How adorable! Be sure to watch till the end, when Anderson Cooper makes a funny joke about not being housebroken. [YouTube]

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  1. I’ve always liked the concept of puppies wearing Pampers while being house broken. And, if I believe my dear Confluence friends, there will be no shortage of Pampers around the White House.

  2. Anderson is just jealous that he can’t lick his own nethers (or, if he could, he would get swatted on the nose with a newspaper).

  3. thousands of gay men’s fantasies have been fulfilled with the visage of both AC *and* puppies in one video. Yes, they are all imagining themselves as chew toys…

  4. This is shameless in its saccharin flavor, and I, for one, loved it. Call me a sucker.

    [re=212743]Terry[/re]: Yes, indeeeeed, he is a fine specimen. But, his mom was Gloria Vanderbilt, so some good looking genes in there.

  5. Meh. Oatmeal on the keyboard here. Cute in the MSM defines kitsch. Steward is an ironist who knows what he’s commenting on. For AC to do this is wannabe-ism. Sure they’re “having fun,” but they present themselves as having no idea how they fit into the world. Stewart does. And no they are not as smart or as worldly as Stewart. They are out of his league. And yes they are doable, attractive, and in short (particularly for AC), – usable, i.e. they’re innocuous tools, like Victoria’s Secret or bad porn.

    The best thing for the DS to do would be to run another comment on AC360’s running of their clip noting their glibiosity.

  6. The only thing that could possibly be cuter would be to watch AC being bent over that desk by Rahm Emanuel. Um. Sorry. I got that cute/hot confusion again.

  7. [re=212774]Wrongavore[/re]: No kidding. When I first saw clips from this on Daily Show, I thought AC was just doing Jon a favor. But the longer I watched, it started to dawn on me that this was an ACTUAL CNN segment, and that we’d finally reached such a low point in our nation’s cultural integrity that this beat out doing an in-depth story on the current Gaza conflict.

  8. [re=212841]CivicHoliday[/re]: win. They’re stalling until at least 20 Jan. Doncha know they have so much inaugural goo to prepare beforehand.

  9. Okay, now I can’t foucs on work because I keep getting a visual of Anderson Cooper in a dog collar. I think the Obamas should make him the White House puppy. He could certainly be MY puppy.

  10. The puppies were cute and all, but I was a little unsettled that we appeared to be watching Anderson Cooper commenting on Jon Stewart commenting on Anderson Cooper’s original puppy debate. How far down does the rabbit hole go?

  11. [re=212841]CivicHoliday[/re]: Actually, your first instinct was right. The debate was just a skit written and staged by the Daily Show with Anderson agreeing to help them out. Even if it wasn’t already obvious from Anderson’s introduction in the clip above, it was made absolutely clear by Jon Stewart’s exclaimation of “we got Anderson Cooper to do that!” on his show and by the Daily Show writer (who is one of the contributors from the DS who twitters) who has been twittering since late December about his adventures in making and editing the skit and getting it to air.

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