Larry Craig is a terrible closeted homosexual and right-wing Idaho “Super Tuber” who was also a loathsome crooked senator who would basically do whatever the land rapists asked, as long as he could keep up the bathroom ass-fucking/sucking. He was America’s Greatest Hero and the symbol of the Republican Party. But now nobody wants to see the tawdry public toilet at the Minneapolis airport where he was last caught plying his particular rough trade.

The men’s room at the Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport where Republican Sen. Larry Craig was arrested in a sex sting is losing it appeal as a tourist stop, an official said.

The good news, if you are the kind of liberal prude who hates to find an old closeted-gay Republican senator sucking off a cop in a public restroom at the airport, is that the notoriety of this once-beloved GOP “cruisy toilet” has actually killed the cruisy-toilet vibe that made this out-of-the-way men’s room such a haven for closeted-gay Republican politicians “making a connection” in Minneapolis.

Larry Craig is still married, to some woman! Now that he’s back from his swinging life in Washington, where he’s been fucking and sucking for three decades, will he even live in the same house as his alleged wife?

Sen. Craig restroom tanking as tourist destination [AP-Yahoo]

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  1. The folks i feel sorry for are those at the Concessions selling “Cream Filled” foot long hot dogs and Super Tubers who will lose their jobs.

    Note to Minn/St Paul. If that’s one of your major tourist attractions you have then you might need some work to do. How about a tour of collapsing bridges?

  2. [re=206048]bc[/re]: I think George Bush is just an alcoholic with delusions of grandeur. And Dick Chene…well, I don’t really want to speculate on what turns him on.

  3. [re=206048]bc[/re]: …of course there are, but the ones that are left are into female strap-on fetishes! Which “technically” doesn’t make you “gay”.

  4. [re=206053]Doglessliberal[/re]: …I think what turns Dick Cheney on falls under the fetish sub category of “Bestiality Scat Snuff films”. Its actually a very popular genre for the evil undead!

  5. I think we should get off Craig (pun so very intended). After all, he’s pretty much the only Republican cruising for consenting adults.

  6. [re=206055]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: That’s what they all say, it’s “technically” heterosexual. So is getting it from a she-male with a real penis, at least that’s what Tucker Carlson’s been saying for years.

  7. The Minnesota tourist industry can’t afford to loose any of our winter time “attractions”. The LC Memorial Stall was perfect due to its location and the fact that you didn’t need to worry about your camera freezing. We’ll need something to replace this monument to GOP hypocrisy. What’s Vitter up to these days?

  8. I was on my way to a Rapid City funeral in October when we changed planes in Minneapolis, so there wasn’t time and mood to visit it, but I would have loved to. Wide Stance, you’re the gift that keeps on giving. Keep fighting those slanderous accusations, babe; you’re our comic savior in the new depression.

  9. I always wondered who bought the condoms in airport bathrooms, especially when large variety multi-packs of are available in the airport pharmacy. Now, we have our answer.

  10. After viewing those mug shots for the nth time, I can now state, with near certainty, that Larry’s wearing black leather chaps … no bottom, of course.

  11. [re=206054]Warren Terror[/re]: I guess SOMEONE hasn’t ridden the Paul Bunyan Log Chute (flume) at Camp Snoopy at the Mall of America. Only one death and that was ten years ago!

  12. We need an update from Larry Craig’s office explaining what he’s doing to “Get the Gay Out”. I’m sure there are facinating seminars and preachers involved.

    Did he ever issue a public apology with wife in tow, akin to Spitzer and Little Britian?

  13. [re=206088]Riotting[/re]: Spokane- I remember when the big news was the Imax theater and then PF Changs. Have the libraries gotten decent hours yet? I did like the big old hotel downtown-and the motels turned into offices

  14. Well, if they want it to be a tourist attraction, why doesn’t anybody say which concourse, which gate etc.? I asked before and no one knew. Of course I didn’t ask anyone with a penis. Not that I have one, or you need one, right, just to have your picture taken on the outside to say you were there, like Statue of Liberty, Golden Gate etc.?

    Does anyone know where it is?

