Over the years, your Wonkette has won most-to-all of the awards ever given to Internet websites, due to the diligence, care and insight its unbelievably talented editors put into every post, effortlessly. But we understand that Internet awards distributors must pretend that we have “competition,” and so we’ll play along and say that we’re “honored to be nominated” for “Best Liberal Blog” in the 2008 Weblog Awards. (Although, and for the last time, we. are. WARBLOGGERS.) More importantly, we’re happy for our numerous competitors — the junior blogs TPM, Crooks & Liars, Think Progress and others — for whom the word “ecstatic” would not adequately describe their emotions upon hearing of their placement in the same echelon as Wonkette. Every child deserves a treat on occasion, we suppose. Voting starts Jan. 5. [GODDAMMIT NEWELL YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE GRACIOUS. WELL WE SHALL SEE HOW YOU ACT ONCE THIS DEPRESSION ENDS, IN 2028. — Ed.] [2008 Weblog Awards]

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  1. (to be sung to the tune of “Angel of Death” by Slayer)

    Wonkette, the magic warblog

    Lived by the snark.

    Ken and Jim, Sara and Juli,

    hope you never jump the shark.

    (the song continues in Celtic, Ken bites head off bat, police typically run in at this point and stop everything)

  2. Are you serious? This is a liberal blog?

    You guys are the best & deserve the nomination. Those other sites can suck it.

    Happy to vote for you if mortals are allowed, but by the time Nov 5 rolls around I’ll have killed off too many braincells to remember

  3. Hello? JANUARY 5th? Get off the pot Newell.

    Now if they had an award for highest average blood alcohol content before noon…. We’d definitely have that shit on lock.

  4. You should be in more than one category (especially since they have about 87). Best Comedy, Best Culture, Best Political Coverage too! Cocksuckers. They’re in the tank for Politico & Andrew Sullivan.

  5. What? Joe the Blog didn’t get ANY nomination? What kind of crooked socialist contest is this?

    BTW, can someone explain the point of KOS to me sometime? I can’t figure out how to read/navigate that boring thing. And the best article they ever had, the one about Palin’s pseudo-pregnancy got removed from it.

  6. This is such a dog and pony show. Where to begin? No RonPaulForums? No Hillaryis44?

    This is like a debutante ball for dope smoking hipsters who ride fixies.

  7. Is the logo for the Weblog awards a computer monitor sitting atop a giant turd? If so, Taylor Marsh will P’WN you guys.

    Seriously, Taylor Marsh????

  8. Liberal blog? Like Bruno, I was totally unaware of this. I hope nobody rats me out to Bill Kristol and Campbell Brown. I miss giant Campbell Brown. Bill Kristol, not so much.

  9. [re=207114]Bruno[/re]: Daily Kos is unexplainable to the untrained eye. To the trained eye however it is simply unreadable.
    Sorry Kos. You have gone far, far over the edge. You make Wonkette look like serious bizniss.

  10. Also, traitor Josh Fruhlinger of the Comics Curmudgeon has been nominated for “Best Humor Blog”. I fail to see what’s humorous about perverting good, clean, all-American cartoons with filthy comments about oral sex

  11. It will be stiff competition in the “Best Online Community” category between the Michael Jackson Fan Forum and What, no love for the denizens of

  12. [re=207126]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: That sites a fucking train wreck. I don’t know why I even try to read it. I give it a cursory glance every day or so and it’s always mundane, a day late and dollar short and basically just dumb. The bloggers there take themselves WAY too seriously.

    [re=207121]chascates[/re]: ah hem!

  13. [re=207130]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: When I hit the submit button I knew I had done a bad. If not for Kev-O-Tron CNN might have been lost, if not for CNN the nomination might have been lost, etc.

  14. [re=207130]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: It’s fucking hilarious. When the Kos gets a story (ohh I’d say 90% of the time), they hack it up to make it look bigger then when it had originally broke three years prior. They do the same thing as the Enquirer, but only after the story has died a fiery death and is rotting in Journalism-Hell.

