Mika Brzezinski got mugged this morning waiting for her cab outside a DC hotel. That just sucks. So Joe Scarborough just keeps talking about it, while Mika says, “It’s fine. MOVING ON.” [Washington Times]

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  1. If it didn’t happen to Campbell Brown, I’m not interested. But now, I fear she is out of my life.

    Can any of you who figured out how to ad block her tell me how I can permanently bring her back, in every website I look at?

  2. Wait? Where’s Giant Campbell Brown? Without her enormous visage staring at me, the world feels cold… so very, very cold. *shivers* Must… go… EcoDrive…

  3. [re=201872]Serolf Divad[/re]: Zing! Which is why I’m more likely to spend my free hour before work in the morning at my computer playing Civilization IV than I am to spend it watching Morning Joke.

    When I notice that Scarborough’s not going to be on the show, I make it a point to catch it.

  4. I bet it was the Mayflower – there were an unusual number of cop cars there this morning, enough to suggest something happened with someone semi-famous, but not enough for someone actually important.

  5. The mugger probably thought he was just treating her in the manner to which she is accustomed.

    But no, seriously, mugging isn’t funny. Scarborough yes, mugging no.

  6. i’m ashamed to admit that i would do joe scargorough…

    but seriously — what hotel was this at? being in a “good district” really opens the door to a lot of hotels as opposed to it being the best western in anacostia. jeebus — i need more eggnog! *hic*

  7. OK, the WTOP story says he asked for $20, and she gave him $6 and he left. This is a panhandler, not a mugger. If that is the case, this is one idiotic, out-of-touch princess.

  8. Gee, I hope Fenty will get the police more involved in the real crimes in DC. If she gave the guy $6 bucks when he asked for $20 and he didn’t punch, knife or shoot her- it is a win-win situation in DC.

  9. That actually does suck, because Mika once refused to read some drivel about Paris Hilton or somesuch on the air on a day when several hundred Iraqis had just been wiped out. Joe, on the other hand…

  10. [re=201893]norbizness[/re]: I’m not sure, Norby. The creation of dark energy has caused the singularity that is MSNBC to expand beyond its event horizon, I think. Exhibit A: Keith Olbermann. Exhibit B: Rachel Maddow.

  11. [re=201970]davesnothere[/re]: I remember that. That was the day I fell in love with Mika. However, her unwillingness to stand up and kick Joe in the face has caused that initial infatuation to fizzle some.

  12. Where’s my Campbell Brown? I awakened this morning to find that our Goddess has misunappeariated from the site, and I dunno wha’ to do… Is she being replaced by mugged Mika, the Joe Scarborough windup bed dolly?

  13. [re=202002]actor212[/re]: On their best evenings, they get about one-tenth of the audience of a UFC Training Challenge #13 re-run on the Spike Channel.

  14. It isn’t what Mika says, it’s her eyes….there’s so much wounded womanness under Joe’s thumb, EVERY DAY….she’s my favorite submissive, and probably the mugger/street urchin begger’s too…

  15. Actually, this could be a new thing for Scarborough.

    Next on “Revictimization with Joe Scarborough”, Joe will interview Elizabeth F. who, as you might remember, was held captive by her father in a basement dungeon for twenty years, while being raped on a nearly daily basis.

    Joe: “Thanks for speaking to me Elizabeth. So, you were raped, over, and over, and over, and over again by your father for twenty years. How was that for you?

    Elizabeth: “….”

    Joe: “No really, as your father constantly forced himself on you, violating you in every delici – er, digusting way – fast, slow, on all fours, hanging – impregnating you on multiple occasions, was there a moment where you thought you should just put an end to your misery?”

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