paterson will choose to run out Hillary Clinton’s term in the Senate.

Paterson, the blind lieutenant governor who only rose to this kingmaking perch because of the filthy cock jackal antics of Eliot Spitzer, sort of mentioned yesterday that young Andrew Cuomo might be a better pick, what with his actual experience representing the citizens of New York.

And now, it is finished, probably, even though she wrote that nice endorsement column for the NYT that sort of helped Obama finally claim the nomination he had already pretty much won. Caroline Kennedy is surely a nice lady who knows many things, and now she’ll have some time to actually prepare to run for public office, if she decides to continue this weird pursuit.


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