Fuck you Murphy!Ha ha, so it took the Republicans until now, somehow, to take control of the Tennessee General Assembly for the first time since Reconstruction, and their agenda includes such long-awaited items as making all Muslims die, making Intelligent Design the actual state religion, and then making all, uh, Hindus die or something, if there’s time! The assembly was prepared to elect some insane wingnut as House Speaker today to carry out this righteous agenda, until the Democrats, at the very last minute, all voted for a moderate Republican, and this moderate Republican voted for himself, and now he is House Speaker! Republicans loudly booed him in the chamber! Free abortions for all!

Our more informed operative “Brian” explains it better in the following e-mail:

AMAZING! Acting in a clandestine pact, the 49 Democrats in Tennessee’s House shocked Nashville just one hour ago by nominating and then voting en masse for Kent Williams (a moderate Republican from Elizabethton in Carter County) for Speaker to lead the 99-member chamber. The official Republican nominee, Jason Mumpower (a wingnut from Bristol in Sullivan County) was left speechless, clutching the family bible that he had brought in preparation for taking the Speaker’s oath of office.

This is HUGE! The R’s had promised bans on gay adoption and fostering, new concealed weapons laws, new constitutional limits on abortion, new anti-immigrant legislation, and mandating the teaching of “intelligent design” in public schools. Because the Tennessee House operates under a strict committee system and the Speaker appoints all committee chairs, though, it is unclear whether Republicans will be able to get any of these measures to the floor of the House. In addition, the re-election prospects for the long-serving and widely-respected Comptroller and Treasurer (both Democrats) is now much more promising; the General Assembly votes for these constitutional offices tomorrow.

The ingenuity of the Dems is (very occassionally) something to savor. And full credit is due to the new Speaker Kent Williams, who candidly acknowledged in his address that he would likely be kicked out of the Republican party and lose his next election. But perhaps the loveliest part of the drama should be attributed to the recently-elected Republican state representative Terry Lynn Weaver of Lancaster, who accidentally voted with Democrats on a procedural matter and, owing to confusion about the issue, was unable to change her vote in time — which set the whole process in motion.

The point is, Harry Reid could never do this.

Republican is House Speaker, but it’s not the one you think it is [Nashville Post]

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  1. In other news, this won’t change anything. There are still plenty of right-wing nutbags lurking around Nashville (and they all represent East Tennessee). Cue another mass exodus to Mississippi, North Carolina, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, and Arkansas.

  2. My in-laws live in Nashville and whenever I visit I’m overwhelmed by the sheer churchiness of that place. And I live in Georgia!

  3. For the love of jeebus, add an alt-text!
    So, Dems used intelligent design to foil someone who wants to impose intelligent design? Brilliant!

  4. [re=217714]queeraselvis v 2.0[/re]: [re=217715]Doglessliberal[/re]: …I guess we now know why they call this Republican “Base”, because if it was the “Peak” then God help anyone below him!

  5. I’ve lived my whole life in the south and realize it would have been better for the world if the old ‘confederacy’ had seceded from the union and let the United States actually develop into a civilized nation. Here in Texas nothing gets the state legislators up in arms more than the thought of equal treatment for non-white, non-Hetero, and non-Christian citizens. That old time religion and old time racism was good enough for our fathers and it’s good enough for us.

  6. [re=217729]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Please. The whole damn state is one redneck joke (well, at least the parts east of the Tennessee River).

  7. That image is very disturbing. I wish you’d have chosen something else. I realize that it’s a shameful part of American history that we should never forget, but it’s too much.

  8. They’ve got a point about intelligent design. After all, if evolution were true, states like Tennessee would have died long ago.

  9. [re=217728]jagorev[/re]: If the immigration involves things like “walking”, I think you’re safe. Plus, we’d feel them coming. Put little cups of water on our tables and watch for ripples (ala Jurassic Park).

  10. That’s Jason Mumpower? I’d expect a little decorum here. If you’re going to assume Speaker duties in Tennessee, you should at least have the decency to wear your favorite NASCAR jersey, provided it doesn’t have too many stains on it.

