By now you have heard the very silly story of the jokester who wrote in “Lizard People” on his ballot, singlehandedly derailing the very complicated Senate election in Minnesota. Witness this group of Deciders trying to figure out if Lizard People is a known individual or not. What is sadder, the American election system or the American legal system? (Thanks to “An annoyed (& entertained?) Minnesotan” for sharing. We are doomed.) [YouTube]

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  1. I’d like to thank you for sharing this wonderful example of time being wasted; having watched this clip (actually only a few moments of it) has left me realizing that, no matter how lazy I might be, no matter how meaningless my chores might be, not matter how pointless my efforts might prove, I will have accomplished more than those involved in this clip; and that has given my life meaning…again, thank you…

  2. I just got banned from Daily Kos again. Awesome. Good laughs first thing in the morning. You wouldn’t think Obamabot would elicit such a negative response…

  3. [re=202901]sailingthestyx[/re]: Yes, sometimes one just needs a very bad example to make one’s peace with the world. “Could be worse,” I thought, “I could suck as bad as he does.” It is nepenthe to the soul. Or perhaps Absinthe or napalm or something. Whatevs.

  4. One unfortunate result of the lizard people phenomenon is that some voters will now see the write-in ballot as a way to gain publicity. Aside from that, I am looking forward to the remake of Abbott and Costello meet Al Frankenstin and DraculaCunt.

  5. Now I want to see Norm Coleman win by a single vote so that he has to go through the next six yeas knowing an argument that “Lizard People” could be a real person is what got him reelected.

  6. [re=202922]WagTehGod[/re]:

    Except he’ll probably come up with some guy who legally changed his name to “Lizard People” as part of a radio contest to win an iPod touch.

  7. So I can get the Minnesota election board’s best guess as to whether or not there is a god by writing in “god” on my ballot? Cool. I will also find out about the chupacabra, stay tuned.

  8. I think the picture of Mitch McConnell on the sidebar proves the existence of lizard people. I wonder if he coul help me save money on my car insurance?

  9. haha, that old bitch at the beginning is so confused about the “flying spaghetti monster???” Just wait until the second-coming of FSM when spicy meatballs will fall from the skies and sauce as hot as lava will spout forth from the seas. That will be a yummy day.

  10. [re=202938]Miller[/re]: He was interviewed on MPR. You will be shocked to know he was a dumbass hippie fuck, but he said he intended to vote for Franken.

  11. I don’t think you should count the Lizard People ballots. They’re too vague. But the Enoch the Sleestak ballots should be counted, provided Enoch can prove that by living somewhere between space and time, he is an actual resident of Minnesota. I’m sure he can prove it. It’ll probably require putting red and yellow crystals together.

  12. Minnesota’s teachers gotta spend all their time prepping kids to look good on the global math and science tests. It’s for our national security. They don’t have time to be teaching time-wasting frivolous stuff.

    (And the nation’s longest recount goes on…)

  13. [re=202911]2druk2phluq[/re]: “I just got banned from Daily Kos again. Awesome. Good laughs first thing in the morning. You wouldn’t think Obamabot would elicit such a negative response…”

    Sounds like a whole bucketfull of laughs.

  14. [re=202922]WagTehGod[/re]: And what a terrible argument it was, based entirely on weird personal arguments: “Well, I once knew somebody whose last name was ‘People'” and “And I’ve seen some pretty crazy nicknames in my time, let me tell you, maybe ‘Lizard’ is like that.”

    I think the real winner here is David Icke, by having a Minnesota recount court rule that Lizard People are real…

  15. [re=202977]Larry McAwful[/re]: My idiotic Baptist cousin plans to name her son Enoch. Which probably means he will come out looking like he is over 300 years old.

  16. One rule stands out as causing more harm than it fixes– the rule against distinguishing marks seems to be ruling out a lot of unpretentious, proud people simply signing or initialing. Just plain stupid is the rule treating unbubbled write-ins as answers. Do we need nationwide classes for the older among us on scantrons… teh bubble is king!

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