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  1. jagorev

    And for those of us with connections too shitty to support streaming video, try NPR (click on the 24-hour program stream)

  2. jbd

    Meh. We have a new president, soon. You all cum on your keyboards. But you do realize this changes exactly nothing, right? It’s just the end of the emotional drama?

    Erm. There was supposed to be something funny in there.

  3. HairyIckey

    [re=222714]jbd[/re]: Also, the Amero is still coming and the New World Order will devour your children in their rituals. Gold standard. Also.

  4. MedianHater

    Why watch the AP when you can watch a livefeed of a circle jerk all day over at MSNBC? I’m waiting for Pat Buchanan to admit that he’s been a bad, bad boy and then grab his ankles so that Chris Matthews can ceremoniously welcome him to the dark side.

  5. dutchie

    [re=222728]HairyIckey[/re]: Google different feeds. I think I saw one but I can’t remember which one… damnit

  6. jagorev

    NPR sez that it would be very controversial if Rick Warren’s invokes Jesus’ name during his prayer, because that would be seen as speaking only to evangelicals.

    WTF? This is why I hate libtards.

  7. Serolf Divad

    OMG, Dick Cheney in a wheelchair with a cane in his lap looks so fucking natural. I’m just a waiting for him to pinch an attending nurse in the ass and make some nasty comment about “those negroes.”

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