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  1. Neon Trotsky

    Now that it’s been scientifically established as a principle, can we officially diagnose Nick Gillespie with narcissistic personality disorder due to the hairdo?

  2. problemwithcaring

    A spokesman for Blago’s Hairpiece states that it is deeply offended by this unfounded comparison. It will holding a news conference later today to address these charges.

  3. kmarie08wj

    Hmm… I feel like Blago looks more like a Who (his mouth area at least) than this Gillespie character…

  4. One Yield Regular

    He reminds me of Mikhail Saakashvili, mostly in attitude. And for a while there they sported almost the same haircut.

  5. OffTheRecord

    [re=197748]L Urchin[/re]: No! Don’t go that direction! Javier Bardem is the hot. I don’t want Blagodicks anywhere near him.

  6. bumfug

    Alot of you are close but this mutt looks like he was separated at birth from Dan White, the guy that shot Harvey Milk. Of course Dan is no longer with us, as he connected his exhaust pipe to the inside of his car back in the ’80s. Sort of ironic when you think about it – the guy who murdered the first gay supervisor in SF died sucking on a hose…

  7. gjdodger

    Sonofablagojevich is the ultimate libertarian–he sells Senate seats to the highest bidder! He should share a cell with that other noted free marketeer, Alan Greenspan.

  8. JadedDIssonance

    [re=197765]OffTheRecord[/re]: he is most certainly NOT the “hot.” The man reminds me of a douche that my ex cheated on me with.

    hmm, I guess I see your point now…

    (i haz a sad)

  9. p-Sludge ofTheElves

    Libertarian dude is a Dracula or a Mephistopheles.
    Bagojefich is some kind of were-rat maybe.

  10. Mustang

    [re=197746]Deepthroat[/re]: Word. I don’t know from this Gillespies guy, but the guy in the photo appears to be hot. Blaggy appears to be not.

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