Wow, this gal is a quick healer! Less than a month ago her jaw was wired shut, and here she is talking again. She says it’s good that newspapers are going bankrupt, because this is how competition works in the Free Market, and competition is good, because people want more choices rather than less, and so offering people fewer choices in print media is … awesome? Whatever, nobody ever said Ann Coulter had to make sense. [YouTube]

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  1. Ugh, that shrill harpy again? I’m not even watching the video because, Goddamnit, why? I know it’s just going to make me feel pissed off.

    Man, I wish every day was Anal Secks Wednesday. 12/10 NEVER FORGET.

  2. Oh, I have heard that meth makes you twitchy and causes you to babel nonsense and vote in the wrong district. But all the excess energy makes you either do lots of sex or give irrational speeches about that of which you do not know doodley-squat.

  3. I loathe her so profoundly that I cannot even be flip about it. Although I will say that she hasn’t been the same, since they dropped that house on her sister.

  4. I’m glad you support the FLEA market, (M)ann. Now go there and sell yourself. Because you are one nasty bloodsucking pest in this dog eat dog world and the one place you belong is under the skin of your natural kinfolk, a Rottweil Metzgerhund BITCH.

  5. I’m taking up a collection to buy Ann Coulter more cigarettes. It doesn’t appear that she’s smoking enough. More cigarettes are faster acting, right? That’s my math here, anyway.

    If we can get her up to a carton a day, I’ll call it progress. Get her to inhale cigars or pipes and then we’re really cooking.

  6. That was the most logical thing I have heard this morning. However, I literally just woke up. Looking at porn right now would probably be more fulfilling then Ann’s delicious rants.
    Isn’t she glorious?

  7. That was a seriously ratshit crazy rant, she must be suffering from Post That Bastard Who Wrecked the World and Republicans have Finally been Revealed as the Zeonphopic, Ignorant, Racists that They Really are Depression…(I’m on cold medicine).

  8. [re=196447]MathewBrooks[/re]:
    How about a simple anagram?
    Ann Coulter = A loner cunt
    Why can’t this bitch just dry up (done)
    Die (soon)
    Go Away (not fast enough)
    How about a Quentin Tarantino snuff flick where the lovely Ann and Michael Madsen spend some quality time in a windowless basement.
    No, I don’t like her.

  9. [re=196459]Larry McAwful[/re]: Great idea. Fill her with Wonder Bread, mayonnaise and Spam too. The Satannic Diet. Cgarettes and cholesterol.

    And meh-be Sarah Palin was speaking from the future when she said she reads ALL the newspapers.

  10. [re=196469]Theodorick Of York[/re]: “Simple anagrams” can be deceptive.

    Sara K Smith =
    Karma’s Shit
    Hams At Risk
    I Mask Trash
    Ram a shit, k?
    Rahm: Ass Kit

  11. [re=196469]Theodorick Of York[/re]: ANN COULTER (anagram) : NOT NUCLEAR Dunno what that means. Maybe there’s a concept trying to escape from the letters.

  12. 32 comments and no ping-pong ball jokes. I’m proud of you guys!

    But seriously folks… Isn’t it fun to watch people like Coulter getting laughed out of polite society? Her “books” will forever be remembered as wingnut rantings regarded with as much respect as Readers Digest.

  13. Walter Cronkite–The President of the Ho Chi Min Admiration Society? Why is she fighting a 90 year old man? She’s right though, it will be great when newspapers are out of business so that we can get away from fact content entirely and go all opinion all the time. Truthiness triumphs over truth. Heute Fox, Morgan the ganze Welt!

  14. Facts presented by Ann Coulter:
    1) Competition is good because monopolies are bad.
    2) New York is unusual because it has more than one paper.
    3) The economy can only sustain one newspaper per city, and a few national magazines.
    3) Up until 10 years ago, there were *three TV stations*.
    4) The Internet offers *infinite competition*.

  15. [re=196523]StephanieInCA[/re]: I know!!!! Someone gave me one of her cookbooks. The design is BUTT ugly and confusing. There is no table of contents or index, which doesn’t matter because you wouldn’t actually want to cook any of her recipes because they suck, and she uses 5 million pounds of fat. Where does she get off writing a cookbook?? She know absolutely nothing about food. She is just a greedy media whore. I know this is off topic, but I have to warn people.

  16. [re=196524]dasNeonlicht[/re]: Yeah remember back in 1997 when it was just ABC, CBS, and NBC? Odd how all these venerable and long-standing networks like CNN, HBO, and Showtime sprang up overnight.

  17. You know, the rational decision for newspapers to make in tough times would be to cut their bat-shit columnists. Fortunately for Ann, the National Review is anything but rational. They’d probably sell off their printing presses before they cut back on the amount of kookiness.

  18. [re=196533]ManchuCandidate[/re]: my bad. In that case…

    I can’t watch video at work but this looks like a scene from the stage version of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

  19. Oh, the shame that she and I went to the same law school…
    Except it’s a pretty good law school.
    But still — if the admissions committee decided that both she and I deserved admittance, does that mean that we have something in common?
    Because I don’t want to have anything in common with her.

  20. Half of these comments would be considered libel and open to a defamation lawsuit in many countries. Thankfully, anything which can be identified as parody, no matter how obscene, is protected under US freedom of speech. Ann Coulter licks his own taint. GOD BLESS AMERICA

  21. The succubus must have awesome powers indeed to be able to open up her screeching yap just a month after having it wired shut. However, no power in the cosmos will ever be able to open the locked down mind – as small as it is.

  22. Even if there were footage of Ann busting out some serious gymnastic contortionism involving throwing her legs behind her head and shoving her crotch precariously close to her own face, I wouldn’t press play.

  23. [re=196612]mattbolt[/re]:
    Priceless! I salute you!

    And that’s a lotta taint to lick, considering it runs from his penis, up his back along where a human’s spine would be, over the top of his head and down his face, terminating at his asshole.

    Now, why again was his asshole wired shut?

  24. [re=196447]MathewBrooks[/re]: Because no one who has every seen Coulter’s cunt has lived to tell the tale, or report on what type of fangs it has?

  25. [re=196532]Mustang[/re]: i LOVE paula dean because she reminds me of southern people i know and am related to but she absolutely is an idiot and you’re right about how all her recipes have like 12 sticks of butter per person in them! and in her defense she did produce two hunka hunka burnin love sons one of whom i would swear is gayer than elton john! woof!

    i do despise rachel ray tho!

  26. [re=196561]pfft..nah[/re]: actually the national review fired mr. coulter’s ass after his comment about bombing afghanistan back to the middle ages and converting them all to christianity. even the national review has some standards!

  27. Boy you libruls sure are “tolerant” of other people! “Ann Coulter licks his own taint” Stay classy. After your muslim Brobama is voted in you’ll all be singing a different tune. I’m almost over my monthly minutes with my AOL account and I’m completely out of Shiner Bock so I’ll keep this short:

    America: love it or leave it hippies!

  28. i really don’t like her at all,
    but i bet she’s on some kinda pain killers, (not that she ever make any sense any way), but now she’ll probably end up with an habit and get busted (like rush did)and that will be kind of fun too

  29. [re=196487]Sussemilch[/re]: I believe Blifil has your answer:
    “…some serious gymnastic contortionism involving throwing her legs behind her head and shoving her crotch precariously close to her own face…..”

  30. [re=196487]Sussemilch[/re]: In the interest of maintaining the intellectual level of these proceedings, I’m going to say she broke her jaw going down on the Malkinator.

    [re=196465]ManchuCandidate[/re]: Please no images of teh Coultergeist shoving anything up anyones asses.

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