  11. [re=217741]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: he clearly could not live in any residence that had more than a ground floor. With no basement. No joists could hold that.

  12. And in other news, Sarah Palin announced that her new legislative director is Jason Mumpower, formerly of Bristol (it was a sign from God), Tennessee.

  13. [re=217753]loudmouthredhead[/re]:
    Not to mention the sound of a million Tennesseans gasping and wheezing in unison.

    “The South Shall Rise Agin, soons I’m done ‘is buecketa extra crispy.”

  14. “The official Republican nominee, Jason Mumpower (a wingnut from Bristol in Sullivan County) was left speechless, clutching the family bible that he had brought in preparation for taking the Speaker’s oath of office.”

    I hope someone took a picture of this. I’ll put it in my scrapbook next to that picture of the Santorum family losing their shit.

  15. [re=217745]chascates[/re]: At least you all have money to be up in arms with. In Kentucky the General Assembly just sets around in their poorness and bitches about how poor we are and how the poorness interferes with their agenda of lets hate everyone. And then once every few weeks the governor calls down and says “Hey guys, maybe we should raise the tax on tobacco products so we’re not so fucking poor anymore.” But then the GA decides that, no, they would rather be poor. The end.

  16. HAHAHA oh holy crap, I live in Memphis and this is the best news ever, in history. My bible-thumping relatives were so fucking smug after Republicans finally carried the House, and now Tennessee won’t make the savage lurch to the right that they all prayed so hard for. I’m going to get some laughs down the road when some of these new representatives don’t get re-elected because they didn’t deliver on their intelligent-gay-bashing-by-design and death-to-abortion-doctors campaign promises.

    I don’t even care abopt the eye-raping majesty of the King of Tennesseans up there at the header, I’m that happy.

  17. [re=217781]Merry Christen[/re]:

    “My question is, how does he find his penis? Feel around for the wetspot?”

    …with a mirror and a lot of luck!

  18. i couldn’t even read the blog because of the gargantuan topless man. i think i will go purge my chicken salad and tic tac from my fat absorbing body now.

  19. that image. oh my dear lord, that horrible, horrible image.
    OTOH, this:
    “…who accidentally voted with Democrats on a procedural matter and, owing to confusion about the issue, was unable to change her vote in time — which set the whole process in motion.”

    did they come up with this on the spur of the moment?!?! And keep it quiet!! Great will be the wrath of the Republicans. Of course, a good bit of the state will probably find it hilarious. so the wrath will be all the greater.

  20. Why so down on concelaed weapons, Brian? How else are you going to fight off the hordes of Intelligently Designed zombies that shamble out of Tennessee? You think you can kill zombie fatass up there with a bat? Good luck. THAT’S why Jesus invented .357 magnums.

    So how many Tennesseans will starve to death once gas prices rocket back upwards? It’s not like you can walk your wheelbarrow to the store when you get that hefty. I’m guessing Tennessee is too “real ‘merican” to fund mass transit.

  21. Who are these people, and what have they done with the Tennessees House Democrats?

    You have no idea how huge this is. Mumpower had practically done a victory lap around the capitol building, leapfroging over the statue of General Jackson in the process.

  22. Here in every so slightly progressive-ish Nashville (well at least we voted for Hopey for all our churchiness)I am so delighted with this that I’m on my 3rd celebratory abortion of the day and it’s not even Happy Hour!
    I was really not looking forward to the fuckwaddery that our new Republican majority was cooking up. I get enough shit from my NY family for living in Redneckistan as it is.
    [re=217773]OffTheRecord[/re]: True here, too. Just substitute, ‘perhaps a state income tax so we can provide basic services?’ for your tobacco tax and add angry illiterate redneck protests before the inevitable decision to remain poor.

  23. [re=217793]loudmouthredhead[/re]: Relax, even organized, they are still not too threatening, except maybe to furniture.

    Frankly, I’m not that worried about the Senate Democrats either.

  24. [re=217807]justlen[/re]: a little midget pops out from under a flap, runs around to the backside and takes the toilet brush and gives it a good little scrubbing before returning to his flap. also.

