Hot duds.Cast your mind back to late October, when $150,000 still seemed like a lot of money. That’s how much the Republican National Committee reported it had spent to date on Sarah Palin’s silken royal costumes and tastefully selected haute couture for her rapidly multiplying hillbilly brood. It turns out that, in the final tally, the RNC did not spend 150K after all — they spent $30,000 more than that.

New spending reports reveal that that the RNC’s tab came to a princely $180,000, spent not only at high-end stores like Saks and Nieman Marcus but also crappy “regular people” stores like Foot Locker and Wal-Mart and Toys R Us. Jesus Christ. If you are going to let people spend hundreds of thousands of dollars making you look fancy, do not let your designated shoppers to go fucking Foot Locker. That is just throwing good money after bad.

RNC spends $180K on Palin and family [Politico]

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  1. Wal-mart. It figures she was shopping there – they have a national return policy.

    The items in question have long ago been returned by SnowDude for a cash refund (or exchange towards Snowmobile parts or fishing/hunting gear).

    It’s the oldest money laundering trick in the book

  2. I never thought the lunkheads who spouted off about Sarah’s executive experience were right. She does have executive experience, if she worked for AIG.

  3. [re=191830]TurdBlossom[/re]: It’s not like there’s anything she uses above her neck.
    Her head will be rendered obsolete once she figures out how to make her shoulders wink.

  4. DIET DOCTOR PEPPERs are the new Trucknutz. Only not.
    Total. Complete. Fail.

    Maybe she had some scam going with AxHole Rose and Coca Cola involving “Chinese Democracy,” SamJoeBob the “plummer,” Ted Nugent, a chainsaw, and 180,000.00 U$D in lubricunts?

  5. Well, what can ya say to a pit bull in haute couture?

    Hot coot yer? … in what respect Charlie?
    Depends on the lipstick shade.
    See ya at the hockey game! !

  6. Spend $180,000 to dress a redneck and look what you get. Its still a redneck. Like the old saying here in SC says, ” Q. Know what the white stuff is on chickensh*t?…A. Its chickensh*t.

  7. [re=191852]Borat[/re]: Dude, don’t you remember the Talking Hulk Hands she had on during the Katie Couric interview? Her lack of functional fingers explains how she fumbled even the simplest of questions. Though in the hands’ defense, “Hulk Smash!” was the most coherent answer given during the entire interview.

  8. The rest of the country is cutting back. For example, I needed some new shirts recently, but times being what they are, I went to Sears instead of that fancypants emporium, J.C. Penny’s.

    I might go back to Penny’s again if that country music recording contract comes through, which is how all the U.S. Americans thrive, sooner or later. I’m just a regular guy, is all.

  9. [re=191854]TGY[/re]: Yes, the V’s Secret purchases may earn her a little more credibility as a literal “maverick.” Or perhaps one would have to ask Snowdude to find out for sure.

  10. OK 180K for duds, 100K plus for hair and makeup … so the total price tag for those Sarah Starburts (TM) was a cool quarter million. Wonder who besides Sissy Saxby wound up with a souvenir pair of silk undies?

  11. Except Todd spent alot of it on Furries outfits

    Obviously not enough of it. I don’t think that fursuit is even anatomically correct. Or is that Todd?

  12. [re=191865]Larry McAwful[/re]: I was already buying all my clothes at Target when times were good, I don’t know how I can cut back any further without buying soiled secondhand clothes.

  13. [re=191883]Godot[/re]: Goodwill. Seriously. In some towns they are bursting with rich people designer duds from last season. I’d try the one near the McCains…

  14. [re=191883]Godot[/re]: buying second hand clothes isn’t that bad, i buy almost everything that way…that is, everything but shoes, those i make myself from what’s left of the squirrels i trap for dinner….

  15. [re=191889]pondscum[/re]: You know, that’s actually true. I once found a genuine Harris Tweed in a Goodwill store in the small town in Pennsylvania where I grew up. Maybe Harris Tweed isn’t what some people think of when you say “big-name designer,” but in my little nerdworld, it counts, and anyway, my wife digs it, so that counts for something.

    They also had plenty of Chess King there. Big scores all around!

  16. Godot: “Soiled secondhand”? You’re not thrifting smart. I get lots of things with tags still on them from thrifts here in Cleveland. Jeans are hard to find in our obese landscape — nobody under a 38″ waist anymore, and they all get those saggy baggy elephant pants, so that’s what makes it into the thrifts. But occasionally a 31W-32L pair of 505s shows up, and pretty new-ish too, as the American male outgrows them faster than he can wear them out. Shirts are a lot easier to find, especially new stuff from embroidery places that sells for as low as 85 cents — that’s how much I paid for a brand new white Oxford buttondown embroidered with the name and insignia of a place called BrainLab. How cool is that?? Also find Brooks Brothers dress shirts in great shape, as well as other “high-end” brands. Same algorithm applies — men get fat before their shirts get worn out, so the Mrs sends them off to the thrift. The only thing that you can’t get is men’s shoes. Guys wear these things till they look like leather pods with acromegaly.