  15. [re=206095]Darehead[/re]: well, this might narrow it a bit (and nice use of “withered” there, AP)

    “Though tourist interest has withered, the surge of publicity from Craig’s arrest helped end the type of activity in the restroom that had prompted lewd-conduct complaints, he said.

    Plans to modify the restroom to prevent occupants from passing signals were scrapped because complaints dropped.

    ‘It is the busiest restroom at Minneapolis-St. Paul International,’ Hogan told The Spokesman-Review. ‘It’s right in the middle of our main thoroughfare.'”

  16. Hey well at least he’s wearing his fucking flag pin, you guys… That means he CARES about our COUNTRY… (and maybe also annonymous glory hole sex in an airport restroom).

  17. [re=206083]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: I thought I was coming down w/teh Gay one time, but listened to four Celine Dion CDs in a row and got right over it.

  18. Just went and looked at that Super Tuber recipe: a baked potato reamed out so you can put a hot dog inside it, then microwaved for four minutes. My God, who would eat such a thing?

    Why do states with the most beautiful scenery and smallest populations to mess it up (e.g. Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska) have such terrible people living there?

  19. [re=206103]Doglessliberal[/re]: Tanks. I thought when it happened though, one of the things that really looked suspicious was that he had gone to a restroom really far away from his gate. Hmmm. MSP is so dang big, still can’t picture it.

  20. [re=206142]assistant/atlas[/re]: He doesn’t count – it was with women- not even underage- and he paid for it- just helping the economy. Is his big mouth wife still standin’ by him?

  21. [re=206132]AnnieGetYourFun[/re]: Thought Canadians were okay, for the most part: world-wide peacekeepers, national health insurance, Neil Young, the early Lorne Michaels, Mordecai Richler, Leonard Cohen. This tip the balance against Celine Dion.

  22. [re=206116]Min[/re]: Clearly, this isn’t an attraction for the kids anyway. What they need is some wax-museum quality life size dummies of Craig and the cop in flagrante delicto even though the act never actually took place (as far as I know). Cordon the stall off with a red velvet stanchion and otherwise leave the place a functioning restroom.

    Get Mme. Tussaud on the job and save this Minnesota tourist attraction!

  23. [re=206088]Riotting[/re]: Gotta watch your sentence structure and word use there- there’s a huge difference between “lay over there” and “layover there.” Or was that intentional?

  24. [re=206148]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: This is all about marketing. This pissoir should be marketed as a Republican shrine, where you either (a) touch the door and are cured of heterosexuality, or (b) hang by your knees Blarney Stone style and kiss the bottom of the stall divider, to make you prodigously mendacious.

  25. Meanwhile, I propose a solution:

    Book David Phillips to make an appearance at the Grand Reopening (there’s a pun in there somewhere) of the Stall Of Fame; while we’re at it, book Ed Asner and Mary Tyler Moore, and they can reenact the “You got spunk…I HATE spunk!” (it works on so many levels!) scene from her eponymous show.

    Problem solved.

  26. Puh-lease. Everyone knows the new (summertime) cruising ground is the banks of the Mississippi, underneath the Franklin Avenue bridge. That’s where we had our vigil for Larry Craig during the RNC last September. (If you’ve never read the transcripts of the Super Tuber’s interrogation by that cop, do; you will asphyxiate laughing.)

  27. [re=206093]finallyhappy[/re]: Although the PF Changs and IMax are still hopping, they aren’t the news. There is no news. As for libraries, I use Gonzaga’s, and it has decent hours. I enjoy it, but not as much as DC

  28. [re=206081]freerangemink[/re]: Paul Bunyon Log Chute? I tell ya, this gay stuff writes itself, seriously…Log Chute, hahaha. Gay Loggers for Larry Craig.

  29. [re=206063]Monsieur Grumpe[/re]: What is with “loosing” for losing these days? Damn — first it’s reigning cats, dogs and missiles and now we’re worried about loosing things. Christ, has all this attention paid to Bible Spice led to a horrible disease?

  30. [re=206181]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: It’s my birthday, so everyone has the day off. At least everyone who has the SayItWithWookies desk calendar.

