Here’s Sarah Palin being interviewed for some guy’s upcoming documentary about how the media stole her presidential victory and gave it to Barack Obama — TOO TRUE — by showing wholesale clips of her babbling embarrassing nonsense for minutes at a time, without interruption. This clip is over nine minutes long but we recommend watching it all, for hilarity. The best parts are when she’s watching old clips of herself being mocked on the interviewer’s portable teevee. She gets angry! [Big Hollywood]

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  1. Has anyone else notice that if you take Sarah Palin, switch the first letters, and read it, It sounds like parasailing? We shall reclaim the conservative values of this nation in 2012 by encouraging teenage pregnancy, wiretapping, and low-impact water sports!! Viva la revolution!

  2. Oh my God. She refers to herself as “Mama Grizzly.” MAMA GRIZZLY. I shall now only refer to her as Mama Grizzly, and life will be beautiful, and plentiful, and we will not have recessions, and Jake Gyllenhaal will be my boyfriend. Sweet happiness of AWESOME.

  3. this reminds me so much of my crackhead buddy trying to explain why he was no longer employed. He kept on and on about how everyone was lying on him, and against him, and everything he said was misinterpreted…even the k9 bitch who found the dope was against him because he had a cat…wait, I’m sorry, that was the discussion I had with the PUMA. Never mind…

  4. “This perception of Bristol and Levi that they’re high school dropouts…”

    Um, are either of them currently in school? No.
    Did they graduate? No.
    Sorry, they are drop outs.

  5. [re=213213]hockeymom[/re]: She’s trying to replicate the look that expensive stylist was giving her back in October. I’m pretty sure that’s the definitive “ur doing it rong” look though.

    But shit… John Ziegler and Sarah Palin pretty much summarize the fucked up situation that is the GOP. These clowns are about as relevant as an eight track tape.

  6. Poor Sarah, nothin’s her fault. Those nasty old folks in Alaska are now lookin’ into her governin’. It has to be the MSM fault, or Obama’s.

  7. Uh…wow?

    Perhaps if Mama Grizzly hadn’t tossed the kid with the extra chromosome around like a sack of potatoes (during those moments when he wasn’t being discretely perched on the teenager’s baby bump), the “media” wouldn’t have been so focused on the snowbilly clan.

    Her level of self pity and inability to recognize irony are breathtaking.

  8. Wow I wonder if she’s ever, ever, heard of William Jennings Bryan. Does she even realize her 2012 run for the presidency will be a carbon copy of his THREE failed attempts?

    She’s laying the foundation. PLEEEEASE let her win the nomination!

  9. [re=213209]the bf[/re]: If he’s a “documentary filmaker”, then I’m freaking Federico Fellini based on my work capturing the pathos that is Pee Wee hockey.

  10. Well, finally she answered the question, even if “Katie Couric is not the center of everyone’s universe” (that’s the pitbull in her coming out). She, like most seasoned diplomats and world leaders, gets her news from USA Today!

  11. Is that one of her $150K outfits? Did she ever give all those hoity toity clothes the RNC FORCED her (& her loser family) to wear back to Walnuts after they broke up?

  12. Seeing Sarah Palin angry and indignant makes me grin a bit. I wish someone would start posting videos of Bush having to watch every single video critical of him.

  13. Yes, [Obama’s Baby Mama] the new [Reverend Wright] wingnut meme, the MSM [Ayers] elected B. Hussien Obama. Reverend Wright, Ayers, Obama’s Baby Mama, Muslin, Elitist, No Flag Pin, 3 am phone calls, lipstick on pigs, Socialist, Blaggo, Taint, Who Is Barack Obama? (loop this for 2 years)

    That’s why Mama Grizzly lost…!?

  14. She may be the larger ORANGER person I’ve been fearing. Only she’s “bigger” i.e. more famous, and also with a more subtle and pervasive orangeness.

  15. Isn’t it great that, when given another chance to name something she reads, the best she can come up with is NY Times, USAT, and some widely circulated publications in AK that she can’t name.

    [re=213242]assistant/atlas[/re]: Not ever, thank goodness. Larry Craig’s gone. And every time they trot her out, another intelligent Republican says, “Ew, not in the party of Lincoln, thank you.”

  16. I just love that she keeps shooting herself in the foot, and that Ziegler shows himself to be a useless lackey for the insane-o wingnut faction of the OP (The G for Grand really doesnt apply anymore).

    The fact that she apparently has never seen the Couric intewrview when it aired, or the SNL stuff, or anything else, just backs up how out of touch and, well, fucking clueless she is.

