… Is fisting. Yeah, so? [YouTube]

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  1. Who gives and who receives? Michelle’s got pretty big hands, that’s gotta be uncomfortable for Hopey. I feel bad for this woman. She obviously meant the “terrorist fist bump”. Plus she hasn’t been exposed to all the hardcore pornography the rest of us have. Or maybe that’s just me.

  2. It’s important to be kind here. Fox News watchers, after 8 years of shrilly defending torture and water-boarding, need a remedial lesson in basic human contact. You know, how to kiss without holding the other person’s nose shut until he/she gags and agrees to tell their secrets. Getting naked can be fun without being locked in a meat freezer or stacked in a pyramid. That fists, gently bumped together, actually means “I like you” as opposed to fists breaking a cheek bone.

  3. secrets. Getting naked can be fun without being locked in a meat freezer or stacked in a pyramid

    You make these sound like they’re bad things…

  4. [re=224908]WendyK[/re]: Fox News? Puh-leeze. She meant to say, assist in mutual grooming and take each other’s side during interclan fights, when everyone starts flinging pellets of excrement.

  5. Pure fantasy projection on this woman’s part – however, she should already know that she can look into the eyes of her partner while fisting each other, but kissing on the lips is another trick altogether…

  6. fisting . . . one another. Barry’s super secure. Like would take Michelle to see Milk with four of her best girlfriends and a gay dude secure. clearly a 21st century arrangement. Dubs would just pummel the shit of Crazy Eyez and make her sit through Paul Blart: Mall Cop for the 14th time.

  7. …geez, I really hope they remember to take off their rings and watches. Trust me explaining something like that in emergency room can be very embarrassing!

  8. I remember watching Taxi Cab Confessions a few years ago & a gay guy was going on about how strong & resilient the rectum was. He did say, & I’ll never forget it, that ‘once you’ve been fisted, the rectum doesn’t slap back in shape so easy, though’ & then he mentioned something about adult diapers. Hope Barry & Michelle have small hands or it may be a good time to invest in Depends.

  9. [re=224938]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Yeah, I’ve heard the same thing about fisting down at Mary’s in the Montrose area — not that I was there for any other reason than I mistakenly wandered in there…

  10. [re=224938]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Yup, just like murikas’ butthole after eight years of boooooosh.
    Barry will be our proctologist and chief until 2017.

  11. Well, now that Hopey is officially the Fuehrer, FOX can no longer keep it in the pouch. Future broadcasts might well degenerate into on-air orgies.

  12. If she doesn’t know what fisting means she’s the stupidest cunt I’ve ever seen. If she does, she’s pretty clever for just casually dropping it into the conversation and my hat’s off to her for that. Fisting… oh holly crap.

  13. [re=225053]grevillea[/re]: Resilient in the way that it can handle shit-sized objects being inserted into it (dildos, big dicks, cucumbers, etc.). Not resilient in the way that it can absorb large objects not meant to be inserted in there (here is where fists come in, I’d wager).

  14. @Jean Hotman, Marquis de Villers-St-Paul: I let out a Chris Matthews-esue “Ha” when I read ‘parsnips’. As for the dude who inserted the ice pick, whoa.

  15. If you use a 56k connection, the audio is broken up into very small bursts. The result is true Klingon, annoying, girly-girl Klingon, but still fucking Klingon. So, welcome, our new PUMA OverLordettes, welcome. (Clasps weenie pouch.) Earth is yours. Do no hurting to me, plz. I promise to read only romance novels and The Confluence.

  16. Whips chains and cockrings and showers of yella
    Short haired bulldaggers and tall hippie fellas
    Fifteen inch dildoes you tie on with strings
    These are a few of my favorite things

  17. [re=224913]bitchincamaro[/re]: By your abject disgust, you’ve merely encouraged Newell to exceed the final limits of bad taste.
    Instead, counter with praise, e.g.:
    1. Congratulations on finding a new frontier for onanism.
    2. Fisted? You have an excellent memory for how you earned lunch money in second grade.
    3. A “sit down” dinner, unlike for us all, for you must be a magic, unique, tingly experience.
    See? Easy.

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