  25. If you ever have plans on visiting Tennessee BE SURE to check out nothing at all. In fact, why the fuck would anyone visit Tennessee? Awful.

  26. WOW stuff like this happens on wrestling all the time. The last minute stab in the back move perfected by Roddy Piper. Would have been cooler had Kent Williams went under the stands and picked up a metal folding chair and chucked at the Republicans declared his betrayal then hugged it out with Vince McMahon

  27. Front butt? no, my friends, that is on the ground. Front FOOT.

    By the way, all of you are missing something if the picture sickened you too much to read the full article. Awesome display of Roberts Rules abuse by the current Speaker, and an amazing set of missteps by the new Republican ‘majority’.

  28. Tenn. Homebuilder May/June ’08:
    “[Mumpower] has a collection of more than 17,000 comic books gathered over a
    period of 23 years.” And he still lives with his mother.
    THE TENNESSEAN • November 16, 2008
    — Rep. UberFuhrer Mumpower prepares for ‘a new order’ —
    “In addition to The Prince, [Mumpower] also has a copy of Sun Tzu’s The Art of War in his office within easy reach.”
    Bite me, Mumpy.

  29. Funny that’s kinda what happened here is Texas in our state legislature. Our Democrats also sided with a “moderate” Repub over a wingnut Repub for Speaker. Maybe next year they will try winning elections so we can have a Dem.

  30. [re=217917]TexasCowGirl[/re]: I eagerly await the battle of the big hairs: Kay Bailey Hutchinson vs. Rick Perry. Better go invest in Aqua Net stock….

  31. [re=217917]TexasCowGirl[/re]: I just heard on KUT that the Repugs are trying to change a state voting rule from a majority of 21 to one of 19 to try screwing up what little effect Dems can have there. These people are as tenacious as fleas and every bit as bothersome.

  32. YEEE-hawwwww! This almost makes up for the Titans game last weekend. I say throw all those Republicans who think science is a myth into the open cooling tank of the experimental reactor in Oak Ridge, we REAL Tennesseans could whip us up a little Manhattan-style creationist stew, usin’ good old fashioned physics. Oh man, somewhere in heaven, John Scopes is throwing back an extra shot of JD and laughing his little ass off.

  33. On the one hand, I am thrilled that Mumpower was so harshly denied.

    OTOH, TN democrats are way too much like Republicans in the rest of the country, so, really, the victory is Pyrrhic.

    Oh, and my pic? Where’d you get it?

  34. [re=217912]S.Luggo[/re]: I’ll give you 3 to 1 odds that he’s swept up in some kind of weird prostitute-related sex scandal within a few years…possibly involving a diaper…or, as I like to refer to it, a Vitter.

  35. Best Quote from Tennessean comments on the story:

    Replying to jfc52dad:
    “Another scumbag move by Odom and Nafieh. Now we have a high school graduate, with little or no polital experience, a hog farmer from upper inbreed east Tennessee, to go along with Lois “Memphis Mafia” DeBerry running Naifeh’s House. Tennessee has no future. Turn out the lights at the Capital and everybody go home.”

    tnsailorguy wrote:
    There is nothing wrong with being a Hog farmer. It is hard work and takes skill to make a living at it. If you will look on our state seal the words Commerce and Agriculture. Please do not make fun of Hog Farmers

  36. [re=217728]jagorev[/re]: Actually, the ones who want to leave are the ones you want, if I may say so. I was born and raised in Johnson City in the northeast of the state, and left pretty much as soon as I could, and now I’m happily blue in Colorado. There are good people in Tennessee – just not nearly enough of them.

  37. [re=217841]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: I dunno? Memphis? And Nashville’s actually a fun town. If you like *ahem* country music. Which I do. My wife and I did a road trip through Tennessee, and I collected a bunch of Johnny Cash posters and T-shirts. I had fun. And I’d never want to live there.

  38. [re=217772]Dave J.[/re]: That is one of the saddest looking groups of white people ever. Every one of them look like they are fighting back tears–they gave up and collapsed in sobs right after the picture was taken.