  17. Did she not hear about Dress for Success? My office sends like 20 black J.Crew stewardess/summer-intern ensembles there every year that would totally fit her.

    Its so poignant that poltical welfare-queen Palin got her very first french tips at a day spa on the public dime. Meanwhile Barry O rakes in nearly 1 billion dollars. At least 180K in crisp fifties flew out of Obama’s ass everytime he sneezed. Which was rare because he works out a lot and is never sick.

  18. [re=191899]Larry McAwful[/re]: I once found East West Musical Instruments and Members Only leather jackets at a second-hand store. One of each.

    180k is pearls before belipsticked swine.

  19. [re=191846]bonsai pajamas[/re]: Hmm… I wonder what the Republican National Committee spends overall for leather harnesses, ball gags and other assorted fetish wear.

  20. [re=191872]mookworthjwilson[/re]: Well I’m already going to hell for voting for Godless Muslin communist Barack HUSSEIN Obama so anything else is a freebie sin.

  21. do not let your designated shoppers to go fucking Foot Locker.

    What’s a girl to do? That damn Big-5 in Wasilla never has any New Balance 907’s in stock, so when you see some in the window of the Manhattan Foot Locker superstore, you pop in.

    And buy 11,000 pairs.

  22. well, at least she’s merikan born citizen with valid birf certifkit, not foto copied in a kenyan kinkos.

    Hehehe..foot locker, the mall-based shoe store. I bet the Palin’s are big fans of Chelsea’s

  23. I’ll join the chorus of Goodwill lovers here. I started shopping there in college, searching for the perfect vintage skinny ties and sharkskin sportscoats that were so beloved by my New Wave fashion crowd. Damn, we looked sharp. A heavy wool car coat or a classic trench is so much classier than a new gore-tex ski parka and costs 1/10 as much, if you know where to look for them.

    Goodwill, Saint Vincent de Paul, Salvation Army stores. They’ve got bales of them.

  24. The sad thing is that every other day there’s yet another story that shows her as a phony(a condescending, snide, lying one at that),yet there are thousands of people out there who still think she’s awesome. Saxby Chambliss used her as a campaign prop and even thanked her for her help in winning the election. People still think she’s the leading Republican figure right now and I’ve even heard reference to a Palin-wing of the Republican Party.

    Why do I bring this up? Because my head hurts everytime I bang my head against the wall when I hear her name and she’s turning me into an alcoholic.

  25. Did anyone see Mr. Limbaugh on Baba Wawa last night giving his sage incite into the new Republican goddess, Sarah Palin? Hilarious. Fat pig, overpaid, total republican.

  26. Did it never occurr to Ms. TundraWhore that HOMOS made that shit AND styled her hair AND designed all the packaging? Serves her right going to Wal-Mart and Toys Fart Us.

  27. Well let’s see:
    This avid campaigner against “socialism”,
    when given the chance to spend SOMEONE ELSE’S
    MONEY, went apeshit in high end stores (Nieman’s,
    Saks …) but reverted to her low-born self
    and had to fill up a cart at WalMart ($5000
    designer suits on top, 50 cent panties on the
    That senile ole fuck McCain had to push this
    pathetic bitch onto the national stage (where
    she never would have gotten if she had not
    had the “leg up” from numb nuts), and now
    we’ll have her in our lives for the next 20
    Bail out the banks — yes, bail out GM, Ford, Chrysler —
    maybe, pull snowbird hillbillies out of obscurity —
    you betcha.

  28. “As for the clothes, RNC spokesman Alex Conant said: “The accessories have been returned, inventoried and will be appropriately dispersed to various charities.”

    Yessiree. That Victoria’s Secret thong went back, without a stain on it.

  29. [re=192066]Hooray For Anything[/re]: Fortunately, the GOP is WASP, which means it has 4 wings- not enough for any individual segment to do any damage anymore. Also.

  30. [re=192344]kimbongil[/re]: Yup, notice how things tanked right after the election? The RNC was no longer feeding the clothes horse. This Aint no Obama recession, it is a Palin DEPRESSION!

  31. So which charities did the clothes go to exactly? I call bullshit and more lies. If any of them had any real brains they would auction the dirty rags off for major RNC bucks if they really got them back. I used to volunteer at a thrift shop and have hilarious memories of rich people with garbage bags of grease stained dish towels demanding and then receiving receipts for hundreds of dollars in tax credits.

  32. If she had stayed on today’s cartoon page, where she belongs, she coulda saved a lot of money. For $180,000, they could have hired four primary grade teachers to help her with the Readings, and Mapology, and Dinosaurusses, and Numbers, and the History of Things that Have Already Happened,, and Where Babies Come From, and like, and such as.

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