    Honestly, I hope she never goes away. I hope she continues to be the idiotic anchor that keeps dragging the Wingnuts down with her.

  17. “Conservatives will be thrilled to know she immediately “got” and seemed to fully appreciate my joke that Pete Wilson (and not Arnold Schwarzenegger) would go down as the last Republican Governor in the history of California.”

    He must have a rather low opinion of “conservatives” because, unlke Palin, reportedly, his audience needed the stupid and unfunny “joke” painstakingly spelled out for them with parentheses and air-quotes. Or, with some charity, it proves that Palin is in the top echelon of intelligence among his readers.

  18. [re=213242]assistant/atlas[/re]: No & for that Walnuts, who foisted her upon us, should be put in a padded room & be forced to listen to her talk/babble on endless loop until insanity or death strikes him.

  19. jesus, i cant do this. i managed a minute and thirty, and while i congratulate her on complete sentences, nothing was demonstrably true. i dont recall the MSM! exactly running with the Trig story.

  20. From Ziegler’s article: “Governor Palin, not yet fully put together, rushed out to tell myself and my crew to make ourselves at home.”

    Oh man, don’t tease us like that! What the fuck kind of journalism is this supposed to be? How un-put-together was she, Ziggy? Was Todd’s jizz still dripping from her chin? Is she more La Perla or Victoria’s Secret?

  21. I’m still waiting for that sex tape. Any Palin will do. Preferably the Toddster and Mrs. Johnston. That would be some sweet/tragic internet porn.

  22. [re=213218]Dave J.[/re]: [re=213248]Vanity Smurf[/re]: [re=213236]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Levi and Bristol are hard working whites. They’re not dropouts. IT’S IN THE BIBLE. Read it and weep, libs!!!1!1!!

  23. She isn’t complaining about the media’s focus on her family so much as her inability to manipulate the media and people using her family. Remember when she used the little girl as a human shield to try to convince hockey players not to boo her? Or using Trig as a prop for her anti-abortion rhetoric even though she could barely stand to hold him?

  24. [re=213234]CivicHoliday[/re]: Since she’s admitting she’s a grizzly, does that mean she wants someone to turn her into a blanket to drape over their sofa?

  25. I can’t get past the tattoo lipliner and eyeliner and eyebrows. Can’t do it. Just can’t. Yes, I’m that shallow. I just can’t bring myself to watch.

  26. Of course Bristol and Levi won’t need government handouts to support themselves cause they just received $300,000 from people magazine for photos of little Tripp. They plan to invest that money in Beanie Babies, Bradford Exchange collectibles, a brand new double-wide, and several shares of Truck Nutz.

  27. I can’t wait for the Couric/Palin interviews to be made into a movie like Frost/Nixon. If she doesn’t want to deal with the mainstream media, she and her hillbilly clan should stay in Wasilla.

  28. [re=213294]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Go Sooners! Let’s hope they don’t screw the pooch at another bowl game (the BCS championship game, no less)….again.

  29. She reads USA Today AND New York Times plus all those highly circulated publications there in Alaska (Wasilla Daily Trumpet, Grizzly Bear Report, Modern Wolf Hunter) so she’s on top of things.

  30. [re=213258]V572625694[/re]: “widely circulated” Doesn’t she use one of her go-to words, greatly, instead of widely? You’ve actually edited her in a kinder, gentler fashion.

    She uses those kids the way terrorists use human shields. She tossed around that look-I-didn’t-abort-this-retard prop baby so cavalierly, I began to think he wasn’t real. And as to little Trigger, as a mother who had her only kid when she was 35, I studied up on the subject, as Baby Boomer mothers did. Any cretin knows tjat if you know you’re going to have a special needs child, you have to be even more cautious about the delivery. And that when your water breaks (sorry, those of you who haven’t gone through it) you’re at much greater risk of infection and need to be very, very careful.

    At least, that’s the way people who give a shit about the welfare of the poor baby do it.

    Sarah? She flies to Houston at nine months (God forbid this woman would ever pass up the chance to get out of Alaska for free and have an audience, too), Her water breaks, she finishes business, takes a commercial flight to Anchorage, (what? nine hours? And you change fucking planes in Seattle) then land, drive past the Anchorage hospital’s state-of-the-art neo-natal facility, to deliver the kid in a bush hospital.

    What the fuck? Did they figure it wouldn’t matter since he was going to be retarded, anyway? Or was it the vilest late-term-abortion plot ever hatched?

