Pat Buchanan has written a real ripsnorter of a column in the American Conservative about how the Republicans are a bag of salty dicks, for hating Detroit. Detroit could be worse — for example, they could be Japs: “But why this ‘Let-them-eat-cake!’ coldness toward U.S. auto companies? General Motors employs more workers than all these foreign plants combined. And, unlike Mitsubishi, General Motors didn’t bomb Pearl Harbor.” [American Conservative]

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  1. Good lord — you know the Republican party has screwed itself when Pat Buchanan looks more reasonable than they do, Pearl Harbor reference notwithstanding. I’m just sorry he didn’t make an allusion to one of our fresh-faced boys getting hit with a piece of the fifth avenue el.

  2. Well I’m convinced. And using that, er, logic, lets make sure Boeing, McDonnel Douglass, Airbus, or whatever company made the evil planes that crashed into the WTC and Pentagon also fail.

  3. A grocery store “bag boy” was carrying groceries to the car for a middle-aged lady (“cougar” in today’s parlance).

    Lady: Young man, I have an itchy pussy.

    Teen: You’ll have to point it out for me ma’am, all these Japanese cars look alike!

  4. Poppy Downes: And meanwhile, our brothers from the east were eating bowls of rice safely nestled in their internment camps.
    Chuck Noblet: Excellent report, Poppy. It’s important that we never forget the atrocities the Japanese committed against our boys.

  5. We have to bail out the Big 3 in case we find ourselves in World War II again and need them to build Jeeps. All those other car plants around the country could not possibly build a Jeep.

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