  31. [re=206183]SayItWithWookies[/re]: AnnieGetYourFun tells me you live in Richmond. I’m flying into Richmond on January 16 to hang with some friends before cruising up to DC. Wanna grab a beer?

  32. @Kev-O-Tron: The blog fad has run its course. No more blogs in 2009. Come join me in the future of interactive internet entertainment: Second Life!

    Wait…what? Second Life peaked in 2006? Well, fuck. Now what am I supposed to do? Go outside ? The police keep demanding I put on pants when I do that, dammit!

  33. [re=206188]Naked Bunny with a Whip[/re]: Yes, I hear Michelle Malkin is back to ranting on corners in busy shopping districts now that this whole blogging thing jumped the shark. And please don’t put pants on – they’re overrated.

  34. [re=206189]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: Thanks — and I haven’t drunk too much yet, though not for lack of trying. And getting together for a beer would be cool. You has my facebook?

  35. [re=206191]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I’ll ask Andrea to fix us up. You’re funny – I look forward to meeting you. Annie, Iwillsavethispatient and I rendezvoused for the election night and it was drunken mayhem. I think the highlight was getting verbally destroyed by my very, very angry (now ex) girlfriend in front of total strangers. It was awesome.

  36. [re=206181]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: I know, what the FUCK? Where’s all the NEWS and JUICY TIDBITS?
    What the hell else am I supposed to while sitting in my office? Work? Yeah, right, as if… so I’m Googling Bristle Palin’s “baby” and trying to buy drugs via text message… BOOOOORRINGGGGG

  37. [re=206207]chascates[/re]: NO- we discussed this earlier today- Gosh, keep up folks! NO baby yet. I do have the email address of a reporter at the Wasilla paper who wrote about Levi’s mom- so I am
    thinking of writing to him and asking if he has seen Bristol carrying an internal watermelon or not.

  38. The Mall of America is where straight people go to suck the product dong. And by product dong I mean anodized, polished vanadium steel socket wrenches.

  39. [re=206055]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: of course there are, but the ones that are left are into female strap-on fetishes! Which “technically” doesn’t make you “gay”.

    Well, surely THAT doesn’t make you gay. Not that I ever tried it or anything…

  40. Jesus Harold Christ III esq.! If we could only figure a way to harness the comedy energy generated by the Idaho Bathroom Goblin, I bet we could turn a mill wheel or power the wheels of a(n) horseless cart.

  41. [re=206238]FreshCliches[/re]: Only in my mind… Yeah, she was really great about arguing in private. Private places like grocery stores, bars, restaurants, city streets…. What a keeper.

  42. [re=206263]Kev-O-Tron[/re]: You know what they say about the crazy ones — it’s all fun, games and wild sex until somebody’s bunny gets boiled.

  43. [re=206319]SayItWithWookies[/re]: I’m being a little unfair. She is a nice person and there’s no hard feelings. I was shit.faced. and probably deserving of a little scorn (albeit poorly timed).

    Regarding the crazy ones: I went on a date once and the next day I was inundated with text messages about how she was terminally ill but I shouldn’t tell anyone because she wanted to die in peace. Jebus. My fucking life is so great.

  44. The Minnesota state lottery has a concession stand just to the left (or maybe it’s just to the right) of the place – which last time I looked, had a statue of Snoopy pointing right to its entrance. Anyway, buy a lottery ticket and visit the stall, get lucky in multiple places? When done, it’s a short walk to the food court where you could get a foot long and drink a milk shake.

  45. [re=206088]Riotting[/re]: by “get a lay over there” do you mean “get a layover there” or “get a lay… over there– as in Craig’s Stall”?

  46. Update: I was there last week. The handicapped stall was barricaded and wrapped in what looked like Police Tape. I told my wife I’d give her five bucks to ask a TSA screener where the shrine is. She asked a Northwest flight attendant instead, who, in true NWA style, looked appalled that we’d asked her to think. Then, a TSA person walked right up to us and pointed it out. Who says that the private sector services us (heh heh) better than public employees? Rock on, TSA.

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