Former Ohio Congressman Bob Ney, famous for accepting all bribes from Jack Abramoff when he was ripping off those Indians, finished his 30-month prison sentence in August — surprise! — after 17 months in prison. He is now under “supervision” at his Columbus home. But that is no way for a man of leisure to live his life, of course! So it turns out he’s requested a passport, and received one (from a judge!), and now refuses to talk to the press. Looks like we’ve got a runner, America! YOU BOYS LIKE MEX-EE-CO? [WTOV 9]

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  1. The one-time member of Republican party leadership hasn’t ruled out a return to public life. The 18th Congressional District is believed to be a prime opportunity for a Republican victory in 2010.

    So what’s he planning, exile to South America and a triumphant return in 2010? That’s so Republican.

  2. Perhaps the greatest advantage of politics is the ability to cheat, steal, murder, rape, imprison and what not, without any serious repercussions. This is why everyone should go into politics.

    @Jim Newell: The Supertroopers reference. NEEice.

  3. Wait’ll he tries to leave the country and discovers the airlines made a few changes while he was in the slammer. For one thing, a $50 surcharge for his wig.

  4. [re=199841]Lascauxcaveman[/re]: You can believe the rumors on Ney’s “hair” are true, but I have it on good authority that Blaggy’s hair is the real deal.

    We’re still working on getting him on my show to resign. He’s leaning towards Katie at this time, however. Barbara’s still in the running, too. He’s going to have to move fast, however. At least faster than the Illinois legislature. Clock is ticking, Governor Blagojevich. We don’t pay much for a live resignation after impeachment.

    Hugs n’ kisses.

    8pm CNN Weeknights

  5. Hmm. I wonder if Mr. Freedom Fries, the Nattering Bob Ney of Negativism, has seen the light of his own ancestral origins and will be going to France.

  6. I believe that Ney and Blagojevich are getting their haircuts directly from Osama Bin Laden, which is why the CIA has him on the road for Operation Loaded Comb.

  7. I say,
    Bob Ney, for president.
    You say,
    we don’t want to play,
    but in realitey,
    it’s either him,
    or the Palin pooch in 2012,
    that is, unless we delve,
    into the watery schism of, Taco Bell.
    And find that republican champion,
    the one who leads us to the golden arch,
    and uses words like, swell,
    or, even better,
    makes movies with monkeys
    and is the second character, and is later chosen by the republican party,
    to be the savior of the holy earth,
    but actually can’t piss without help.
    I apologize, I am adversely affected by politics and stupidity, sans reason.

  8. OK all of you folks. Bob Ney works for me full time. He does commentary on many of our radio station and program clients. So, he talks to the press every day. He has taught English in Iran. I asked him to request the passport so he can help us with the most poorest of the poor in a project in Sudan. I am very liberal so stop your yapping and start looking at people as human beings. Ellen Ratner

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