Well this is the shadiest sentence ever written: “Located in the heart of DC on embassy road –where all of the embassy’s are.” Hmm, wonder if that’s near Embassy Row, where there are also a lot of embassies? Another major tip-off: “All money will be handled through money wire.” A true plutocrat would never be so tasteless as to mention the word “money,” twice! Obviously, John Edwards is behind this scam. [Craigslist]

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  1. I will pay you $10,000 to rent my apartment!!!! Here’s how it works. I’ll send you a check for $30,000. You then deposit that check and right-away write me a check for $20,000. Then you can stay in my fancy D.C. apartment and use the $10,000 you made on fun times in D.C.

  2. Nigerians, John Edwards, why would anyone think they are responsible?

    The only name that comes to my mind here is Campbell Brown, but I’m not sure why.

  3. I’m offering my place here in Boston for $7,000 during the inauguration. And don’t knock it—the way this thing is shaping up, that’s about as close to DC as you’re going to get. You shouldn’t oughta waited.

  4. Please note, there’s a 300,005 (because we can all use an extra $5) 3 br/ba listing right below that one, by the same guy. Total rip-off. Even if it is also in the heart of DC – this time, by Capitol Hill -where all the Capitals are.

  5. “you’ve got the spanish embassy … that’s on embassy road. there’s the canadian embassy … that’s on embassy road too. the chinese embassy? that’s on embassy road. there’s the australian embassy … matter of fact, there all in the same area, the embassy complex on embassy road.”

    “oh, the embassy district.”

    “that’s right.”

  6. I think this is the newest big three bailout plan. The auto’s will rent out Dick Shelby’s DC pad to inagural visitors and keep the proceeds.

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