Not pictured: the guy in the 'administrator' costumeRemember how everybody got all excited at the thought of a lesbian running the Labor Department? Well, that didn’t happen — instead some boring straight lady who at least had the decency to be a Latina was appointed. So where are all the gays in Obama’s grand new rainbow government of change? Now we have our answer: managing the secretarial pool.

In our vast and wonderful government, there is an Office of Management and Administration, which is tasked with supplying “administrative services to all entities of the Executive Office of the President … These services include financial management, human resources management and research assistance.” Translation: this is the office that contains all the people who in a “normal company” tell you to order fewer roller-ball pens, pester you about your biannual review, and make photocopies.

Who is the new gay leader of this hell-swamp of administrative goons? Brad Kiley! He currently runs operations for the Obama-Biden transition team and he used to be vice president at the Center for American Progress. In other words, he is a big fat liberal who can make the trains run on time. Kiley’s appointment is a huge step forward for gay America and a milestone in the marriage equality movement, obviously.

Obama names gay man as director of Office of Management and Administration []

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  1. This is quite possibly the single most powerful office in the federal government, at least if my company is any kind of guide. Congrats, gays!

  2. Rick Warren will officiate the hiring process and will give Mr. Kiley a stern talking to about his sinful lifestyle and if he’d like to hang out later and, uh, if he knows any good meth connections (wink wink).

  3. It sorta figures that Kiley graduated from TCU. He does resemble a televangelist, or at least one that’s more than familiar with the missionary position.

  4. will Mr. Kiley be responsible for recruiting, training and retaining any white house pages? Banguary here we come! Feblewary? It has to happen in the first two months cuz I got nothing funny to make outta “March”.

  5. why the hell does wapo have something called kidnews? well they do lean a little to the right so i guess pedophiles do make up a significant portion of their subscription base, i suppose in a way they should be applauded for giving their readers what they want.

  6. oops posted that in the wrong place. why is barry so homophobic, he just had to go and make one of teh gays a “secretary,” his sexist self probably hired a lot of womenz as secretaries too.

  7. Good gravy, he looks like an insurance salesman. Is it really diversity if your gay appointee is a white male who looks like an actor in a Wonder Bread commercial? Okay, small steps…

  8. Can we trust a gay to not over order Bic’s and three ring binders? I think we’ve progressed enough as a society to at least make the attempt. If he fucks up though and there aren’t enough post it notes, I fail to see how gays can ever get even a modicum of equality in this country. The job is just that important.

  9. [re=209594]Heidi Li[/re]: You know, you’re right. I mean, he seems far too interested in continuing the Clinton years to actually do anything progressive.

    You PUMA Hill-tard.

  10. You always want a gay running operations. Otherwise, instead of cushy Aeron chairs, all those straights will be sitting on Yaffa Blocks. Talk about scandal in the White House!

  11. I’m curious to understand who at Wonkette is responsible for ensuring there are “fewer roller-ball pens”? I can only imagine the plush, orderly, wood paneled office s/he must sit in.

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