NOM NOM NOMHere’s a liberal Democratic slob named Gary Becker, the mayor of Racine, Wisconsin. “As mayor,” the newspaper tells us, “he has been a proponent of regional solutions to problems in southeastern Wisconsin.” Right on. Also, he fucks children.

He was arrested at the mall, trying to pick up some 13-year-old tail:

Racine – Agents of the Department of Justice’s Division of Criminal Investigation arrested Racine Mayor Gary Becker at Brookfield Square Mall Tuesday and booked him into the Kenosha County Jail while seeking several charges including child enticement, according to the state attorney general’s office.

Attorney General J.B. Van Hollen said in a news release this afternoon that the department was seeking charges against Becker of possession of child pornography, exposing a child to harmful materials, attempted second-degree sexual assault of a child, use of a computer to facilitate a child sex crime and misconduct in public office.

“Harmful materials” = penis. Penis, we said. There.

Update: State lists allegations against Racine mayor [Journal Sentinel]

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  1. This has renewed my belief in Jesus, because that’s how I can believe in HELL and that in itself gives me great joy to belief this douchenozzle and others will spend eternity there, being interviewed by joe tp and forced to have eternal sex with pumas and buttsecks with the wheelbarrow guy. also.

  2. I couldn’t pick up 13 year olds at the mall when I was 14, how can this bald-headed douche do it? Guess it’s true what Kissinger said, damn him.

  3. First of all he has a creepy crooked muppet mouth, ew.

    secondly after noticing this detail “Hughes said Becker was diagnosed with cancer last fall and had undergone treatment, during which he was out of office for about three weeks.” I predict he claims depression or some sort of mental break due to the illness. blaming it on a drinking problem and going to rehab would be SO 2008

  4. I have no comment on this deplorable douchebag. But one notes that the lazy ginger Jim Newell has FINALLY broken down and created alt text for this mug’s mug shot, sumfin he usually don’t do. Yea, Jim! Time for a payraise, Ken Layne!

    Sarcasm aside, I have no priorities.

  5. wins the snark award:
    “Just about anything you could imagine doing is within an hour drive,” says Mayor Gary Becker’s page on the city of Racine website. Now state investigators are apparently alleging that Becker imagined doing something illegal about a half hour north of Racine, in Milwaukee.

  6. Dear Wonkette, Say it ain’t so! Did you really print a story about pending child sex charges against me on the word of the ‘Attorney General’? My lawyer and office are very very busy without being harassed to comment on such ridiculous rumors. All the best for a great year! xxx Mayor Gary.

  7. You know in India or the Middle East this is all acceptable. Although in the Middle East a young girl would be stoned to death afterwards and in China she would have to work making sneakers.

  8. So that was [a 13 year old girl] on the [mall] in there. And I guess that was your [child pornography] in the [car]. And those [harmful materials] in [Racine]. And for what? For a little bit of [kiddie fucking]. There’s more to life than a little [kiddie fucking], you know. Don’tcha know that? And here ya are, and it’s a beautiful day. Well. I just don’t understand it.

  9. You could have left out the part about him being a Democrat, and I would have been able to tell from the fact that he allegedly sexually harassed an adult woman at his office. Dead give-away, that.

  10. On, Wisconsin! On, Wisconsin!
    Raise her glowing flame
    Stand, Fellows, let us now
    Salute her name!

    Whoo Hooo! You done us proud, Gary! Let no one claim Wisconsin stands inferior to any other state in depravity and debauchery.

  11. Who goes to the MALL to troll for kiddies now a days? Fuck’s sake man, you’re supposed to do it on the internet like everyone else.

  12. Why are pedophiles always balding? Is there a pedophile branding guide or something? Or some kind of Kid-toucher fashion magazine, you know, like ‘Phile Style or Short Eyes En Touché?

    I don’t really want to know, but it did occur to me.

  13. He’s got Purty mouf… it appears to be trying to morph into that of, uh, Richard, Cheney. Or perhaps conceal the teener of meth under his tongue.

  14. [re=218982]Incredulicious[/re]: When you were 14 you probably lived with your mom. If the mayor does, he probably at least has his own room, money for dope and a car.