    Jeepers, I am in such a grumpy mood I’d better go away. But the point is, though I read Wonkette for the humor, this is also one of the very few places on the planet where you can actually get away with saying a few truthful things. Like, Harry Reid is lame. Like the Israelis are treating the Palestinians as if they were 19th. century Native Americans.

    And, yes, that Sarah Palin didn’t give a crap about that baby and uses her kids as political props/shields.

    There, I said it. Will this ignorant cow ever, ever, ever go away?

  31. My God. I barely lasted 20 seconds after the black screen stuff faded. I’m not sure which is more distressed by this woman, my soul or my bowels.

  32. John Ziegler, fired from “jobs” (if you call ranting like a coke head for four hours a night on the radio a “job”) all over the country. John Ziegler, freakishly obsessed with people who are not white and have more money than he ever will. John Ziegler, documentary film maker.

  33. [re=213356]DustBowlBlues[/re]: ::bows:: ::clapswildly::

    My husband still doesn’t understand why I despise this woman so much. But his sister is on my side so he has to shut up about it.

  34. [re=213356]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Aside from the health factor, there’s also the messy-messy-ness factor. When my water broke (twice!), my husband wasn’t too wild about me riding in his truck (but he wisely kept his mouth shut). I can’t imagine how happy all those airlines were to have this sopping mess hitching a ride.

  35. [re=213401]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: [re=213388]tootsieroll[/re]: Having been such a hit with you two, maybe I should copyright my rant and take it to PUMA. Hope I didn’t make the menfolk sick to their stomachs.

    Snark aside, at least for today, Down Syndrome kids can be so sweet, trusting and innocent, I shudder to think how that opportunistic and power-hungry bitch is going to use that poor child between now and 2012. I hope he believes his loving mom when she tells him that hockey fans boo a person when they really like him.

    I also hope she keeps those greedy tentacles around the RNC’s neck and never lets go. After foisting Reagan and Bush on the world, they deserve her.

    BOOMER SOONER! If the maroon and cream pull off an upset, I say Trucknutz for the house!

  36. [re=213422]sezme[/re]: I skipped past the bio and then made it about a minute into the actual interview before the room started spinning and the nausea kicked in. Why praytell does this woman drop so many critical words from her speech, like pronounds, conjunctions and articles? All the fucking money spend during the election to turn her into a grown up and they couldn’t spend a few bucks on adult night school so she could speak in public?

  37. [re=213213]hockeymom[/re]: A meth-addicted Alaskan pageant coach with too much “Tawny” Cover Girl cream blush in his make up case, by the looks of it.

  38. Wrote a funny song about Mooselini, but couldn’t bring myself to post it on our Web site (isn’t AP style ridiculous?). Any publicity is good publicity, and I had her name right. I didn’t sing it in public until after the election. Female Quayle is becoming instant nostalgia for the right-wingers who long for the bad old days of Reagan and the Shrubs, and they get very huffy if you mess with their misty memories. And there seems to be precious little that’s big or Hollywood about that site, dontcha know.



    *Palin doesn’t understand why the media doesn’t correct false reports it made about her family that it never actually made.

    *She knew the interview didn’t go well right after she did the interview and before it aired, and yet somehow the reason she looked bad was because of editing.

    *Katie Couric is not the center of the universe.

    *Caroline Kennedy hasn’t been put under the same scrutiny as Palin, even though (a) Caroline Kennedy isn’t running for Vice President of the United States, and (b) there has been a considerable amount of editorial scrutinty made against Caroline Kennedy lobbying for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat.

    *The media doesn’t like her because she’s a conservative, and she’d have been beloved by the media if she’d been Barack Obama’s Running mate (???).

    *People should vote for her if they wanted limited government (an awesomely popular idea here in the year 2009) and let her record (or her campaign’s version of it) speak for itself.

  40. What a self pitying twat waffle. Your family got treated different from the Obamas because they are the Cosbys and your family is the dirtbag poor relations of the Clampetts. Only a screaming narcissist would step into the glare of the national spotlight with an unwed, five months pregnant teenage daughter and be unaware that this might be noticed and raise some questions.

  41. Why is it okay for her to lie about Obama? She says it’s “skeery for anonamus blaggers” to get to say stuff (freedom of speech?), but she lied about Obama and pretended he was some kind of insane terrorist. Why is that okay?

  42. [re=213509]Mustang[/re]: Because she can play the kazoo with her ladybits. No really, you’re right. But blaagggers must be stopped, along with Katie Couric, Bill Ayers, and most major print publications. Because they’re terrrorrirrrrristststss.

