I can do anything!Let’s check in with our favorite state, where an unfunny television performer is locked in a Mexican Death Match with St. Paul sleazebag Norm Coleman’s wife’s legs. In other words, LIZARD PEOPLE FTW! A judge somewhere in Minnesota, this state where voters treat their ballots like kids’ menus, just ruled that Franken will not get the vote of this one goofus who also wrote “LIZARD PEOPLE,” twice, on a ballot that also featured the choice of Franken over Coleman.

Coleman, meanwhile, will get the vote of some other goofus who wrote in the name “BRETT FAVRE” along with the selection of Coleman. Thanks, Diebold!

But! Franken does get the vote of yet another goofus, in Minnesota, who appended Franken’s printed name on the ballot with “-STIN,” apparently a failed attempt to make Franken’s name become “AL FRANKENSTEIN,” which is anti-Semitic.

Could we just get Rod Blagojevich to fly over from Chicago and pick whichever one has the most money for a bribe, and end this thing? (LIZARD PEOPLE will pay One Billion Whore Diamonds for this Senate seat.)

Brett Favre Beats Lizard People []

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  1. To be fair, there is a region of provençe where “Lizard” is a common given name. And the bad guy in the Samuel Jackson remake of Shaft was nicknamed “peoples.” So from that to Lizard People being a real name is not a huge jump.

  2. [re=202300]Deepthroat[/re]: [re=202307]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: [re=202310]Serolf Divad[/re]:

    Two men enter, one man leaves.
    For either post…you decide.

  3. When will this episode of “Two Candidates, One Cup” end? Coleman’s going to get indicted and have to resign if he gets back in anyway. Al can wait 2 years for the special if he has to.

  4. [re=202325]TGY[/re]: Ours is tomorrow. I work in a law office, so everyone will be drunk and assfucking each other.
    Oh wonderful gawdless litigation!

  5. [re=202320]WadISay[/re]: [re=202328]Kev-O-Tron[/re]:
    Now, that’s Deepthroat drunk and 4 anxious suitors in 19 minutes….
    this is quickly taking on that Bah-chikka-wa-waaaa flavor.

  6. What the voter was clearly indicating on his (her?) ballot was: (a) he wanted to vote for Al, and (b) that Al was a “Evil reptilian kitten-eater from another planet”. That was easy enough.

  7. [re=202330]actor212[/re]: He was endorsed by the Democrats For Lizards, though. Not to be confused with the other DFL, whatever it is they do.

    Democrats For Lizards are also active in neighboring Wisconsin, where they regularly endorse Senator Herp Kohl.

  8. [re=202355]magic titty[/re]:

    Seriously, I’m wondering: how many readers upon seeing that picture are like “Forget the fox, WTF is up with his face?”

  9. [re=202362]Enturbulate[/re]:
    Nope, nuclear power plant engineer.

    I’m going to go out on a limb here and predict how this whole mess will end. Norm comes out on top by 11 votes after the judges finish counting. They add in the mail-in ballets that were falsely rejected and Al wins by 12 votes. It goes to the Minnesota Supreme Court and they give it Norm. It goes to the Federal Supreme Court and they give to Al. The Lizard People invade and eat the government. The end.

  10. [re=202343]Violenza[/re]: What I meant was, the lizard people voter is like the dog, the vote not being counted is like the fox, and the fuchsia-faced Chinaman is like Al Franken.

  11. [re=202305]AngryBlakGuy[/re]:
    If he couldn’t kill Coleman with a knife, Al could simply read the phone book out loud and Coleman would eventually kill himself.

  12. The question nobody is asking: The ruling clearly indicates that the person voted for somebody besides Franken, right? Does this mean that Lizard People will get a vote then? Cuz I would soooo move to Minnesota just because of that.

  13. [re=202357]Larry McAwful[/re]: I wondered about that weird thing Franken did with his tongue during the debates.

    Say, I think McCain did the same thing, now that I think about it…

  14. Honestly, if I had been bad enough to serve time as a Minnesota Election Judge, I would rule that the voter chose: 1) Lizard People first, 2) Al Franken second, and 3) All others, not so much. The top Lizard People vote apparently pertains to some office higher than US Senator. In Minnesota, that would be Fisheries Commissioner.

  15. [re=202443]Mahousu[/re]: Why do you assume that the “L” stands for Lizard? The could just be little people. Are you going to call them up to ask?

  16. Actually, “Lizard people” just might be some obscure reference to ‘So long, and thanks for all the fish’ (Douglas Adams).
    “Take me to your lizard” anyone?
    Or perhaps it’s from H.P. Lovecraft, ‘The Nameless City’.

    Or perhaps not.

  17. I think illegal immigrants are to blame for this. Now, hear me out: The bottom one almost looks like it says “Lizard Apple”. That’s got to be something like an “Alligator Pear”, another name for an avocado, the major ingredient in guacamole. Bueno. Presto.

  18. There was a time when Minnesota was the sensible, boring state.

    That said, if they had kept that wrasslin governor, they probably wouldn’t have had the lizard people problem. Next election, they should draft El Santo for something.

  19. Look at that ballot, though. He has written “Lizard People” for president and filled in the oval next to it. For Senator he has written “Lizard people” but filled in the oval for Franken. Therefore he meant to vote for Franken but was just wanting to make it clear that Lizard people should have been an available option.

  20. [re=202318]seriesoftubescleaner[/re]: It’s the only way in, the Lizard People have closed the borders to everyone but Alan Greenspan and his sex slave/succubus Andrea Mitchell.
    We could take Dick Cheny, tape an apple in his mouth, slather his naked flesh with butter and send him running across the boarder to distract them, but then who would we use as “The Human Torch of Liberty” come inauguration day.
    The key here is Mrs Coleman, the queen of the Lizardkind. If we take her out, their revolution will degenerate into a mad scramble for hot rocks and then a lot of torpor because it is very cold in the tribal lands this time of year.

  21. Clearly the absentee ballots cast by residents of Levels 4 and below at Dulce base, those ballots have gone “missing.” That’s where the Lizard People are you know.

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