  15. There is a surprising percentage of child molesters and other sex offenders in Wisconsin, relative to the state’s population. Dirty, dirty people.

  16. Racine had a mayor named Becker
    Who sought out a kiddie to “feck” ‘er
    The cops ran a sting
    Caught him dangling his thing
    (In Green Bay, he’d root for the Peckers)

  17. But wait, I think it was just a week or three ago I read RIGHT HERE, between all the praise for Campbell Brown, that only REPUBLICANS were child molesters. But that’s cool, with Hopey coming in there’ll be group therapy and positive affirmation programs for child molesters instead of being locked up with an 310lb schizophrenic cellmate who thinks screaming and blood is really sexy…

  18. All he needs to do is fly to France and try to pass himself off as an edgy film director, and in 30 years his “victim” will beg for the man’s clemency. Viva Roman!!

  19. [re=218967]mylesfromnowhere[/re]: [i]This has renewed my belief in Jesus, because that’s how I can believe in HELL[/i]

    You’re describing a Bill Donahue heaven

  20. [re=219126]goodluck/badluck[/re]: That would work if he was a Republican, but unfortunately he was going after little-lady bits. Also.

  21. [re=219091]Colander[/re]: Actually, I was kidding, too. The actual legal definitions for Wisconsin are: victim under 14 – first degree (class B felony); victim 13-15 – second degree (class C felony). For ages 16-17, it’s a misdemeanor, not a felony.

    Sorry, this isn’t particularly funny.

  22. [re=218982]Incredulicious[/re]: Don’t despair, the article only says he was trying to pick up a thirteen year old, not that they went to him willingly.

    Anyway, I look forward to the right-wing cries of “SEE HOW THIS TOTALLY OVERSHADOWS MARK FOLEY, THE ONLY REPUBLICAN PEDO” (because Mark Foley is the only republican paedophile – indeed, he and Larry Craig constitute literally the only Republican sex scandals ever – unlike the Democrats, who have all manner of filth stretching back centuries)

  23. [re=219149]Mahousu[/re]: They outghta do it like fishing laws, which Cheeseheads understand. She 18 minus 13 years short of legal; he’s 51 minus 18 years over. 33 + 5 is a long sentence. He’ll be eighty-nine when he gets out.

    I assume that Dems lose the at-least-it-ain’t-a-boy Family Values Points when an elected geezer, with two daughters, goes after a middle-school child.

  24. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve drawn a blank when someone’s asked me what Wisconsin city boasts being home to Johnson Wax and thanks to this story, I’m pretty confidant I’ll be able to remember the next time. You know, I’m pretty sure The National Forensic League has its headquarters in Racine, not that a debating society ties in to this story but it’s kind of interesting I guess.

  25. Where’s the outraged wingnut fucktards complaining that Wonkette only reports on Refucklican pedophiles?

    Also, how come I couldn’t get one of my hot teachers to rape me when I was a young man? I got jacked. I must have missed the sign up sheet. Damn it.

  26. [re=219007]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: [re=219235]Mr Blifil[/re]: [re=219252]PerhapsSo[/re]: YOU’RE ALL TOO LATE. The Association for Hispanic Baked Custard Deserts has already declared this month “Flanuary.”

  27. [re=219121]plowman[/re]:
    No, no, no.

    It’s not that *only* Republicans are child molesters. It’s that *all* Republicans are child molesters.

  28. Well i live here in Racine, WI and ya know what there are perves everywhere! Actually when I think about all the people being accused of sexual crimes nowadays it kinda makes me cringe and not for the reasons you will think. When my grandmother was 15 she had her first child and got married to my grandfather. They didn’t accuse him of sexual foul play. She was a minor, he wasn’t. When I had my first two children I was 15 and 16 , the fathers were early 20’s. They were never charged with anything and people did not think of them as a sexual devient. Nowadays they would be labled as a pedifile and have their lives ruined forever! If two teenagers have sex together , they can now convict them both of sex crimes! What teenagers don’t have sex? How many of you had sex as a teenager? Although I don’t agree with Gary Becker, I do see too many people getting charged with crimes of a sexual nature that in the past would not have been. I think thats scary and wrong! Thx for reading.

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