  39. this Mumpower guy appears to have all the makings of an airport bathroom stall arrest in the next couple of years…that or the young boy thing…

  40. If he was a PUMA he’d be wearing orange, sillies. And why is everyone on this site so obsessed with fat . . . methinks y’all protesteth a bit much. That man is what, in my younger days, we used to call a hunk.

  41. FYI: Elizabethton is no hotbed of moderation. The visitor’s center has the ten commandments posted by the sidewalk. And when I asked about it, they were not very nice . . .

  42. [re=218006]sailingthestyx[/re]: That would be funny, but highly unlikely. In Tennessee, our Republicans are generally hateful, self-righteous straight arrows, and our Democrats are inept, but well-meaning, crooks.

  43. [re=217782]Nigerian Business Executive[/re]: Yeah. If this mutant is what we’ve got to show for intelligent design, God must be pretty stupid.

    Evolution, you say? Is this the spawn of a gene pool or of a toxic waste dump?

    “What strange beast …?”

  44. Freakin Rs. Gonna turn against everybody who shows even the slightest signs of intelligence. Who would have thought? Surely not that hard working R in the picture. He’ s a worker not a parasite eating off others tables. Isn’t that clear? God bless America!

  45. “Mumpower”? You’re shitting me, right? That’s the guy’s name? I guess it’s fucking Tennessee after all. Free abortions for all, suckers!

  46. I spent three and a half years in Knoxville one year. Asked a resident the day I arrived if a certain part of town was crime-ridden. She said, “Oh, yeah, you’ll be fine there, that area is completely crime ridden.” That’s pretty much how it was. I did enjoy the gravy covered, deep-fried double pork-fat sammitches, though. Real America? It’s definitely one of them.

  47. It’s time like these I think there’s a god. Then I think of the poor little boys caged in these republican basements on whom these good ole Volunteer GOPer’s are going to take out their frustration. Then I reality comes back to me, not unlike so many PUMAs giving you a red-eye.

  48. Also, check this, baby… look at the avatar… that’s right, motherfuckers. intelligent design in motion. Sorry for rambling and typos. tuesday night takedown in the slophouse and I’m drunk.

  49. Can we make this Jimmy Naifeh guy who was the Dem speaker for years and orchestrated this whole thing the US senate majority leader, instead of Harry Reid? It’d be nice to have someone capable of outwitting idiots.

  50. I simply refuse to believe that this is a true story. It’s not that Harry Reid could not do this, it’s that no Democrat could pull this off. Come one, the next thing you have me believe is that a black muslim will be President.

  51. [re=217984]donner_froh[/re]:

    You’ll see pretty much that same photo within a year or so when Mumpower gives his “Ah have sinned against mah wife and the peeeeeple ah represent” speech.

  52. Wow. TN gives the world Jack Daniels, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley and, in return, is made fun of for the rest of time? Pretty lame move. (also, remember that John Lennon said that ‘if there were no Elvis, there would be no Beatles.’)

  53. I love reading all the slams against Tennessee such as the suggestion to build a fence around the state to keep its residents from emigrating to other parts of the country.

    The truth is that the state’s population of immigrants from other states continues to grow due to the failed liberal policies of those states. Check out the states that are losing population, and you will see a mass exodus from the most liberal states due to the intolerable living conditions.

    Now you can put reality aside & go back to your giggling as you sit in your mom’s basement at your computer.

  54. [re=217912]S.Luggo[/re]: If you think that most computer geeks commenting on this forum DON’T have a collection of some kind lurking around their homes, you are sadly out of the loop.

  55. [re=217841]shortsshortsshorts[/re]:

    Please….PLEASE…keep thinking that way. The more idiots & moochers we can keep out of Tennessee, the better.

    Our plan of perpetuating hillbilly stereotypes to keep out the leeches is working perfectly.

    You are SOOOOOOO right….Oooooooh…why would anybody ever want to visit inbred, rural East Tennessee? The horror…the horror…..

    Works like a charm.

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