  15. [re=207134]chascates[/re]: Yes, it’s clear that the success of this blog is largely due to me, a commenter who only showed up about six months ago and is rarely funny, mostly grammatically incorrect and always under the influence of something (if only from the night before.)

    [re=207135]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Which makes it all the stranger that O’Reilly et al go on routine tirades against a blog that isn’t taken seriously by anyone with half a brain. HuffPo and Kos are really geared towards teenagers who are angry with their Republican parents and need some talking points to spew at the dinner table.

  16. [re=207129]El Bombastico[/re]: No shit! If this isn’t the “Best Online Community,” then there’s no such thing as an on-line community.

    Which is pretty much the case: if you belong to some community, you don’t need to spend all your time writing brilliant, touching, poignant, hysterical comments on “the Wonkette,” as Howie Kurtz calls it/us/this.

  17. I can’t believe there is no Best Root Vegetable Blog category, and they overlooked the Nasal Hair Blogging category too – I would have been in there with a chance but it’s all so mainstreamy these days.

    I remember when blogging was all about tedious people typing worthless gibberish which nobody reads. Where did it all go wrong?

  18. [re=207140]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Hahaha, that was easy getting him to show his true colors. he sure does like the cocksucking, too. And he’s been hanging around that post for days now.

  19. Fuck you all. I’ve just nominated “Hillary Clinton Supporters for John McCain,” which will now win first place in EVERY category.

    Now I’m going to return to posting on You’re all a bunch of bozos.

  20. I say Jim, Kev and Sarah owe it all to Kev-O-Tron. His timely and insightful comment “MAD, MAD, MAD” put you all on the map. Face it. Prior to that point this site was never able to overcome the Anna Marie Cox buttsecks plateau.

  21. The category of “Small Rodent-Eating, Infectious Pet Reptile Blog” seems empty. Wonkette would be a shoe-in to be a champ there. Unless, unless, of course, Wonkette were put head-to-head with the autobiographical musings of Michelle Malkin.
    I trust that I’ve not overstepped myself.

  22. See, the deal is, we’re all Wonketeers. That’s been plain since day 1. We admit it freely. No one questions it. Either you are one of us or you aren’t.

    What are they over at Politico? Politicoids? Politoheads? The Polity? Please –

    Also, I blame furries.

  23. [re=207223]HuskyMescan[/re]: The Wolf did show an unhealthy obsession with that thread. I had long forgotten about that and just filed it in the just another ‘GOP child molester’ category.

  24. [re=207126]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: RE KOS. What’s up with this “Open Thread for Night Owls, Early Birds & Expats” idea?

    At times when there aren’t frequent updates here, I wish we had some additional stimulus, but somehow we make do. What would you even begin to type in an open thread?

    Oh, and now they have lame awards like “MOST VALUABLE POLICY GROUP: The Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy”.

    Yawn – Jim – Thanks for the video Top 10 we wouldn’t be here if you gave out “MOST VALUABLE GRASSROOTS INITIATIVE” awards

  25. [re=207109]cal[/re]: That’s “Web Log” Award…you know, as in nine inches of hard, round, thick, juicy…blogging.

    Five, if you’re Caucasian.

  26. Wait. 95 gazillionty posts, and not one mention of the real reason why Wonkette got nominated in the first place: Best Blog That Mentions Buttsecks With Alarming Frequency? SHOCKED I am!

  27. Is our rival nominated for anything? Or is that crazy liberal “hate” site undeserving? You know—the other site where Kev-O-Tron posts, I believe.

  28. WARBLOGGER action figures coming soon to store near you!!!

    See! Moderately overweight WARBLOGGERS wrestle with Laptops with such feverish intensity as to keep you riveted for minutes on end!

    Coming Soon in 2012!



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