  43. [re=213356]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Nice rant. Haven’t had kids but can heartily concur from personal experience that flying to Anchorage sucks worse than flying almost anywhere else.

  44. [re=213356]DustBowlBlues[/re]: Everything she says is a lie, so who the hell knows what really happened with Trig? She’s just a typical lying phoney sleazebag republican, only she’s one of the stupider ones.

  45. The “irony” of the media “baffles” her? Damn. Five whole colleges to get that one communications-journalism degree didn’t help to elucidate the inner workings of news?

  46. Gotta love her calling a TV commentator “evil.” By her own commitment to defeating evil at no consideration to lives lost, it’s safe to assume as President she’ll nuke NYC to defeat this evil man.

  47. God, what a complete dingbat!

    But rest assured, she had her 15 minutes of fame and will finish out her one-term job as “Earmark Administrator of The Alaskan Territory”. She will be soundly defeated in 2010 by a drunk and horny grizzly bear.

    Her next stop with national fame will be a Playboy spread (well Photo Shopped).

  48. [re=213244]Texan Bulldoggette[/re]: Still wondering how she COULD return them since she had a bunch of pieces altered to fit her like a glove…Methinks each and every piece is still in her closet.

  49. By the way, nice try to put the photo of the kid in the military in uniform in the background – gotta learn how to get the camera to pick up background images in the big leagues, Ziegler!

  50. 2008 – Great Lactating Orbs of Jeebus!

    2012 – Gold-star Mother Leading Lynch Mobs of Menopausal Rage

    Any child born between these years will be called “Trick” or “Treat”, or both.

  51. [re=213450]WendyK[/re]: Alaskans still speak English no! I spent a couple of summers in Alaska in the 80s. Aside from the fact they drank like fish and all carried guns, it was not too much different from the lower 48. When did they start speaing their own language?!

  52. If the lower 48 knew how much of their tax dollars were going to the Socialist Republic of Alaska, they’d have a different take on Che Palin’s rugged individualism.

    If your family has a legacy of squirting out babies at 16 yrs old, while you blather on about family values and jesus, you’re fair game. The Hopey’s have followed a more rational road to family life, like waiting until after high school

    Despite all, she’s dangerous if she can keep the fat off her ass, which ain’t hard if you have Wasilla connections. hint:check out her eyeblink patterns, and L-Epedrine barrel shipments to Alaska, the State that never sleeps.

  53. She came from Alaska, alas,
    She had labia made out of brass;
    When she clanged them together,
    they played “Stormy Weather,”
    and TRUCK NUTZ shot out of her ass!

  54. If she kept her kids out of the spotlight they would be a lot worse off. It all follows the simple formula:

    1) Get knocked up
    2) National spotlight
    3) ???
    4) $300k profit

  55. [re=213461]Prof. Junk[/re]: Hmm, the she said interview sucked. It was then poorly edited to make her even suckier. Then explain what the hell I just watched. Even the conservative editing makes her look bad. And there are obvoiusly several cuts there where she probably went blabbering on that didn’t even make sense to the editor.

    Please let her run again and please have these editors & pumas back her. By 2012 I think Alaska won’t even vote for her.

  56. Watching this (I confess I also failed to stay the course- There’s only so much this grizzly can bear), I couldn’t help but imagine what the 2012 GOP Presidential nominee field might look like- It could just be the snarkfest to end all snarkfests:

    Sarah “The Witch of Wasilla” Palin
    Mitt “The Glove” Romney
    “Happy” Mike Huckabee (Like our Sarah, I fear this numbnuts has also developed a taste for it)

    And, maybe, just maybe, after noting fellow action movie star The Governator’s success (and not having any birthplace issues):

    Chuck “OK, Bruce Lee Kicked the Shite Out of Me, So What?” Norris.

    It will be like one of those old World Wrestling Federation Royal Rumbles. Mind you, the acting won’t be as good, the debates won’t be as intelligent, and folks won’t take it as seriously, but it will be more fun than Saturday night in the Cheney’s basement dungeon… You betcha! (I know, but I just couldn’t resist it.)

  57. “babbling embarrassing nonsense for minutes at a time”

    Isn’t this what pentecostal churches are all about? She’ll need to raise the dead or balance the budget if she wants serious attention.

    Zhu Bajie

  58. Referring to yourself in the third person shall from now on be prima facie evidence that you have jumped the shark.

    And….also…that’s 9 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

  59. What a monster goat. I think paying attention to these snake holes is exploiting them, so I think I’m going to ignore her/them from now on.

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