Over the years, your Wonkette has won most-to-all of the awards ever given to Internet websites, due to the diligence, care and insight its unbelievably talented editors put into every post, effortlessly. But we understand that Internet awards distributors must pretend that we have “competition,” and so we’ll play along and say that we’re “honored to be nominated” for “Best Liberal Blog” in the 2008 Weblog Awards. (Although, and for the last time, we. are. WARBLOGGERS.) More importantly, we’re happy for our numerous competitors — the junior blogs TPM, Crooks & Liars, Think Progress and others — for whom the word “ecstatic” would not adequately describe their emotions upon hearing of their placement in the same echelon as Wonkette. Every child deserves a treat on occasion, we suppose. Voting starts Jan. 5. [GODDAMMIT NEWELL YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GRACIOUS. WELL WE SHALL SEE HOW YOU ACT ONCE THIS DEPRESSION ENDS, IN 2028. — Ed.] [2008 Weblog Awards]

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